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10 Most exciting vacation destination in North America

Updated on August 22, 2012



Travel Adirondacks with Charm of Hiking in Adirondacks Trail for Mega Days out

To escape from all the hubbub of New York you just need take a weekend break and travel Adirondacks trail a few miles away from all the crowd of New York. Adirondack is one of the biggest natural green lush areas in the USA. Even you can compare its size and is actually bigger than Yosemite national park or yellow stone national par or Olympic. Most exciting part of travel Adirondacks is the innumerable number of mountain chain about 46 of them and they are all quite above 3500 ft above the level of sea. Some of these mountains have been crowned by alpine trees. There are about 6 million acres of trail and mountain that has been spread out in a such a unique way which make it most desirable destination for hiking in Adirondacks

It is important to know the place or mountain you like to make a plan in your schedule of travel Adirondacks. There are different types of mountains based on their height you can make your plan, depending on the level of adventure you want to have for hiking in Adirondacks. Among the different peaks you can opt for Black mountain which is very easy to hike with very few critical crevices good for family with kids. If you like to relax in the nature then choose the Buck Mountain just 3 miles of walk with spectacular view. If you like to climb high and have a look on beautiful Lake George and its surrounding areas then the go hike Cat mountain. If you like adventure of hiking in Adirondack’s then best idea is to climb Crane Mountain which is very sharp and high. The highest peak of New York state is Mount Marcy. If you like to go very close to nature and enjoy your small family fun in of travel Adirondacks then go for Roaring Brooks falls. It is very easy for trailing and you can have the fun of playing in water fall with kids and young one. There are two other famous trails and can be put on the list of hiking in Adirondacks areTongue Mountains and shelving rock falls or mountain. The other major attraction travels Adirondacks are the large number small lakes which are very good for canoeing and kayaking. Those lakes are Lake George, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Raquette Lake, Fulton Lakes, Westport and Essex.

The best time to travel Adirondacks is fall because of its fall foliage, but every season has its own charm. This destination has extremely beautiful nature kept resource and is good to spend any weekend or whole week. You can easily engage in different fun filled activities like fishing, skiing, and camping or snow mobile fun. This place is also free from any marsh so it is dry and don’t have any problem of mosquito or black flies.

Travel Redwood National Park to Immerse Yourself Amidst in the Sea of Trees

Most beautiful place to spellbind you in the breathtaking environment is to travel Redwood National Park. The common fun for people of all ages is Camping in Redwood National Park, which is absolutely amazing. The campgrounds are developed by taking care of every small thing you might need to enjoy the camping in Redwood National Park and it is very rewarding experiences for family, kids or couples. Even naïve camping opportunity is also available for who want to experience the rustic experience of travel Redwood National Park mainly for bicyclist or hikers or horse packers. But before making any reservation just plan the camping by the help of guidelines provide in the website of redwood national park. The main attraction of travel Redwood National Park is the green mosaic of tallest trees. Whenever you are walking in the park you can only see the green cloud and green land, this gives a feeling of sinking in green. Not only tallest trees, this pace are also home of oak woodlands, prairies, and wild river ways and also amazing coastline of about forty miles with untouched beauty. Camping in Redwood National Park can give you an experience of enjoying most diversified and fragile ecosystem very closely. With combined effort of State park of California and national park organization this place is one of the most well managed inspirational, versatile and educative mines for visitor of all ages who are planning to travel Redwood National Park.

The opportunity of Camping in Redwood National Park is really mind blowing. There at least 4 developed ground for camping for visitors in families or for small groups with their own car or crossover. If you want to enjoy camping while travel Redwood National Park, you have to choose between four major camping grounds and do your reservation accordingly. The main camping grounds are Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, Elk Prairie and Gold Bluffs Beach. If you like to enjoy the fun of fishing, swimming, hiking, campfire program along with Camping in Redwood National Park then you can choose for Jedediah Smith campground. It is cover with beautiful red grove trees and located right across the edge of wild smith river. This place is open for all around the year and has facility for almost 80 tents and having all luxury of staying in city hotel like hot water, restroom, picnic tables, barbeque, trash receptor, campfire center, food lockers etc. While Mill Creek ground is all covered with maple, alder and red wood trees and Elk Prairie campground is velvety with fresh grass and you can easily see the Roosevelt elk or deer very close to your camp.


