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Matterhorn: A Beautiful Mountain in The Alps

Updated on September 11, 2014

Matterhorn facts and pictures

Have you heard of a great mountain called Matterhorn? I don't know whether you have been to Switzerland before. It's a country where you can explore a lot of new things. The Matterhorn is a famous and the most wonderful peak in the Alps, located in the Pennine Alps on the border-line between Switzerland and Italy.

Oh my god! What a place is this! It is the most recognized mountain in the European continent too. The Matterhorn, which stands over the city of Zermatt in Switzerland. Zermatt is an amazing city from where you can see the great Matterhorn and take some beautiful pictures. You are going to love this city, I bet you.

Image Credit:

Houses in Zermatt, Matterhorn

Image Credit: thisisbossi

The shape and height of the Matterhorn

There are 48 Swiss peaks in Switzerland, so just guess what a beautiful and hilly country it is! I actually would like to visit this mountain someday and It is one of my dreams that I want to accomplish it.

Can you imagine the Matterhorn shape? Yes! The shape of the Matterhorn is triangle. This triangle shape makes Matterhorn amazing to look at it from far away.

The height of the Matterhorn is over 4,000 meters and you might be interested to know this is the tenth (10th) highest mountain in Switzerland.

Its summit is 4,478 meters (14,690 ft) high, one of the highest peaks in the Alps but Matterhorn is not the highest mountain in Switzerland.

Take a good camera with you - Take a camera when you visit new places!

Choose a best camera before going to see the Matterhorn. Don't you think you need to take photo of the Matterhorn? Take as many as pictures you want and share them with your friends and family.

Sony RX100 20.2 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera w/ 1-inch sensor, 28-100mm ZEISS zoom lens, 3” LCD
Sony RX100 20.2 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera w/ 1-inch sensor, 28-100mm ZEISS zoom lens, 3” LCD

I own this camera model, produced by SONY. This is my best camera ever I have purchased from my loyal brand Sony. You can choose this when you go for traveling anywhere else. This camera can't make you unhappy!


Landscape around the Matterhorn

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world from the height of a bird`s fly? If you tried this climb Matterhorn and you would see amazing landscapes of nature.

Actually traveling to Switzerland would be fun. I have never been to this beautiful country. I read many books and viewed pictures, I just felt it is one of the most beautiful countries I want to visit in the future.

It's a wonderful contrast of green grass at the foot of the mountains and sparkling snow on its top. All this beauty is accompanied by brightly shining sun and lakes.

There are cows that feed green grass, the white Matterhorn peak, blue lake, blue sky, and wildlife of the Matterhorn would delight you.

If you ever get a chance to visit Switzerland someday, please don't miss seeing this great mountain and its nature.

Image credit: Nelson Minar

Origination of the word "Matterhorn"

SO what are you going to explore in this section? Well it is about the word "Matterhorn", do you know its origination?

Let's see where the word Matterhorn came from. Do you know how to speak German; if you know then you know the word Matte. Matterhorn is German word that came from Matte, meaning "meadow", and Horn, which means "peak."

The Matterhorn is called as Monete Cervino in Italian while in French is called as Mont Cervin. No one exactly knows who named this mountain as "Matterhorn."

The Matterhorn Picture

Best Books that have been written about Matterhron

An earliest Alpine topographers and historian called Aegidius Tschudi was the first person to mention the region around the Matterhorn in his book, De Prisca ac Vera Alpina Raethi, which was published in Basel in 1538. On the other hand a geologist from Geneva called Later Horace Benedict de Saussure, who traveled to the Matterhorn and made a research on its structure.

A guide book written by Johan Gottfried Ebel was published in Zurich at the end of eighteenth century; the Matterhorn was mentioned in that guide book. In 1818 it was translated in English.

The first climber of Matterhorn, Edward Whymper wrote a classical book called "Scrambles Among the Alps" in 1936.

"Triumph and Tragedy: The Life of Edward Whymper" was written by a U.S. mountaineer Emil William Henry in 1984.

