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Mount Fuji

Updated on February 25, 2015

Mt Fuji is a big tourist attraction in Japan. It has rocky paths and dirt paths to climb up. These paths are real steep and sometimes you will see people climbing the rocks on hands and knees. The climb takes forever but there are places to stop called stations where you can buy food and little bottles of oxygen if needed. If you buy a walking stick you can get it stamped at every station along the way. There are also hotels that you can stop and rest on your way to the top. The hotels have one big room where everyone sleeps in pretty close quarters. You had better snuggle up next to the one that you came with or you might wake up next to someone else lol!! The sunrise from the top of the mountain is so amazing!! It was the most spectacular sight that I had ever seen in the world. The way down the mountain people were like dirt sliding. It was so amazing!! If you ever have the opportunity to climb Mt Fuji than you should go for it!!

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