Experience the Adventure of Eco Shrimping in Amelia Island

If you are planning to escape from mundane life of city or suburb and planning to enjoy a most wonderful vacation then travel Amelia Island. It is one of the most peaceful, relaxing and pristine sea beaches with lots of fun and attraction. It is located in the coastal region of Florida basically in the north east side. If you want to have an unforgettable vacation just reserve your trip and travel Amelia Island which very easy to get in. Other than regular lot of beach activity, you can have an experience of eco shrimping in Amelia Island. The beach is sprawling over thirteen miles, with great collection of primitive and pristine wild life, along with clean blue water. Amelia island has been recognized as top 5 beaches among ten North American continent by the 2010 conde nast traveler’s reader choice voting.

Travel Amelia Island means going very close to wilderness. Timucuan, the well preserve ecological park has been surrounded by fort George, little and big Talbots. Amelia Island also comprise of Fort Clinch State Park and Cumberland Island in the north, which makes its environment more convenient for eco shrimping in Amelia Island. Just in the west of tiger basin lays the fort clinch aquatic reservoir, which ideal place for scavengingeco shrimping in Amelia Island.

Cruise which usually sets 2 times on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from middle of March to end of May for two hours foreco shrimping in Amelia Island. There are also few dates available in fall and early winter for this recreation as well. Here in this tour the visitor can experience the real time economy fishing with the help of otter shrimp net. You can have fun of spreading and collecting the net by your own hand in this cruise. The most exciting part of eco shrimping in Amelia Island is the collected aquatic creatures will be displayed in the aquarium for identification purpose on the cruise and they again let it go free in the deep sea. The natural environment of the mud flats, bed of oyster and miles of marsh grass in the tiger basin makes it ideal for ecosystems that exist in this place. There is no particular season you can say the most exciting to travel Amelia Island, as different climate invite different type of guest creature in this basin, if you are lucky you can also able to see the dolphin with their new born pups in the Amelia Island.



Travel Lake Geneva for Most Rustic Adventure of Canopying in Lake Geneva

If you like to have a stylist vacation with too tony attitude then good idea is to travel Lake Geneva. It used to be one of the most stylist vacation spot back in 19th century. Now though the all the formalities of formal tie suit dress are gone but the beauty and the mind blowing adventure of canopying in Lake Geneva will always remain same. Now this place has embraced the culture of high tech young professional with typical suburban family blend. Travel Lake Geneva is the much easier through Chicago and Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is one of largest fresh water lake in the Walworth County. This pace is compromise of villages in Fontana and William bay and the most beautiful Geneva Lake. The attraction canopying in Lake Geneva lies in big foot park around the lakeshore.

Canopying in Lake Geneva is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have other than golfing; cruising, shopping, skating or boating that can easily give you relief from daily grinding of life. You can plan your travel Lake Geneva for at least 5-7 days and for canopying you start your journey at the registration center and you will receive a gala welcome from their center and can have the fun of watching the video. The patron can take you a short drive around the property and the camps. They will drop you at the place where you can find your guide and can easily gear up for your exotic adventure. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any canopying before because canopying in Lake Geneva isquite easy, as they will teach you all the basic steps at ground camp. Here you can learn the basics like braking, parking, zip lining, positioning and if required self rescuing.

Now you are all set to go for canopying. The biggest fun of canopying is the all natural often called as live tour because it’s all made from real tall trees, no artificial poll. You can take the tour of 8 natural zip lines in the forest with steel zip lines. It is made up of five tree mend Sky Bridge adorned with spiral stairway. The biggest attraction of canopying in Lake Geneva is floating stairway made up of doubly spiral wrap around the magnanimous ash tree. Not only the fun of doing the tour will mesmerize you but also can have the view of natural vivid wildlife, the spectacular view of Lake Como and also the surrounding countryside. During you skyway adventure the sky guide will also explain the ecology and history of these places. You will never regret your plan of travel Lake Geneva when will have adventure of sky way with 40 mph speed in a 1200 ft long canopy.