Read this book - "Scrambles Among the Alps in the Years" - A must read book if you want to explore more about the Matterhorn

Do you like reading book off and on? You don't have to ask me this question because I like reading book. Here is a that may tell you the whole story of a great expedition. I had a have chance to read this book and yes I did a long time, maybe before going to university. I borrowed this book from one of my friends. Actually I found this book surprisingly when I went to his house for taking notes of a math class. I once missed a class because I was very sick. At first I discovered this book from his bookshelf. I did not ask him from where he bought or collected, just asked him whether he would give me this book for few days so that I could read it. Yes, he allowed me and I was happy to get that. I must tell you that Edward Whymper described everything based on his Matterhorn expedition.

Scrambles Among the Alps in the Years 1860-69
Scrambles Among the Alps in the Years 1860-69

This is a classical book which was written based on the Matterhorn by the first climber Edward Whymper in 1936.


How many Ridges the Matterhorn has?

The Matterhorn has four ridges, they are -

1) Hrnli Ridge (northeast ridge)

2) Furggengrat (southeast ridge)

3) Italian Ridge (southwest ridge)

4) Zmuttgrat (northwest ridge).

Remember Zmuttgrat has renowned for its longest ridge and Furggengrat is very hard to climb for the climbers, they avoid it mostly. The most frequently use ridges are Hrnli Ridge and Italian Ridge.

Image credit: addypope

Matterhorn Faces

Do you know how many faces the Matterhorn has? There are 4 faces of the Matterhorn -

1) East

2) West

3) North

4) South

Each face has unique routes and style of beauty. If you have a dream to climb this majestic mountain then be sure to know its faces well and then choose the best face that would help you to climb the mountain easily.

Look at the beauty of the Matterhorn!

The Matterhorn
The Matterhorn

This is a very beautiful mountain indeed and beautiful landscape picture.

Image credit:

The first climbers of the Matterhron

The first climber of Matterhorn was Edward Whymper, who had a team of seven mountaineers including him. Edward Whymper was a British who climbed Matterhorn with his group on July 14, 1865. On the way back from the mountain, four of his team members died.

Edward Whymper

Charles Hudson

Lord Francis Douglas

Douglas Robert Hadow

Michel Croz (as guide)

Peter (as guide)

Peter Taugwalder (as guide)

Here, you might know that, Peter is the father of Peter Taugwalder. Edward Whymper team ascended the Matterhonr throguh Hrnli Ridge.

A tragic accident

I am sorry to tell you that there a tragic accident story of Matterhorn's history. No one expects any tragic accident but somehow when we don't have luck we have to face this.

The mountain Matterhorn looks very beautiful but it is cruel as well. Many climbers had died while ascending. Though, most of the climbers climbed this cruel mountain. They are history now!

Oh my God! A tragic accident had happened to the team of Edward Whymper, who were the first people who climbed the Matterhorn.

Whymper's classic book "Scrambles Among the Alps" says that the four climbers fell down the north face and they died over there. It was a tragic accident. I recommend you to read book as I have already read it and now I know why such happened.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

You can share your own opinion if you just want to visit and see but not to ascend.

Do you want to visit and ascend the Matterhorn?

See results

When to ascend the Matterhorn?

It is noted that climber should start climbing at 3:30AM to avoid summer thunderstorms and lightning.

Explore the Matterhorn and feel what a beautiful mountain is this.

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills - Learn about mountaineering

Are you interested in mountaineering? I did not climb great mountains but where I live there are small mountains, I climbed them with my friends. But in case you are going to climb the great mountains like the Himalayas, Matterhorn, K2 and etc. you have to learn techniques, tips, guides that would lead you to be an expert climber from novice climber.

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

I have collected this book already and if you are book worm them collect it. You don't have to be a climber to get this book. I actually collect different kinds of books and it is my hobby. Here in this book I found some great info about mountaineering. You will know what equipment you need and tying knots, climbing techniques given by experts.


Swiss Cow! Matterhorn

These cows look very healthy, right? Yes, they are, they have green grasses near the Matterhorn.


