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My Trip To Bermuda

Updated on July 8, 2013

What Is Bermuda

Bermuda is an island in the middle of the ocean that is a paradise. If I were to get stranded on one island in the world, I would pick Bermuda because the residents are nice, and there are many sites as well. Bermuda is a great place to witness nature at first hand as well as a beautiful beach. I went to the hotel at Elbow Beach, and it has been more than satisfying, it has been amazing! There are great places to eat at Bermuda as well as markets with healthy food options. Bermuda is a paradise, and I loved every second of my journey. Bermuda may only be a 22 mile long island, but it has a lot of nice people and places to go.

The Hotel That We Went To

The hotel that we chose for Bermuda was Elbow Beach which is a private area that has a lot of amazing features. Have access to your own private beach with light and dark blue waters intermingling with each other for as far as the eye can see. Elbow Beach also includes a golf course, five tennis courts, a pool table, nature, and more! The Prince of Saudi Arabia owns the hotel, and it is a place of luxury in which you are treated like royalty. Every worker at the hotel knew our name and engaged in a nice long conversation. Elbow Beach was an awesome hotel, and I hope to return.

The Rooms At Elbow Beach

My family had room #814, and the room was like a fairytale. This is available for all rooms, so don’t make #814 your magic number. Each room at Elbow Beach includes two king sized beds. Yes, I said two king sized beds, and that’s not all. The rooms at Elbow Beach also include 1 TV, a spacious bathroom, and a closet. If you have something if great value, then don’t worry, you can put it in a safe that is in the closet. Yes, you can put your prized possessions in a safe, lock it with your own 4 digit combination code, and repoen it again. There is also a big table and a small table inside of the hotel room. When it is early in the morning and not too hot, eating outside wouldn’t be a bad idea. Watch birds fly right by while you eat. In fact, one bird landed 5 feet away from us!

Wildlife That Isn't Afraid, But Isn't Harmful Either

When you are outside, animals in Bermuda aren't afraid of you. In fact, I didn't even use any kind of zoom in on the bird in the photo. The bird stood motionless and was not afraid of my presence. Once I walked to it and was inches away from the bird, it flew off, but I am shocked that the bird actually let me get that close.

Bermudian Slippers

Elbow Beach wants you to feel welcome to their services and to Bermuda. So, they make you feel as close to their community as possible and start off by giving you free slippers with the Elbows Beach logo on it. When we came into our hotel room at Elbow Beach, we were shocked at the generosity offered by the workers at Elbow Beach to give us these slippers. We actually got two pairs of slippers, so my family and I swap out and wear these slippers almost everyday. Do I wear these slippers? Oh, yes I do!

Palm Trees In Bermuda

When you see all of these palm trees, you would think that you are in Florida or some enchanted place. The palm trees in Bermuda are easy to see and abundant in number. Palm trees are common throughout Bermuda, especially near the beach. The palm trees in Bermuda must be at least 50 feet tall and provide for a great view.

The Beach

Did you come here for a great view? Well, if you go to Elbow Beach, great views are easy to find, especially at the incredible beach at Elbow. Light and dark waters collide and mix with each other for as far as the eye can see. The sand is a beige color in April, but has some parts of it that are actually pink. The water from the ocean is not too cold and not too hot; it is just right. You won’t find any sea shells or rocks on the Elbow Beach, but you will find jellyfish and crabs on the sand. The jellyfish don’t move much and look like blue balloons that are about to pop, but the crabs are small and alive. The crabs will usually stay where they are, but if you get too close to a crab, it will move away from you.

Taxi in Bermuda

Taxis in Bermuda look completely different from the taxies that we are used to in the United States. In fact, that vehicle may look more like a van than an actual taxi in our eyes, but in the eyes of Bermudians, that vehicle is a taxi. Also, the driver’s seat is on the right hand side, so it is like the United States car reversed. Don’t drive in any of these cars if you are not an expert at it because some Bermudian taxi men get confused when driving in America since the driver’s seat is on the left side of the car. In Bermuda, you are best off having a taxi take you to far destinations so that you don’t get confused with the wheel.

The Pool At Elbow Beach

The pool in Elbow Beach in Bermuda is amazing! The water's temperature is just right, and the water in the pool ranges from 2 feet to 8 feet, so everyone's needs are satisfied. You can see the Elbow Beach seahorse logo all in the pool and at other places near the pool as well. Jump right in, the water's fine!

Some Dog Statues That I Stumbled Upon

If you want to see some statues, then you are at the right place. One of the Elbow Beach hotels features statues of all kinds. There was no way for me to take a picture of every statue, but as a small sample of what lies in Elbow Beach in Bermuda, you can see some dog statues that look remarkable. I have a 5 year old Shih Tzu named Flower who couldn't come with us, so the picture of the dog statues is dedicated to Flower.