Travel Door Country to Enjoy the Melodrama of Water, Scenic Beauty and Entertainment

If you have ever visited Cape Cod then you will got to like this place. Travel Door County for a month is not exaggerating your vacation time but actually spending some quality time in mid Western Cape Cod. This place is strategically located in Wisconsin and in the middle of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. This placed has always been described and praised by different novelist and poet. If you like to have all fun at one place then plan this summer for travel Door County which cover almost 250 miles of coastal line starting from sugar sand beaches to rocky limestone sea shore. Other than its scenic beauty you can easily plan adventure like cruising, charter fishing, visiting 5 state parks, taste some very good food and wine and finally shop from boutiques. The most wonderful adventure you can have is kayaking in Door Country. As this place and the people of this place had earned their living mostly from water activities from centuries they have well developed fishing, ship building and also maritime museum. Kayaking in Door Country is very popular water activities that state tourism has developed because of its distilled clean not very hyper deep water.

Travel Door County from Chicago is the easiest way to reach here; you can actually drive from Chicago, which is about 220 miles. The geography of this place attracts lot of visitor for kayaking in Door Country. You can plan your travel by visiting the breathtaking peninsula along the coastline through kayaking.The most visited and exciting place to travel Door County are Shipwrecks, thousand year old caves, Etched Petro glyphs of native Americans, time worn bluffs, birds, wild flowers and lighthouses. You can have both guided and self kayaking in Door Country. It is good to have guided tour if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the real mid west and have some really relaxing time in the water. It is best to make reservation to decide save your time and if you have family of more than 4. You can have the luxury of touch and get into the water while kayaking. You can also have sightseeing while kayaking at your leisure. This place also offers honeymoon package kayaking or wedding paddle. It is not necessary to know the kayaking you can actually learn the art and there is also facility range from first time kayaker to real mature paddler in Lake Michigan shore line.

Touch the Cloud while Sky Walking in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the most visited destinations in whole world. Travel Grand Canyon and seeing the vastness of nature cannot be compared with any portraits or movies or picture. The canyon is composed of more than mile deep gorge and 18 miles of breadth and it is intersected by the Colorado River. You can visit the exact place and enjoy it by trekking, or by RV, or by helicopter, or by water rafting or by the help of transport animals like horse or mule etc. But the most exciting way to watch the Grand Canyon is by the newly constructed horse shoe shaped sky walking in Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon geographically divided into two parts the northern and southern rims. If you want to visit the both parts of the canyon then plan travel Grand Canyon in the month from middle of May to middle of October. Although if this is not convenient for you, you can easily go any time to the southern rim, which opens all season. The best bate to watch the sunrise and sunset from yaki point which is only accessible by the local bus or transport system. The best view you can definitely get from sky walking in Grand Canyon where you can see the Colorado River from 3000 feet high in standing there.

There are lot of fossils you can see when are in the park while your travel Grand Canyon. The beauty is definitely breath taking especially from the several points but some conditions like climate in south west America for that matter in Grand Canyon is really harsh. Water scarcity and fluctuation of temperature is often detrimental for long term stay here. Your effort of travel Grand Canyon is only be successful if you visit the spot which is about 70 ft spread out in the canyon with 4000 ft high above the Colorado River, the most spectacular sky walking in Grand Canyon. This place can easily hold upto 120 people at a time. Sky walking in Grand Canyon is amazing experience while you feel like sinking in the sky and even touching them. The infrastructure is comprise mainly of approximately half a million kilogram of steel which is compensated with dampeners to reduce the vibration. The floor is built of glass where you can see the down while walking and has 4 inch thick wall. The highly sophisticated technology has been used to build this skywalk can easily resist earth quake of 8 Richter scale and wind of about more than 100 mph speed.

