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My Vacation to Oahu Hawaii

Updated on January 5, 2016

A Great Winter Vacation In Oahu Hawaii

I am going to take you on a vacation journey to one of my most favourite vacation spots,Oahu Hawaii. We will go on a bus tour of the island and we will visit a few of my favourite places. We will go out eat in a few fine dining areas and visit a shrimp truck on the North Shore. Lets try shopping in Honolulu and in some small towns and villages as we travel the island. We will visit a ranch,soap factory, nut farm, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbour and go on a beautiful evening dinner cruise. Now does that sound inviting---- I hope so. Enjoy!!

North Shore Oahu
North Shore Oahu

Oahu Hawaii Winter Vacation

Island Bus Tour

It was with great anticipation and a bit of planning that we finally boarded our West Jet flight out of Vancouver. My wife and I were meeting up with her Sister and Husband and my Sister and her Husband in Honolulu. We had found a penthouse suite with three beautiful master bedrooms and each had a separate patio deck.

As we flew over this vast ocean,seeing the fluffy clouds below and the contrasting blue of the ocean, I wondered if this was going to be all that I had thought it would be. A then in the distance, shrouded by a light cloud cover the Hawaiian islands came into view on the distant horizon. A peace and comfort came over me as the anticipation grew, and I now knew this would be all and even more than I expected.

We were over the great city of Honolulu and in full view we could now see Waikiki beach and Diamond Head. We arrived safely and were very much entertained by the West Jet flight Crew, only to be met by our ride at the airport, a very nice man, who was very helpful and shared about the many sites as we drove to our hotel.

We met up with our family and went out for a great dinner the following night. Honolulu has many wonderful dining spots and your choices of cuisine are limitless. Traditional Hawaiian dishes,Asian or western foods and much more are all there to enjoy.

Taking a bit of time we planned our activities for the next few days. Our first trip was a circle island bus tour that is an all day tour and is 120 miles long. Our bus driver, well that's an understatement, lets call him our tour guide entertained us all day long. Our trip that day took us along the shore line all the way up the coast to the North Shore area where world class surfing competitions are held each year. The scenery is breathtaking and the stops were both fun and interesting. We stopped at Kualoa Ranch for lunch. Wonderful food and lots of it, well likely too much. We took a tour around the ranch, wonderful scenery overlooking the ocean. Other places that we really enjoyed were the Polynesian Cultural Center, we just had to come back and spend a day here.The Dole Pineapple stop was great and if you do stop there on your travels the ice cream is really tasty.

The trip soon ended and coming into Honolulu off in the distance over Diamond Head was a beautiful rainbow.

The Amazon Store Will Get You Ready To Visit Oahu

The Hikers Guide to Oahu
The Hikers Guide to Oahu

Hiking is a great way of seeing a lot of the great breath taking landscapes.

Fodor's Oahu: with Honolulu, Waikiki, and the North Shore (Full-color Travel Guide)
Fodor's Oahu: with Honolulu, Waikiki, and the North Shore (Full-color Travel Guide)

A Travel Guide is very helpful and will save you a lot of time.

Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) Travel Guide - Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)
Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) Travel Guide - Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

This guide is a great quick look guide that is filled with lots of helpful information.


Our Trip To Polynesian Cultural Center

A Great all Day and Evening of Entertainment

Our next day trip we spent the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We booked the day tour as well included live performance theatre and a wonderful luau. The center is rich in the history of the Polynesian Islands. We two tour guides for the day,were two young men from Korea who were attending Brigham Young University. They work at the cultural center in exchange for free collage tuition, now that's a great deal

You can visit New Zealand, Fijii, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga. Each island has its own way of telling the unique story behind the people and their customs. You will get a chance to be a part of the action, including a bit of basket weaving, Hawaiian dancing, move those hips, and much more. Very interesting tour.

The Ali'i Luau is filled with Hawaiian traditional island foods. They feature Kalua pork, native island fruits, fresh fish and many more tasty foods. You are also entertained as you eat.

The night theatre is very well done, we took in a performance called Ha: Breath of Life.This was every bit as good as anything we had seen in Vegas.

As you leave the theatre that night, before boarding your bus you can shop the many gift shops to remember your wonderful day. Take this attraction in you will enjoy it.

