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My Award Travel to Alanya, Turkey

Updated on June 10, 2017

The hotel in Alanya

My award travel to Alanya was a big SURPRISE

It is true that life writes novels. I like it, especially when a life writes nice novels.

Sometimes, when you don't plan the travels in any countries, you can go to an unknown place and you can have a wonderful time.

Two years ago I got my award travel to Alanya in Turkey, in a hotel.. It was a big surprise for me and everything was very fast and simple. While I was translating something into French, I watched a nice representative of the travel agency from Belgrade on TV. This charming lady said that the first person who called the number of her travel agency , would get an award travel to Turkey in Alanya for two people. I called this number and I won my award!

Many friends were suspicious about my award, but I believed in this travel agency and I decided to travel!!! And I was right. Everything was excellent.

My friend and me got our plane tickets and the vouchers for hotel at the airport in Belgrade from very kind representatives of the travel agency .The flight from Begrade was very good and comfortable, without any problems. The staff and the pilot of the plane were good and very kind. We landed to the airport in Antalia, which is far about 130 kilometres from Alanya.The bus for Alanya waited us at the airport of Antalia.We arrived to our hotel in Alanya and we got a nice room with a view to the swimming pool and the beautiful garden.This hotel is very near the sea and the beaches. This hotel in Alanya city center is a peaceful family hotel set amongst a blooming garden. If you want to wake up in nature and still be in the city centre, this kind of hotels is the right choice.There are botanic gardens, full of flowering plants and trees,especially ficus ,palms and lemons. This hotel has its swimming pool ,whose water is very pure and clear.The room facilities for standard room are: balcony,bathroom, hairdryer,shower,individual air-conditioned and TV. The food was very delicious. We had a system of Swedish table of food,where you can choose and take different kinds of Turkish specialities on the big tables , for our meals, from pilafs or pilavs with rice, to dolma and desserts TULUMBA. This is my favourite sweet from my childhood.

Alanya is an interesting city with a lot of amazing hotels, restaurants. disco clubs, belly dancers , beaches and shops. We went for a walk a lot and I was swimming in the warm water of sea.

I had a nice time and I was enjoying my award travel. If you don't plan to go to any destinations, you can have a nice time when you visit unknown destination.

I love positive surprises . I hope that I will go again to Turkey, a country full of exotic beauty.

The balcony of my room in the hotel


Alanya is an interesting city

Alanya is a very nice city. There are a lot of amazing hotels in Alanya, , which is a paradise for children.These hotels are very beautiful, comforfable and luxurious. Also, there are a lot of shops, where you can buy anything, clothes, shoes,parfums... Alanya has a lot of restaurant where belly dancers perform their exotic belly dance. Here, you can feel this oriental atmosphere and spirit. The audience is always enthusiastic with this performing. Also, there are a lot of disco clubs, where you can relax and enjoy the music. Relaxing in the turkish spa is amazing for the body. After the turkish spa you feel younger and relaxed. Walking by the sea is very useful fort health. If you are not satisfied with your hair after swimming, don't worry,because Alanya has excellent hairdressers in its center.

The beaches in Alanya - Kleopatra beach

The beaches in Alanya are very good and sandy.There is a beautiful beach near city center. In my opinion,the most beautiful beach is Kleopatra beach. It has a Blue Flag.The small bay of this beach extending to the peninsula and made of stones is called Cleopatra.Queen Cleopatra in a voyage in Mediterranean stopped by in Alanya and had a swim in this Bay. The special feature of Cleopatra Bay is the clearness of its water. There a lot of restaurants by the sea, where you can drink or eat.

Amazing hotels in Alanya

There are a lot of beautiful hotels in Alanya. . You can enjoy very high level of comfort.These hotels are very good and luxurious, with 5*. It is a paradise, especially for children. You can spend all day swimming, diving or jumping in amazing aqua parks,

THE TURKISH SPA - Total relaxing

After a stressful life, the best thing for relaxing is Turkish spa. After this spa, you feel younger and relaxed. ENJOY THE TURKISH SPA if you come to Alanya!

The beautiful garden in the hotel

You can enjoy this nice garden where there are a lot of beautiful exotic flowers and trees. Walking in these sorts of gardens is a true pleasure. If you don't love to be in sun, your choice can be shadows of the garden.


In the restaurants in Alanya there are a lot of belly dancers. These dancers are very beautiful and they perform their exotic dance. Here,you can feel the oriental atmosphere and spirit. Their dance speaks all.

Turkish specialities - Turkish food

Turkish food is famous all over the world. Pilavs, dolma, tulumba, baklava are very delicious.Turkish cuisine has a lot of vegetables, fruit and chicken.Their food is very good for the organism, because it is not fat.

TULUMBA - My favourite dessert from my childhood

This is my favourite sweet from my childhood. Tulumba has its roots in Turkey in the region Anatolia, but this dessert is consumed in the Balkans cuisine, consisting of fried batter soaked in syrup.

At the airport in Belgrade

I didn't plan the travel for Turkey, but I got my award travel in Alanya. I had a nice time in Turkey. I am always ready for new travel. What about you?


There are many shops in Alanya, where you can buy different things, clothes,shoes, perfumes. and etc.I like best Turkish leather jackets. Each leather jacket are created with their own definition of character and style and handcrafted in luxurious leather.

Have you ever been to Turkey?

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Belly dance in Alanya - Turkey

The beautiful women perform very well their belly dance in Alanya in Turkey. In this way they show magic power, charms and mysteries of the Orient.

Belly dancers in Alanya

Beautiful Roses

There are a lot of flowers in ALANYA, especially roses in their gardens. Turkish Rose is one of the main ingredients of Turkish perfumes and they last on skin very long. If you use this kind of perfume, you can feel the spirit and mystery of the Orient.

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