Travel Roatán and Bag the Adventure of Scuba Diving in Roatán

The most wonderful creation of nature in geography is island. Among different island in Honduras, plan your visit and travel Roatán beautifully located in the middle of Guanaja and Utila. This place is located in Mesoamerican barrier reef, the largest in the Caribbean Sea. Because of this position scuba diving in Roatán is most popular activities in Honduras. Other than this if you don’t plan for roaming around by cruise ship within the island your travel Roatán will be incomplete.

The easiest way to reach through flight, which you can book until Juan Manuel Gálvez Roatán International Airport when travel Roatán. The common cities which you can fly from are Atlanta or Houston, which serve direct flight to reach this place by any popular airlines like delta or united airlines etc. If you are an international traveler you can just book your flight to different Honduras town like San Pedro, San Salvador or Tegucigalpa. To reach your dream destination for scuba diving in Roatán you can rent a catamaran ferry which operated 4 times in whole day. They usually serve two turns in morning and two turns in evening to reach La Ceiba. You can count for an hour for your ferry ride to reach this place considering the weather is not inclement.

The walls of the reef are covered with corrals sea fans and sponges, which create an amazing colorful view deep in the water when you are scuba diving in Roatán. You can also see lot of aquatic creatures like king crab, lobster, tropical fish, if lucky can also able to see ray shark in the sea. You can bring your own diving stuff like mask, fins ,regulator from your house otherwise there is an option to rent them by some addition cost which actually help you to travel Roatán lightly. After getting ready the boat will take you into the right spot of east coast. They don’t allow more than 12 divers at a time on board. The fun of scuba diving in Roatán is much more exquisite because you can easily see the clear overhangs, caverns, canyons and fissures. The most beautiful creatures like large groupers, moray eels, sluggish hawksbill turtle, and spotted eagle ray while passing on your side. The place is full of such amazing thing you can easily spend a month to observe and them carefully. But if you choose to spend few days in Roatán your guide can take you the best place to have an overview of the reefs.

Stretch your Wing with Balloon Ride in Phoenix

Travel Phoenix Arizona is most highly appreciated place for the tourists who want to do the balloon ride in Phoenix. It is the most wonderful experience you can when you’re flying like birds over a vast spread desert of Arizona. You can make plan travel Phoenix on your next anniversary or birthday or even wedding. There has been news that there several wedding party was arranged high up on the Sonoran desert in the hot air balloon. Phoenix is located in the central Arizona. You can have most pleasant experience when you feel you are almost in the cloud and gliding in the sky and see the sunset very close to you, over a vast spread sky when doing the balloon ride in Phoenix.

When are panning your travel Phoenix and especially thinking of doing hot air balloon ride, you choose from different options. You opt for first class balloon ride, or any special area you want to view from balloon or the time you want to do the balloon ride in Phoenix, as you can chose between dawn and dusk. You can have the experience of balloon riding from scratch by helping the crew to inflate the hot air balloon. Then you can see how big giant colorful balloon blow within few minutes and can load it in your camera. At certain altitude you can easily view the spectacular landscape of mountain desert and sand beneath you. The ride is usually span for 1 hours and then you get too land from balloon and a crew will help you to get back to your launching site by van.

Imagine yourself in the flight and think there is no window by the side you are just in the air, balloon ride in Phoenix is just like the same exhilarating feeling you can have while in the sky. The ride is good for any traveler whether they are just doing it for first time or for the veteran riders. These balloons usually fly with the speed of 5-6 miles per hour, but it is so smooth that you cannot feel any moving or jerking when you are riding. These ride can give you a view of 360 degree and excellent for taking picture. The riders usually get to see the dessert and feel closely its sound, color and view, as the maximum altitude balloon rise is up to 400 ft. You can easily embrace the wilderness of the desert in your ride by watching different animals in sonorant desert coyote, javelina, deer, jack rabbit etc. Travel Phoenix is most wonderful idea as you can combine this tour with your visit to Grand Canyon which is also in Arizona.

