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Marina Beach Chennai Review - Travelogue

Updated on June 26, 2015

The Final Left Turn To Beach

Sesh!! My friend called me from rear seat of the car to switch off the AC and lower the window tints. I silently obeyed as I took the final left turn in my Ford Figo car to reach the beach road. It was just few hours before that three of my friends along with me had decided to visit the beach for spending time together after a tiresome week. Since then, I was excited to visit my favorite place in Chennai, the Marina Beach. The Anna square red signal stopped my array of thoughts and I halted my car just at the right time.

The Cool Breeze

A wave of fresh, cool breeze cut across our dry faces through the opened window tints, and we were aware that we were just a few miles away from the never-ending waters of the marina. The stretch of shops and buildings started to vanish at our right side and a beautiful sight of sea water filled our eyes. I parked my car behind the Labor statue. The statue was erected in 1959 to beautify the beach. The statue shows four laborers working hard to move a rock. Every year, first of May, the statue is honored as a tribute to the hard working labor class.

A wave of excitement

It was 5pm. The second I stepped out of the car, the aroma of sea filled my lungs. We decided to leave the slippers in the car as it would become muddy on returning. The first step on the sands of marina was memorable. A chill wave passed through the muscles of the feet through the bones, cutting across the spine, causing goose pumps on my hands. If you are a nature lover and if you live in Chennai, and visit Marina beach even every single day, I assure you that you would not be bored. The Bay of Bengal shall open her arms waiting to hug you with her cool breeze every time you step on her sands.

The sculptures enhancing the beauty of the beach

We sighted several statues as we walked across the sands. A line of sculptures were erected to enhance the magnificence of the beach. The sculpture of Kambar, a famous Tamil poet, well-known for his tamil epic, Kambaramayana, stands proud in the beach. You would also notice a sculpture of another tamil poet, Ilango adigal, celebrated for Silappathikaram, one of the five great Tamil epics. The other statues in marina beach include the sculpture of Robert Caldwell and George Uglow Pope, the Christian Missionaries, the statue of Thiruvalluvar, Constanzo Beschi (Veeramamunivar) and Bharadhidasan, the tamil poets, Kannagi and Avvaiyar, the legendary Tamil women, Subash Chandra Bose, Subramania Bharathiyar, Kamarajar, Thanthai Periyar, Swami Vivekananda and Annie Beasant, Indian freedom fighters, Sivaji Ganesan, renowned Tamil actor and Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.

A Small Snack

As we walked on the sands towards the endless ocean, there were several shops aligned straight providing hot bajji (a famous recipe in India). We had three molaga bajjis each and continued strolling on the sands. A bunch of children were flying kites and arguing with each other as to which one was flying high. On our left, children in trousers were playing cricket, a sport that drives every child crazy in the country.

The Horse Ride

We continued walking on the sands where a man was shouting in local language welcoming everyone to try shooting balloons with a fake gun. The cost would be ten cents for ten shots. A young girl was requesting her dad to allow her to play again. A few people were cleaning the beach removing the plastic covers and other papers maintaining the place clean. A man came towards us requesting us to take a horse ride. My friend took a ride and almost fell down from the horse which made us laugh to the maximum.

Moving closer to the waters

As we continued to stroll, our eyes started to take in more people and we knew that we were just a few meters away from the waves. We were able to witness a lot of lovers in pairs with their hands holding each other. There was a serene family sitting in the shore enjoying the waters as it made their feet wet now and then. On the other side, a mother was shouting behind her boy who was moving further in the beach. Our eyes also caught a group of friends, playing with each other in water and all of a sudden, one guy grabbing another by his hands and throwing him in water. Everywhere around it was laughter, happiness, love, enjoyment and fun.

The ultimate pleasure

We pulled up our pants, went near the ocean and placed our legs on the wet floor. The first waters which wet our legs cast a cool wave across the entire body. We started moving further into the beach and our dresses got drenched completely. We dived into the waters and kept swimming till dusk, splashing waters on each other and enjoying the experience to the core.

The Leisure Walk

The salt water started to dry in our bodies as we started moving back. A man came up to us with a container of peanuts and mango and requested us to buy a little. We bought each a packet and walked away from the shore having the peanuts one by one. The scent of fishes caught our nostrils and we saw a lot of boats and fishing nets beside the shore. A bunch of shops on our left were selling fish fries and the area was crowded. There were also shops selling tasty hot corns. We then walked towards the MGR memorial and Annadurai memorial, close by the beach and ambled towards our car. By now, our dresses have become completely dry in sea breeze yet we would have to take bath once we get home. The sands from our feet were completely gone. It was getting darker that time and the street lights were turned on. The lighthouse at the distance looked more clear and beautiful.

Immortal memories

We sauntered towards the car, took our seats and gave the Marina beach one last glance and drove back home with the eternal memories in our hearts.

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© 2013 Seshagopalan Murali


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