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Mexican Sugar Skull Costumes

Updated on January 2, 2016

Sugar Skull Costumes Are Symbols Of The Mexican Holiday Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday where the living pray and remember the dead. There are many ways to celebrate this holiday and it's symbols include the Sugar Skull, Marigolds, and Food. This tradition has made it's way from Mexico to areas of the United States where there are large Mexican populations. This is a joyous holiday for the Mexican people.

Dress up is a big part of this celebration that occurs on November 1st, so it was only a matter of time before the interesting symbol of the Sugar Skull became a Halloween costume theme. For those of you who have been to Mexico during this time you know it's a national holiday and even the banks are closed in honor of this Day of the Dead.

As you can see from the pictures and costumes on this site skeletons and skulls are used frequently as symbols of this holiday and that makes me think of Halloween. The two holidays are at the same time of year, but are not related at all. The Day of the Dead is more related to the Sanheim feast, the ancient Celtic ceremonies that were the beginnings of the Halloween we know today. The image is from Wikipedia - Day of the Dead

These Masks Below Are From Oriental Trading Company

Dia de los Muertos - Day Of The Dead - Fun Stuff With Sugar Skulls On It

Sugar Skulls are the most recognized symbols of this traditional Mexican holiday where the living gather to celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. The graves are cleaned and decorated with gifts and foods. Prayers are given for the protection of the departed spirits thanking them for protection. These ceremonies celebrate the natural cycle of life and death and are generations old.

Beautiful Day Of The Dead Costume


Sugar Skull Makeup - Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial - Paint A Sugar Skull On Your Face

A Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial - Create A Haunting Look For You Sugar Skull Costume

This video uses some make up. You probably have a lot of these items already, so check your makeup supply before you go shopping. Here's what you will need; some white, black and red face paint, a light foundation, a soft black eye pencil, some black liquid liner, eye shadow in black, red, and a midnight blue, some blush and a powder makeup to help set your look. Watch the video and see what you will makeup you will need and decide on the colors you want to use.

A Flower Headpiece For Your Mexican Sugar Skull Costume Ideas - A Flower And Lace Head Piece For Dia de los Muertos

With some black lace, some flexible wire, several beautiful faux flowers ... in this video they use red and black roses that are perfect for a Sugar Skull costume, and some scissors. You can also use a small pair of wire cutters to cut back the stems of the faux flowers and the wire, they might make it easier for you. I know I find it difficult to cut the thick fake flower stems with scissors. My hands aren't that strong!

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Makeup Tutorial

To see the cosmetics used in this video look at the bottom of this page and find the Amazon plexo that's titled Mexican Sugar Skull Costume Makeup. Watch the makeup tutorial, go through your makeup and pick out what you can use from the supplies you already have. Like most girls you probably have quite a bit of these supplies already!

Mexican Sugar Skull Costume Masks

Wear a Sugar Skull Mask this Halloween!

Day Of The Dead Mask


Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo


Have You Ever Seen A Day Of the Dead Celebration

Have you ever seen or taken part in a Dia de los Muertos celebration? Did you feel the spirits near you? Were you changed for the experience? Tell us how this feast changed you.

Have you ever seen or taken part in a Dia de los Muertos celebration?

Meet Dahlia, She's Dressed Up For The Day Of The Dead - Día de los Muertos

Mexican Sugar Skull Costumes For The Day Of The Dead
Mexican Sugar Skull Costumes For The Day Of The Dead

November 1st and 2nd are set aside in Mexico to celebrate Día de los Muertos, or The Day Of The Dead. It's time set aside to remember and celebrate those who have gone on before us. It's a wonderful celebration and it's so close to our Halloween there have been many customs turned into costumes. Take a look at a sugar skull makeup tutorial to see some of the wonderful ideas from this Mexican feast.

Sugar Skull Shoes - Beautiful Dias de los Muertos Shoes

If you've been to any of my costume lenses before, you might remember I have a thing for shoes, so I always try to put some fun, fabulous shoes on my costume pages. Well, I've outdone myself this time! These are some very beautiful and sexy Sugar Skull shoes for you to wear with your Halloween costume this year.

Shoes For Your Day Of The Dead Costume


More Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas For Dia de los Muertos

Mexican Sugar Skull Costumes With A Bone Corset

Paint Your Face Up Like A Mexican Sugar Skull And Don This Skeleton Corset To Celebrate Halloween And The Day Of The Dead.
Paint Your Face Up Like A Mexican Sugar Skull And Don This Skeleton Corset To Celebrate Halloween And The Day Of The Dead.

Skeletons, skulls and bones are used for The Day of The Dead Festivities.

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