Enjoy the Breath taking Adventure of Mountain Biking in Kaʻaʻawa Valley

Hawaii is one of the most wonderful destinations to travel during all year around especially in fall. Among different places in Hawaii, plan pour travel Kaʻaʻawa Valley, to enjoy one of the adrenalin drifting adventures during mountain biking in Kaʻaʻawa Valley. The humongous mountains and the fresh smell of native Hawaiian plants makes this place very much unique and beautiful from the rest of the world. If you like to travel ranch and like to look back the old 17 th century villages, then you should travel Kaʻaʻawa Valley which just in Kualoa ranch and one of the most historic region in Oahu. Once this place use to be considered as most sacred place in the earth, where lot of children has been trained for becoming warriors. There also lot of mysteries like magician tribal people Menehunes use to live in this valley and made a fish pond. People also believe that night marchers like ghost take walk from caves to sea in the night.

But if you love to hug the adventure this place, then it is perfect destination for mountain biking in Kaʻaʻawa Valley. The extensive green lush and majestic view of Koolau mountain ranges with cliffs and the mesmerizing ocean view, have all that you need when biking around this valley. If you like to explore the each corner of Oahu valley in your schedule of travel Kaʻaʻawa Valley, then rent a bike and enjoy the thrilling experience of most scenic and dirt road. You can have the option of single track or double track riding. This place also host lot of events like mountain tour pro, 24 hours of biking race in Hell Mountain and lot of others triathlons events. Mountain biking in Kaʻaʻawa Valley is great learning experience for those who want to start biking off road and ready to take few challenges. You can actually raise your level of expertise and skill as you choose to go up in the higher altitude of the mountain.

If you like the Stephen Spielberg movie like lost world or Jurassic park or Godzilla, then you should definitely travel Kaʻaʻawa Valley; this is the location where these movies and lot of other movies were also shot.Start your ride from great Hawaiian village Kauhale by exploring the beauty of countryside. You might be lucky enough to see the whale while trailing around mountains and sea. There is about 75acres of rainforest stretching the Oahu is ideal for mountain biking in Kaʻaʻawa Valley. You can plan your ride for 6 miles twice a day. You can easily find the tranquil waterfalls, serene pool, lush tropical forest; rock terraces in this rainforest once use to be volcano few millions years back.

Travel Denver and rock your Christmas with Snowshoeing Adventure in Denver

Snowshoeing adventure in Denver is one of the most unique winter funs you can have in Colorado. Winter is always lazy with little opportunity for outdoor activities but make a plan to travel Denver to get some winter exercise whiling enjoying the chilly winter breeze and spectacular view of silvery white snow Cover Mountains. You can easily pack your own snow shoes or buy a package with all other things to get your snow shoes and walk on the top of snow cover majestic Rockies.

Bundle up yourself and have some hot coffee and set your feet for exotic snowshoeing adventure in Denver and within 30 minutes you will be in the paradise of pine trees in Rockies Mountain. Depending on the weather the time can vary but when you reach the trail you can able to see the habitat of amazing animals and birds in the loop of humongous mountain. If you want to travel Denver like free birds; then forget about your luggage, just opt for package tour which offers high quality snow shoes, power bar or sports drink and trail guiding expert within reasonable rates. Definitely you need to pack some good winter clothes as the climate in Rockies are not very predictable especially in winter.

While making your trip planning to travel Denver, you should definitely try to cover the placeslikeSt. Mary's Glacier, Arapaho Springs and Brainard Lake Recreationarena. Start your snowshoeing adventure in Denver from St. Mary's Glacier which is about 30 miles from the west of Denver. The stretch is approximately of 1 mile, the glacier cover inside and outside is ideal for snowshoeing. This place is also covered with pine trees and frozen lake. Just take the exit 238 off I-70 towards fall road to reach the trail head. Arapaho Springs or Old Squaw Pass Road is another exciting place definitely like to put in your schedule for travel Denver. This is the place in mount Evan located in the west of Denver about 2.8 miles of exotic trail. This is very rewarding experience for expert snow-shoer as you can have the breath taking view of mount Evan by hiking about steep of 900 ft high. Finally the Brainard located near the Indian peaks wilderness very north to the Denver. This place is ideal and best place for snowshoeing adventure in Denver as you can able to see four magnificent lakes and two beautiful valleys. There is one looping trail which can take you to the Long Lake and Mitchell Lake.


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