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Marina Marlin to be expanded in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Updated on March 22, 2012

Images of Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos, Cuba Rooftop Palacio del Valle
Cienfuegos, Cuba Rooftop Palacio del Valle | Source
Cienfuegos, Cuba Yacht club
Cienfuegos, Cuba Yacht club | Source
Cienfuegos, Cuba Palacio Azul
Cienfuegos, Cuba Palacio Azul | Source

The Cuban province of Cienfuegos will improve the infrastructure for nautical activity with the construction of new works at Marina Marlin. Nautical and diving tourism is one of the island's attractions for many foreign tourists taking Cuba holidays.

The Cuban central province of Cienfuegos will expand the nautical activity with the construction of new works at Marina Marlin. Foreign sailors spending Cuba holidays in this province will benefit from increased docking spots and related services.

According to sources from the province's tourism office, the centre will amount this year to 48 docking spots in order to increase top quality services to foreign sailors arriving in this south central province, popularly known as "the Pearl of the South".

At present, there is only room for 36 boats. This is why vessels are sometimes anchored in the Bay of Cienfuegos due to lack of space.

Marina Marlin is located in areas of Cienfuegos Club, in the southern centre of the Cuban archipelago, with boats fully equipped to provide exclusive services, including shipping tours around the bay of Jagua.

This emblematic marina offers services of drinking water, fuel, power, customs and shops, used last year by about 8,000 tourists during their holidays in Cuba. In 2011 alone, it offered shipping tours around the bay, diving and life on-board to nearly 36,000 foreign visitors.

Juan Suarez del Villar, the Manager of the Marina, explained that "boats from around the world dock in our facility, with flags from France, Germany, Spain and the United States".

"We provide shipping services, mainly in summertime, so that when sailors dock we provide them with power and fresh water. A nautical store is available selling fishing gears such as fishing rods, hooks and artificial baits, flippers and masks, among others", he added.

The province is famous for its port and marina. One of the three cruise terminals in the island is located at this city's bay. Additionally, Cienfuegos International Airport has been cleared by Cuban authorities to receive charter flights from the U.S. according to the new regulations on Cuba travel dictated by Obama's administration last year.

Every year foreign visitors travel to the Caribbean island to find the right place to practice exciting water activities. With its still and transparent waters, the country has a nice and warm weather, increased sea safety and the traditional hospitality of the coast people who guarantee excellent shipping days, wonderful nautical Cuba holidays and on-board life in sea spots protected by large coral reefs, inlets and natural landscapes of amazing beauty.


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