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my road trip

Updated on July 7, 2015

details of a road trip

I took a road trip in march of 2000. I drove from indiana down I -80 to almost colorado then i took other highways to longmount colorado to see if i my cousin wanted to visit with me. I couldn't get in touch with her. So then I drove highways north to wyoming and took I-80 all the way to california. I went to galt cali to stay the night at a hotel and then i went to yosimitie national park. It was amazing.I drove around it and took pictures. Then I went to sacramento cali for food and gas. I then drove back to longmount colorado to see if my cousin wanted to visit with me. I then drove back home to indiana. The states I had to drive through was illinois, iowa, nebraska, wyoming, colorado, utah and nevada. It was like 40 hours of driving. way to long of a road trip. I will never do that I did stay at 1 more motel on the way back home.


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