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Mor Paeng Waterfall In Pai, Northern Thailand

Updated on September 18, 2011


The Mor Paeng Waterfall is one of my favourite attractions in Pai. The fact that it is free to visit makes it the best choice for waterfalls in Pai. Most of the other waterfalls are located in national parks, and there is an entry fee of 200THB. The Mor Paeng Waterfall is popular with locals as it is close to downtown Pai, and it doesn't cost anything to enter. On a nice sunny day you can expect to see families or couples enjoying the piece and quiet and breathtaking views. Some people will sit and enjoy a few beers, relax and enjoy the scenery, others will hike up to the top of the falls and enjoy a swim in a pool halfway up the falls. Some crazy people even use the falls as a sort of waterslide.

Mor Paeng Waterfall
Mor Paeng Waterfall


The Mor Paeng Waterfall is located just a ten minute drive from the walking street in Pai. To get there you go from the walking street, to the "Pai Now" intersection, you continue uphill through the intersection and across the highway, follow the signs until you reach the waterfall. You will come to a fork in the road, on the left is the Chinese Village, and on the right is the road to the waterfall. The waterfall is 2KM from the Chinese village.


On the way to the Mor Paeng Waterfall is the Chinese Village. I had been told by many locals that this is a must see if you are travelling through Pai. They told me the restaurant at the Chinese Village was one of the major tourist attractions in Pai. I am sorry to tell you that I was less than impressed with the Chinese Village. It appeared to me that this was nothing more than a few local Thai people that built up a tourist attraction, and have promoted it as a "Chinese Village". My wife and I both agreed that there appeared to be nothing authentic about this place. The food was very expensive, and we all felt sick after eating. I strongly recommend giving this place a miss! There are a few Thai style B.B.Q stands in the parking lot at the waterfall, and these places are a much better option. Great authentic Thai style B.B.Q. chicken, pork or fish, all at Thai prices.


If you climb up the rocks a little ways, at the middle of the falls is a pool of water deep enough for swimming. I certainly enjoyed swimming in the deeper pools under the water fall, because the ice cold water reminded me of swimming back in Canada. I did not notice many Thai people swimming in the water, and my son said it was far to cold for swimming. It is so refreshing on a hot day to swim in ice cold water, it feels great once you get used to the temperature.

The Shark Club
The Shark Club


On the road to the waterfall I was approached several times by local hill tribe people that wanted to sell me drugs. Not only did they have marijuana, they also claimed to have opium and heroin. For obvious reasons I would recommend that you stay clear of these people. If you like smoking grass, then I suggest you buy it from people that are not also selling heroin. Local people and police are overall fairly tolerant to tourists smoking grass in Pai, however you can get in very serious trouble if you are caught with any amount of drugs. You may also notice that some people like to use the waterfall as a water slide, sliding down the rocks into a pool at the bottom of the falls. This is obviously very dangerous, and I would not recommend it!

Waterfall In Pai Thailand

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