Ominous, Matterhorn

Image Credit: Jeff Pang

Who is the First woman who climbed The Matterhorn?

Do you know the name of the first woman climber of the Matterhorn? Maybe you have read this before in the book or maybe you have not yet but I am here to give you actual answer that I know.

Well. actually she was a great women who had a lot courage including climbing skills.

The first woman who ascended the Matterhorn was Lucy Walker, from United Kingdom.

She made it on 22 August in 1871. Lucky were member of Ladies' Alpine club who also has ascended Balmhorn, Wetterhron, Lyskamm, Piz Bernina.

Indeed she was a great remarkable woman who never ever were afraid of the mountain even she knew climbing Matterhorn was never easy.

She died 1916 at Liverpool, United Kingdom at the age of 80. Let us show our respect to this remarkable lady.

Two Record Holders: Guides Simon Anthamatten and Michael Lerjen

The ascend chronology of the Matterhorn

Hrnli Ridge is the most common route of ascent today. Via this route Edward Whymper and his team climbed Matterhorn on July 14, 1865.

From the Italian side, the second ascent took place on July 17, 1865; three days after the first ascent had been accomplished by Edward Whymper. The second ascent was successful, no tragic accident happened like the first one. The members of the second ascent were guides Jean-Antoine Carrel and Jean-Baptiste Bich.

Italian ridge was climbed by J. J. and J. P. Maquignaz on September 13, 1867. Julius Elliott made the second ascent via the Hrnli ridge in 1868.

On 22 August in 1871, British ascender Lucy Walker ascended the Matterhorn and achieved becoming first woman climber in the history.

Alert F. Mummery, Alexander Burgener, J. Petrus and A. Gentinetta climbed The Zmutt ridge on September 3, 1879 and they were the first climber of The Zmutt ridge.

On March 17, 1882, the first winter ascent of the Hrnli ridge was done by Vittorio Sella with guides J. A. Carrel, J. B. Carrel and L. Carrel.

On September 9, 1911, M. Piacenza, guides J. J. Carrel and J. Gaspard all together ascended the Furggen ridge for the first time.

On July 31 and August 1, 1931, the dreaded North face was first climbed by Toni Schmid and Franz. The first winter solo ascent of the Hrnli ridge was by G. Gervasutti in 1936.

Guide Alfons Lerjen and 15 year old Zermatt local boy Hermann Biner had taken 3 hours time for ascending and descending the great Matterhorn in 1953.

In 1984, Emil William Henry from United States ascended the Matterhorn with guide Rickie Andenmatten. Later, he wrote a book called Triumph and Tragedy: The Life of Edward Whymper.

Italian alpinist Hans Kammerlander and Swiss alpine guide Diego Wellig climbed the Matterhorn four times in just 23 hours and 26 minutes On August 20, 1992.

B. Brunod made a fastest climb record of the Matterhorn in 1995. He took only 2 hours, 12 minutes and 29 seconds from the village of Cervinia to reach the summit.

What a view of the Matterhorn!

Image Credit: thisisbossi

Things to do in Zermatt, Matterhorn

What are the things you could do in Zermatt?

As Traveler you can do -

1) Trekking

2) Skiing

3) Hiking

4) Biking trails

5) Riding on train and bus

6) Visiting Matterhorn Museum and the beautiful city Zermatt.

Image credit: #Eelco

Matterhorn Peak

Image credit: Jane Williams

How to reach to the Matterhorn?

To reach to Matterhorn you have two options. If you want to go to the Matterhorn from Swiss side then you first destination would be Zermatt, it's a beautiful city.

Transpiration service is quite good there; you can take public transportation like bus or train.

If you want to access to the Matterhorn from Italian side then your first destination will be a resort called Breuil-Cervinia.

By Taking private car or public transportation you can easily reach to Breuil-Cervinia.

Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills - Want to know the basic skills?

