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Updated on December 2, 2014

Maryland (MD) USA

This page introduces the state of Maryland, which is located along the Atlantic Coast of the USA.

Maryland is a very diverse state in geographic terms. The western part of the state is rugged terrain. Moving east, visitors find gentle hills and open grasslands.

Southern Maryland is more relaxed, with a mix farmland, woodlands, and wetlands. The Eastern Shore of Md is mostly flat, with farmland, pine forests, swamps, and beaches dominating the terrain.

Maryland Towns and Cities

Maryland is a great state to visit or live. To the west is the rugged terrain of Garret and Allegany counties. Moving east, visitors find gentle hills and open grasslands in areas like Hagerstown and Frederick.

The middle of the state is the most populated, with Baltimore, Annapolis and the other metropolitan areas. Southern Maryland is more relaxed, with a mix of developments and small towns, marinas and the like.

Across the bridge is the eastern shore, with farming, commercial fishing and tourism. The beautiful beaches and lure of the Chesapeake Bay make the eastern shore a favorite vacation destination.

Maryland Saltwater Fishing

There are a wide range of saltwater fishing opportunities in Maryland with something for nearly everyone. Anglers fishing in the Chesapeake Bay or on the Atlantic Coast might choose to fish from the the surf, jetties, piers, inlets, bridges, or by boat. The variety of saltwater fishing allows anglers of any age, sex or physical condition a chance to enjoy the sport.

Maryland Rivers

Maryland is home to several rivers and creeks that eventually reach the Chesapeake Bay. The heart of Maryland is the Susquehanna River which divides the state and begins the Chesapeake Bay.

On the Western shore, several rivers are important. These include the Patuxent, Severn, Potomac and others.

The Severn River is designated by the General Assembly as a Maryland Scenic River. The Act mandates the preservation and protection of its natural values, and Maryland governments are required to take whatever action is necessary to protect and enhance the qualities of a river so designated.

The Severn River shoreline and surrounding areas are predominantly forested, agricultural, grassland, marshland, or swampland. The River has one of the few remaining stands of Atlantic White Cedar on the western shore, and is home to a rich diversity of aquatic and terrestrial life.

On the Eastern shore side of the Susquehanna are Delmarva rivers including the Choptank, Honga, Nanticoke, Wicomico and Pocomoke.

These rivers are home to a mix of freshwater and saltwater fish. In the non-tidal sections, fish include largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill sunfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, pickerel, gar, white perch, yellow perch, shiners, herring, shad and bullhead catfish.

The lower sections of many of these rivers hold trout, croakers, norfolk spot, bluefish, striped bass, flounder, perch, eels, channel catfish and other fish.

Maryland Deer Hunting

Deer hunting provides outdoor recreation for over 68,000 Marylanders, is a vital tool in managing deer populations and contributes more than $150 million to the state's economy each year.

Deer hunters in the state of Maryland harvested over 100,000 deer in a single season for the first time since modern deer management began in the early 1900's. The record 100,437 deer taken during the 2008-2009 deer season eclipsed the previous record of 94,114 deer set in 2002-2003 and is 9% higher than last year's harvest of 92,208 deer. Reaching this numerical milestone is consistent with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) goal to reduce or stabilize deer numbers in most of the state.

The 2008-2009 antlered harvest increased 8% from 32,221 deer (898 sika deer) in 2007-2008 to 34,725 deer (1,076 sika deer). The antlerless harvest increased 10% from 59,987 deer (956 sika deer) last year to 65,712 deer (1,103 sika deer).

For complete bag limits, season dates and other deer hunting information, visit The Maryland Guide to Hunting & Trapping issued with each hunting license contains detailed information about all of Maryland's hunting seasons.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is a vibrant city situated along the shores of Chesapeake Bay about 180 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a major tourist destination in the Mid Atlantic region of USA. Named after Lord Baltimore in the Irish House of Lords, the city has a flourishing population of more than 650,000 with rich cultural heritage.

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, the capital city of Maryland is a major tourist destination. It is situated on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Severn River, 25 miles south of Baltimore and 29 miles east of Washington D.C.

Maryland Wines, Wine Trails and Wineries

Maryland has eight wine trails and 40 wineries that offer more than 300 different wines Learn more at

corn field
corn field

Maryland Agriculture

One-third of Maryland's land is in farms. On those 2 million acres, farmers produce 33.5 million pounds of apples, 1.6 billion pounds of chicken, 3.5 million tons of peaches and a variety of other products.

Western Maryland farms produce dairy products, maple syrup and hay. Central Maryland is known for its greenhouse, fresh market vegetables, livestock and equine industries. Across the Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Shore farmers produce corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetables, poultry and nursery products.

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