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map of virginia

Updated on January 17, 2013

Virginia maps

Your source for complete map of Virginia information. Here are all the highways and by-ways, mountains and valleys, meadows and beaches that make up the Commonwealth of Virginia. One place I worked at as a temp had a giant map of Virginia on the wall that primarily indicated the boundaries of each of the counties within the state. As a newcomer to the area, I was drawn to this item and tried to learn as quickly as I could where things were located in this great Commonwealth.

image © Stacey Lynn Payne |

Relief Map of Virginia
Relief Map of Virginia

Map of Virginia

Virginia is a slanted, triangle shaped state and also includes some counties on what is known as the eastern shore. As you can see in this relief map of Virginia, the terrain in this state varies from high mountainous regions (brown shaded areas) to very low-lying swampy areas (shown in red).

The major north-south interstate is I-95 and the major east-west one is I-64. On the western part of the state, you'll find the heavily-traveled I-81 which runs north-south and has some great views. image © Michael Schmeling |

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Roads & Highways

In addition to the major interstates listed above, a road map of Virginia will also include roads like:

I-295 which encircles the Richmond metro region 288 which connects I-95 south of Richmond to I-64 near Goochland Route 3 which is very long, stretching from near Locust Grove, VA all the way to Warsaw, VA. I-77 cuts through a small part of the state in western Virginia

Google Maps

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A markerRichmond, VA - the state capital -
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B markerColonial Beach, VA - my favorite beach -
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Public Transportation Maps

Virginia Railway Express train route map.Virginia Dept. of Transportation zoomable map of Virginia.Official state transportation map of Virginia from VDOTWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority mapMap of Virginia Highway Rest Areas

Ancient Map of Virginia - A map of Virginia from 1635 by John Speed

Map of Virginia from 1635
Map of Virginia from 1635

Historical Maps of Virginia

Collection of historic maps circa 1600's circa1802 Civil War Battle Map

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