I know some of my friends are interested in rock climbing, actually me too. Last year my brother went to Nepal but he did not climb the Himalaya. He went there for a vacation with his wife. If I have chance I would not bother to climb the Himalaya. I think you have such dream as well. If you so you have to be prepared enough and need to know the basic rock climbing skills at least. Here I have got a book which will help you to figure out the basic techniques of rock climbing.

Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)

This is an exceptional books for novice. There are more than 150 illustrated photos that would help you to understand everything very clearly.


Record time ascending and descending of the Hrnli Ridge

Now lets see the records time ascending and descending of the Hrnli Ridge.

There are some people who are adventurous and they are born to break other and even their past record.

Ascending the Matterhorn was never been easy for the climbers but there are two climbers who make you not to believe in this.

Guides Simon Anthamatten and Michael Lerjen made a record by ascending and descending the Hrnli Ridge; they took only 2 hours and 33 minutes on September 6, 2007.

While they had taken only 1 hour and 40 minutes to ascend and on the other hand they had taken only 53 minutes to descent. It was marvelous and what a glory they have!

Image credit: twicepix

Zermatt in Winter

Winter means we have cold weather. Sometimes I don't like winter only because of too much cold. Our life can't be stopped, we have to move on. Look at this pictures, there are guys who are skiing, near the mountain Matterhorn.

It would be very nice If I could do the same thing as they are doing in the picture. Hopefully someday I am going there to explore the Matterhorn.

Image Credit: dsearls

Mountaineering Axe

Are you a climber? If so then i guess you know the value of having a good Ice Axe.

Comfort Swimming Nose Clip ,Waterproof,Nose Clip Swimming, Surfing Other Water Sports (Green)
Comfort Swimming Nose Clip ,Waterproof,Nose Clip Swimming, Surfing Other Water Sports (Green)

Who knows that you may someday go to climb the great Matterhorn, if so then get a durable ice axe like this one and avoid accident.


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      It looks so beautiful!

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      I've seen a movie about Edward Whymper's expedition. It's a great movie with heartbreaking scenes. Beautiful mountain but can be very cruel.

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      As I live in the UK, Switzerland is relatively easy to visit, and definitely worth the effort. Spectacular scenery at every turn, especially around the Matterhorn and stylish Zermatt.

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      I admired to Alps while were traveling across Austria. I prefer seeing them in summer.

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      Your photos are gorgeous. I've been to Switzerland, but did not see the Matterhorn. Of course, it's famous here because of Disneyland. I see that one frequently. Disney chose well.

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      Went there last April -- it's amazing!

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      Reminded me of our visit here.

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      The Alp mountains are one of the most beautiful places that I have ever traveled in the world! Thanks for sharing the awesome photos. :)

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      @delia-delia: Thanks for visiting and special Thanks for Squid Angel Blessing.

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      I have always been fascinated with the shape of this mountain...although I have never visited Switzerland, my mom had lived there and my grandmother and other relatives. After the war we lived in Garmisch where the tallest German mountain named Zugspitze is...see my lens on Garmisch.

      Nice lens, very informative:

      ~d-artist Squid Angel Blessing~

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      The Swiss Alps are spectacular and we went via a pass nearby this mountain into Italy. It was hairraising and in parts the road was only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. The drop down appeared to be thousands of feet if one were to slip off. Featured on Blessed by Skiesgreen 2012-2. Hugs

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      Really nice lens, beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      @Mamabyrd: Thanks a lot! You are welcome. That's great, you have seen the view of the Matterhorn.

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      I've always wanted to travel in Switzerland. Now these photos make me want to go NOW. I'll have to wait a while more though. Beautiful lens. Angel blessed!

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      @SailingPassion LM: Cool! You have been there.

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      Absolutely gorgeous mountain and you've captured it beautifully.

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      Stunning - saw it when skiing in Cervinia on the Italian side

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      @Julia1000: Thanks for commenting here. You had a very nice time in Switzerland.

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      I visited this mountain and was hooked. In Switzerland I would recommend a trip up the Eiger, there is a train, so anyone can enjoy this trip. I got the train up from Wengen when skiing there.


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