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My East Texas Experience

Updated on October 10, 2012

Living in East Texas

My personal experience has been a very different one from what I have expected it to be, living in East Texas. All the way from the type of people, the churches, the business', the news, and even driving. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to East Texas and how it is here. however, there are a few things that you can always expect to deal with, while living here. If you haven't been to East Texas and would like to know an insiders point of view; that is not a native, then keep reading.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and learning something new today by using your eyes to see. Make sure to leave a comment or a note at the bottom and if you liked the page then please feel free to hit the like button at the top of the page for me!! Have a great day and once again thanks!

The weather never is!!

It always feel like.

When watching the weather channel here you always hear about what the degrees is: either hot or cold. The main concern though tends to be how the weather feels. "The temperature outside is 82 degrees but feels like 89". They gather their "feels like" teperature from people around the city. The news randomly ask people how hot or cold does it feel. Then with that gathered info they report it on t.v.

Always Condem Never Welcome

East Texas Church

I was born and raised here in Texas and then moved onto the real world. I moved to the west coast where the strange people got stranger, but I knew who they were. They didn't try to hide behind closed doors about themselves. I had joined a church in the desert that I adored. The people were great, the message was reviving, and I felt loved and appreciated.

When I moved back to Texas I had thought I might find the same kinda welcome I had in a huge city. I tried many different churches here in East Texas. The only thing I seemed to find were smiles that were upside down, stuffy church clothes, no hand shakes or hugs, no hello's, no welcoming feeling at all, and the feeling of being stared and judged. It was so bad in fact that I have changed my ways from going to church and stay at home. I am now a firm believer that you can get just as close to God through your own home or anywhere for that matter. I refuse to go somewhere and listen to people talk about others and how cheap their clothes look or what thrift store they had found the outfit in.

The funny thing is that I see most of these people running around late at night on the roads looking like they are up to no good. They just seem to clean up real well for Weds. and Sunday before church starts. This has been my personal experience and not the experience of everyone that lives here in East Texas. I am not saying every single church is bad or that every single person is bad, but what I am saying is that everyone of the 10 churches I have been to.

I used to run youth programs, put together plays and teach children's ministry at the church I was at before moving here. I absolutely loved the church I had went to prior to here. They were very welcoming from the first day. The welcoming crew they had set up had never heard of a stranger and everyone was family. They quickly became my family and we were at each others houses for bible study groups and bbq's all the time. When I moved away I felt like I moved away from the best thing that had ever happened to me.

How do you say it?

East Texas Slang

I need that thinga ma bob.

O'er yander

I gotta git tha worshin dun

Places to Visit

Site Seeing in East Texas

At the end of July every year we have hot air balloon races in Longview, Texas.

Tyler, Texas has many attractions that can be visited. Ziplines, museums, water parks, safari drives, art parks and museums, and plenty of other things to.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and learning something new today by using your eyes to see. Make sure to leave a comment or a note at the bottom and if you liked the page then please feel free to hit the like button at the top of the page for me!! Have a great day and once again thanks!

Thanks Yall! - For stoppin' by!

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