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Crazy Motorhome Videos

Updated on November 27, 2014

The crazy world of motorhomes

These video clips have been collected from all over the internet. Some are unusual, some are totally bizarre, some are hilarious, some are astounding, but all are interesting to those of us who own a motorhome (and I'm pretty certain also to those of you who don't).

Some are from the British motoring television programme "Top Gear" (all rights owned by the BBC), others from private sources. Where possible I have given credit for the clips, and of course a link to the original site where they are hosted. If any of the owners would rather not be linked from this lens, please let me know and I'll sort things out quickly.

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World's shortest runway - and moving!

We'll start with the one of a light aeroplane landing on top of a motorhome - as it's driving along. This was videoed by YouTube member cadcosystems at an air show at Hillsboro, Oregon, and has also been featured on CNN.

The pilot is Kent Pietsch, but the driver of the motorhome is not named. I think both would need nerves of steel to attempt such a feat!

Motorhome racing

One from Top Gear now. This is the one where Richard Hammond and James May race motorhomes.

Not sure they'll get the scratches out of the plastic windows...

Top Gear motorhome racing

Fifth wheel for VW Beetle?

A great retro video now, posted by therealcoolbruce on YouTube. These days a "fifth wheel" is attached to the rear of a pick up truck, but back in 1974 some bright spark had come up with the idea of a roof-attachment that could be fitted to any small car.

In this case we see the class VW Beetle showcase the versatility and in particular the manoeuverability of the combination. Apparently it wasn't ever DOT approved in the States, though, which is probably why we've never seen them on the roads generally.

The self-build challenge

Back to British motoring programme Top Gear now. This is the one where Jeremy, Richard and James were given the challenge to build a motorhome each and take them on tour to test them out.

Those who know the programme will not be surprised at the outcomes...

The clips were uploaded by MegaRafael96, and for some reason they seem to have been flipped so any text reads like mirror writing! This video is in three parts - you can find the next two parts below.

Part 2 of the Top Gear motorhome challenge

In which the guys demonstrate the living quarters of their built-from-scratch motorhomes.

Part 3 of the Top Gear motorhome challenge

This is the part where Clarkson, Hammond and May have to show off the facilities of their motorhomes by cooking a meal.

"House Cars"

Dale Wasinger built motorhomes in the sixties by customising standard saloon cars. His products were called the Great Dale House Car.

Apparently around 52 of the Great Dale House Cars were built, each on a different donor car. After the first few, Dale set on a pattern for future builds that meant all the habitation areas were the same even if the drive train and cab were different.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube by housecar.

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