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Beautiful Places in My Country, Philippines

Updated on April 29, 2011


Philippines is an archipelago located in southeast asia and it consists of 7,107 islands. Philippines' beauty lies within the heart of its people and to its beautiful places. I have never gone through some its beautiful places but maybe someday I will be able to travel and appreciate its beauty. As a proud Philippine citizen I share to you this wonderful place where you can find beauty in nature and appreciate its people. This is one truly a wonderful travel destination.

Philippines is situated in the heart of Asia and can be visited easily from any part of the world.  Horse riding, boating, and many other outdoor sports are offered by this place.  It has world's best cinemas, cafes, bars, restaurants, air ports, shopping malls.  The first name 'Philippine' traces a long history.  The most popular activity here is the performance of wild surviving.Tips.  Some even choose this place to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and others.  

You can enjoy beautiful sceneries on both sides of the river such as giant rocks, waterfalls etc.  Subic Bay If you visit Philippines, you are suggested to go to visit the beautiful and picturesque Subic Bay which was once the largest base of US navy in Asia.  Bohol is home to mighty hills and exotic beaches.  The planet furthermore the stage host to , municipalities and , barrios.  Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant and then Coconut Palace, Hotel Philippine plaza and Manila Harbor, Folk Arts Theater, and Manila shopping centers are much famous, the best way to explore more about this beautiful land is visiting it.  The Philippine Islands is a Southeast Asian country that is gifted with a remarkable beauty of nature.  


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    • profile image

      Gian Carlo 5 years ago

      yeah I love it

    • profile image

      lea 5 years ago

      nice tony...............

    • profile image

      trisha marie castro bandong 6 years ago

      its more fun in the PHILIPPINES

    • ladyeagle_cdc profile image

      ladyeagle_cdc 8 years ago from San Juan City, Philippines

      nice hub! proud to be filipino :)

    • vox vocis profile image

      Jasmine 8 years ago

      I enjoyed watching the video! Philippines are a wonderful place, the sea is beautiful!