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My historical life as "Landhotel Grünes Gericht"

Updated on August 10, 2015

Seven stories, Part two, told by me "old house" in Neuhausen (Germany)

Did you know, that amusement was state-measured while ca. 120 years? Why my seats were thrashing-resistant rebuilt in the "Golden Thirties"? Since when documents were calling me "inn Grünes Gericht"? Today I tell you these secrets and more amusing and disputable facts from my long and changing fortunes as "old house" in Neuhausen (Ore Mountain).

Three times new is young!

The 20st Century saw me as "Landhotel Grünes Gericht" in new glory

Once I was built in the region of the unspoilt "Miriquidi". Shock taxation and later the "Quatember taxation" made me not to the desired valuable ownership, but to an inheritance burden and tax liability, to an unwelcome "millstone around the neck" for permanently new owners. However, my burning down in 1765 was not the end, but my comeback! From now, there exist documents about the fact that in my rooms were served beer and brandy. Also I had somewhat like a retail sale (unfortunately I have forgotten what was sold).

Good 100 years later I was broken down the next time. But only in order to come into being newer, larger and finally with enough comfort for a hotel business under the wings of Utz von Schöneberg. Until this time, the inheritance-magistrate had prevented the permission to use me for the "hostel operation". Now he had to give up his opposition. With date 08th August 1896 you can find "letter and seal" for my today's name: Calculated was with the framed name "inn Grünes Gericht".

Dispute, envy and my legal victories for the benefit of common amusement

Already the former owners had planned to use me not only for serving drinks and retail sale but also for hotel business.

Other owners of other houses in Neuhausen complained this as "superfluous and unfavorable for the local settlement [.]" (Source: The chronicle of my live from the late 1990er years, to find at my today's owners) Feature that! Superfluous - me !?! Local council and associations, courts and landlords disputed in order to challenge my owners for the gain. The amusing part got the victory. With limited rights it was from now allowed to dance in my rooms.

I had enough space, once I was "pepped up". That became really "wild" years, despite of war in big and small dimensions, despite of counter-motions and limits. During Firemen's balls and funfair dances, charity balls, slaughter-festivals and "Christmas tree amusements" my "immobile soul" was filled with laugh and life, with memories of misadventures (caused by the brandy) and sometimes of destructive disputes.

The dance- and dispute-years had also something well for me, your today's "Landhotel Grünes Gericht"

The first half of the 20st Century did not harm the desire for pleasure of my guests at dance.

One of my "wild days" became the 13th April 1929. At this meeting, I was witness of the formidable opposition against the political evil which concocted also over Neuhausen. Nice for the chronicles and in my memory: The chronicler wrote down the end of the brawl of that evening with the following words: "[.] the owner of the inn deleted the light, and the gathering [.] was inglorious leaked out [.]" Gloriously for me: I was equipped after that event with thrashing-resistant seats.

After end of the war I remained an alive venue of the associations. They continued to appreciate my comfortable space and my hospitableness. The minds were calmer now, but not less desired in pleasure. Now I was a solid part of the region and the view of the locality Neuhausen. Again and again my owners and holders changed. This state seems to be part of my destiny. When I now look back to my old times, I recognize that I had luck with the most of my owners. They took care for me, continually rebuilt inside and outside, prettified and renovated what there was to do.

My role as rural hotel how you know me today

With this role like now as modern rural hotel and enjoyment center I am very happy.

My guests come to Neuhausen because of my splendid neighborhood, the good traffic connections and because not only I am an important location of the Montane Region Ore Mountains. Bohemia and the Ore Mountains are historical closely connected. As well provide art and culture of my region thrilling facts for discoverer.

I love the settlement where I once came into being, the idyllic Neuhausen and my once princely neighborhood, the Bohemian legends and towns and the famous Saxon towns close to me. My today's owners are sharing my enthusiasm and have equipped me especially extraordinary, each room after themes and with delicious arrangements around. So like now as "Landhotel Grünes Gericht" I feel almost a little bit conceited. Once you get to know me better, you will surely understand it.

The story goes on - I invite you to listen soon more of my stories.

© Landhotel "Grünes Gericht" - That is me in the beautiful Ore Mountains summer
© Landhotel "Grünes Gericht" - That is me in the beautiful Ore Mountains summer | Source

My new face and invitation for Neuhausen (Germany, Ore Mountains)

Then I will tell you more about Neuhausen and the Ore Mountains (Germany), about my region as vacation-tip and famous towns in my neighborhood which are really worth your visit.

Remain well-disposed towards me "old house"!

Your "Landhotel Grünes Gericht"

The new old house in Neuhausen (Ore Mountains, Germany) - See my beauty!

This are my rooms in new glory, equipped after topics around the Saxon handicraft, region and history.

Here I am: Freiberger Str. 12, 09544 Neuhausen (Ore Mountains, Germany), Tel. +49(0)37361-4265

Here you can find me from all over the world

I like the stars since my earliest childhood as "old house"! Please, if you enjoy my stories, give me some and make me happy! (Old houses like me love such mome

Cast your vote for My historical life as "Landhotel Grünes Gericht"

Hello world, nice to meet you! - Do you like old houses in new glory? Soon you will hear more about it!

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