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Updated on July 20, 2015

Knowing Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is one of the most important cities of Europe because of its size, its transit of people and for the importance of their cultural, economic and political influence. Its history spans centuries before the Roman era, the medieval period where Arabic was widely influential, its Renaissance period in which Spain became a military power and economic colonizing large territories around the world primarily what is now Latin America and characterized by a rigorous presence of the church. In Madrid in the twentieth century witnessed the struggle for power that had the features of the abdication of King Alfonso XIII, civil war and then a long period of dictatorship by Francisco Franco ended with his death, when a regime was restored of constitutional monarchy with King Juan Carlos at the head of state for more than four decades to the present.

Image: Plaza de Toros "Las Ventas" ©2009 ACarreon/acregmed - all rights reserved




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