A Healthy Food Store In Bermuda

If you need to eat food, or eat healthy in general, then Modern Mart is the place for you. Modern Mart includes healthy foods as well as tasty ones. My family was shocked with all of the healthy choices offered in Bermuda. As with most food stores, not everything is healthy, but I would have to say that a lot of the food there was healthy, so you don't have to worry. Here are some of Modern Mart's healthy food choices.

Blue Bell All Natural Fruit Bar

In Modern Market, one food that really attracted my family's attention was the Blue Bell All Natural Fruit Bar. There are different versions of this fruit bar, but we chose strawberry because we enjoy strawberry pops. These Blue Bell All Natural Fruit Bars were amazing and were especially refreshing after a hot day at the beach. Blue Bell does a good job creating all natural bars, and you can find them and many other great foods at Modern Market.

For Everyone With A Hat Or Cap

Wearing a hat indoors in Bermuda is a sign of disrespect. Also, cashiers in Modern Market cannot take your order if you are wearing a helmet or hoodie. You must take that helmet or hoodie off of your head BEFORE you make your purchase. So, you can bring your hats along with you and wear them, but be aware that you should take your hats off indoors.

The Pool Table

In the lobby, there is a pool table that is available to anyone. The pool balls are clean, and when they fall through a hole, they land in a soft containment instead of crashing to the bottom of the pool table. It can take slightly longer to get the pool balls out of the containments after each game, but you will only lose a minute, it is a fancy display, and the pool balls make no noise when they fall into a hole.

How I Did Playing Pool

How could I mention the pool table without telling you how I did? Well, my brother was dominating me during the first couple of games, but I held on and eventually won some pool games as well. We have a pool table at our house, but we never used it. Playing pool in the lobby was a fun experience and inspired me to use my own pool table more often to improve my game.

Some Humor At The Pool Table

I decided to show this picture because the main ball in pool is in the middle of the triangle. It reminded me of the Bermuda Triangle, so why not? I knew that I needed to take a picture. I confess that I didn't go to the Bermuda Triangle, but I immediately thought of the Bermuda Triangle when I took this photo and thought it would be humorous.

How Do You Like Elbow Beach?

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Motor Bikes In Bermuda

Hello there motor bikes! Motor bikes are commonly seen in Bermuda and have a cool look and feel. You can hear the motor anywhere in Bermuda as you watch riders zoom by in the streets with their motor bikes. You won’t be able to have a vacation in Bermuda without hearing and seeing a motor bike.

Crops In Bermuda

A lot of the residents in Bermuda grow crops. I think that the crops in this picture are tomatoes, but I could be wrong. I approached this field and got curious and excited at the same time knowing that people at Bermuda had a different approach than other people in my area. It is always good to see someone else’s culture as well as their crops once in a while.

The Golf Course

In Elbow Beach, there is a golf course with 18 holes. You can take shots from any of the holes, and you don’t have to pay a fee to get a golf ball and putt (don’t forget about playing). The golf course is beautiful and includes grass that resembles what you would find while watching golf on TV. Let me just say that it was hard for anyone in my family to get a hole in 1 at that golf course since we need the practice on real grass, but we all left Bermuda with hole in ones.

The Golf Balls

The golf balls at Elbow Beach are just like any regular golf ball except with the Elbow Beach logo on it (the sea horse). The Golf Balls give you a warm feeling about Elbow Beach, and it was awesome hitting a golf ball that was authentic. Golf clubs come along with the golf ball, and there are no costs to play on the Elbow Beach golf course, so expenses shouldn't be a problem. Elbow Beach just wants you to putt away and have a great time!

The Golf Holes

The holes are long and shallow. When you pick your golf ball out of the hole, you may notice that there are numbers written in the hole based on the number. So, if you are on hole #14, then in the hole, you will see four red 14s equidistant from each other. That was the picture I took when I got a hole in 2. I did good at the golf course, but as mentioned before, there weren't too many hole in ones.

How Do You Like Bermuda?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      all I know about Bermuda is Bermuda Triangle.

      thanks for sharing..

    • Frugal Bride profile image

      Frugal Bride 

      6 years ago

      I would love to go. Thanks for sharing!

    • srsddn lm profile image

      srsddn lm 

      6 years ago

      Quite exciting a place! Hat's issue is interesting.

    • BestRatedStuff profile image


      6 years ago

      Never been, but did enjoy your lens. Liked all the extra tidbits of your personal experience.

    • Cari Kay 11 profile image


      6 years ago

      Sounds like quite a trip. I've never been but would love to go!


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