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My essential travel accessory: Kindle Fire

Updated on June 12, 2015
Don't travel without your Kindle
Don't travel without your Kindle | Source

I can't travel without my Kindle:

It's true. I remember the 'bad old days' when travelling for me meant lugging along a pretty substantial bag absolutely loaded with books. As the years went by it got even worse because I also had to take the laptop everywhere I went. Now, I just slip the compact Kindle into my purse and I'm definitely good to go - anywhere.

The perfect gift

My Kindle was a surprise gift (thank you kind donor, you know who you are) which was wonderful because I'd been reluctant to buy one for myself because, well, did I really need it? Absolutely yes, as I soon discovered.

For home and for travel

As soon as I received it, I downloaded so many books. (Some at no charge at all - even more of a bonus). It was perfect - no more messing about with books plus my 'library' had just expanded fantastically. For about a week, I was the most unsociable person on the planet - at every possible moment, my nose was firmly in the Kindle.

Then, I discovered just how perfect it is for travelling. We were going on a long haul flight - with a stopover in New York - so that meant hours and hours and hours of time to kill. It's not just on the plane but during all those hours of hanging around in airports and standing in line to be prodded and poked at security.

Have you ever tried to read a bulky book when you're standing up? It's very tricky, especially when you're shuffling along in a queue and trying to keep on hand on your luggage at the same time. But the Kindle was perfect. When I got to the prod-and-poke department, I simply popped the Kindle into my tiny purse.

The wonderful thing about receiving such a great gift, was that previously, I'd seen it as an extravagance - a luxury that I wouldn't allow myself to afford.

I was wrong.

If you're wondering what is the perfect gift for someone, and especially someone who travels, then believe me a Kindle is the very thing.

Fintie Folio Case for Fire HDX 7 - Slim Fit Leather Standing Protective Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake (will only fit Kindle Fire HDX 7" 2013), Black
Fintie Folio Case for Fire HDX 7 - Slim Fit Leather Standing Protective Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake (will only fit Kindle Fire HDX 7" 2013), Black

A few days before we left on our trip, a parcel came addressed to my other half from Amazon. And you can see here what it contained. Excellent.I don't use it much at home because I love the way that the Kindle is so tiny and compact but (for once in his life) he was right - a case is essential if the Kindle is going out of the house.


Travel guides

I never used to bother with travel guides. Then I realised just how useful they can be. Elsewhere I've written about the problems my family had when we were trying to find suitable restaurants in Key West. A restaurant guide - on the Kindle, of course, would have been invaluable.

Quite some time after that trip, we were visiting a city I know pretty well, York in England. Because I'm familiar with the area it wouldn't have occurred to me to use travel guides - except for the fact that I hadn't visited the city for over twenty years.

Although it's an historic city, I knew that there would be have been changes. My favourite restaurants might no longer be there. Museum sand other attractions might have different opening times and so on.

I realised that my aversion to travel guides was simply the amount of space they take up in my bag. By then,I had realised the answer. The solution was the Kindle.

Here are my recommendations to travel guides to York for your Kindle.

Why I didn't want a Kindle

I was a pretty late adopter, I know. Funnily, despite the fact that it is now indispensable for me, I had never really seen a Kindle as a priority in my life.

You'll think I'm daft but every time I saw people using them, they were old ladies.I didn't want something that was associated with old ladies.

Crazy, I know!

I found the Kindle to be pretty intuitive to use because it's similar in many ways to the iPhone but I still found some great tips on You Tube.

Perfect for travel

The Kindle means that I can travel light. I have this down to a fine art now. See more ideas below.

© 2014 Jackie Jackson


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