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Updated on October 26, 2010

A move can be as simple and stress free as you make it, but most of us tend to make it a little more difficult than it has to be. Before a move, some may put off doing certain things until the last minute or forgetting to do others, this is when the stressful part of a move comes into play. In order to avoid the last minute panic, you should plan ahead and ensure that everything is taken care of in an orderly fashion.

Being organized is the number one rule for a perfect moving experience. Many of us trust ourselves to keep important things in our mind and believe we will remember to get them all done, but this method fails time and time again. The best way to organize a move is to create a moving checklist. A checklist will provide that visual reminder of everything that needs to be done and if consulted regularly will ensure that nothing is forgotten.

So if you are planning a move, it is time to get out a piece of paper and start your list. Your list will be different from the next persons because we all lead unique lives. However, some of the universal items on a moving checklist would be contact utility companies, change of address, buy packing materials, gather any medical records for yourself or children and contact a moving company. If you plan to pack yourself, you should choose and write down a date well before your move date to begin packing nonessential items.

The organization and preparing for your move well before the move date is extremely important. Your check list will take care of the organization part of your moving because you will not end up forgetting to do anything and if you include dates as to when you need to accomplish something, that ensures that things get done on time. If you follow these few tips on moving, you are destined to have a stress free and maybe even a fun moving day.


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    • omcj1234 profile image

      omcj1234 7 years ago

      Good advice