More Amazon Suggestions For Your Vacation

Pearl Harbor An Illustrated History
Pearl Harbor An Illustrated History

This would be good to review before your trip.

Kamik Women's Palm Beach Sandal
Kamik Women's Palm Beach Sandal

A good pair of sandals for your trip

Star of Honolulu
Star of Honolulu

Star of Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise

A Beautiful Evening off The Coast of Honolulu

One of our favourite evenings, without a doubt we will do this again, was our evening dinner cruise on the Star of Honolulu.

But before we go, lets get ready for the cruise with a bit of shopping at Hilo Hatties that is located in the Ala Moana Shopping Center. We all needed some nice Hawaiian style clothing and we were able to find just the right things to wear at this very impressive store. I got myself a nice Hawaiian shirt and a real nice pair of shorts.

We boarded our dinner cruise at around 6 pm and left port sailing by a huge Carnival Lines Cruise ship that was anchored at the dock; little did we know that we would see this boat again later that evening.

We were seated,the six of us at our table and brought drinks and oh they were tasty. The meal consisted of a welcome hula show and Mai Tai start the casually elegant evening. Savory three-course meal features "All-You-Can-Eat Crab" and a terrific steak. My Hawaii - Lei of Memories" show presented by dancers and musicians was highlight of the evening.

As we sailed out into the harbour we could see the coastline of Honolulu and Waikiki beach and the sparkling water dancing in the light of the sun. It was wonderful. And the pretty Hula dancers danced and the Hawaiian music played and the food and drinks just kept a comin. As the sun set we rounded Diamond Head and Honolulu disappeared in the distance. We were all alone, well sort of there was me and about 300 other people, but we were alone the ship the sea the moonlight and a sky filled with a billion stars. Then steaming along about a quarter mile away was that big cruise ship on her way to ports on distant shores. She was magnificent, all lit up from bow to stern sailing away into the still of the night.

We did a gentle but deliberate turn and started back to Honolulu and to port. We had been out for two to three hours as I recall and we returned to port safely, happy, and our hunger satisfied with a wonderful meal. We will do this again. There are a number of dinner packages available so I'm sure you will find one that will be right for you. Enjoy!

Videos That You Will Enjoy of Oahu - Enjoy Watching and get a flavour of Hawaii

I chose for you a bit of video on the Polynesian Cultural Center,Waikiki Beach,and surfing on the North Shore. I hope you enjoy your selection of videos.

We loved this drumming performance and you will to.

This is a good overview of the cultural center

This beach is wonderful you will enjoy spending your time here

North Shore Hawaii Surfing

Our dinner cruise was wonderful

Pearl Harbour Memorial - A Day in History To Remember

If you like a taste of history, as I do, then this is a good day trip for you. A lot of you will remember this day through the memories of loved ones who served their country during this time of war. Perhaps this day will bring a level of appreciation for those who paid such a price for freedom. I served in the Canadian army for eight years during a time of peace so things that are military are interesting to me.

When you arrive on the tour bus, which is only a short ride from your hotel, you will enter the theme park and you will find a number of memorials that have been set up that are very interesting. The gift shop was filled with lots of books and gifts all themed around Pearl Harbour. I purchased a Pearl Harbour book and brought it home with me and enjoyed the book very much.

You know this is different than the two previous day trips and not as fun filled because of the subject matter but with that said, you will not want to miss this part of your vacation. A motor boat takes you out to the Arizona memorial. Its a different feeling out there as you walk into the viewing area and see the wall of filled with the names of those who are still entombed below your feet in the sunken war ship below. Her crew and the Arizona never had a chance that day, the attack was brutal and completely caught the Navy by complete surprise. Its like standing on Holy ground and for me that is how it felt.

You know I will leave this to you to experience, there was two tours offered so you can choose the all day tour or the shorter part day tour. Its well worth taking in this in your holiday plans.

Blue Q - Moon Garden Shoulder Tote
Blue Q - Moon Garden Shoulder Tote

Attractive tote great for carrying the essentials where ever you go.


I enjoy hearing from you and I know many of you have visited Oahu and I would love to hear about your adventures.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Almost makes me want to take a trip there! Too bad you didn't post a photo of "the beautiful rainbow you saw in the distance over Diamond Head as you were arriving in Honolulu ! Glad to hear you had so much fun and enjoyed it so much! That's what these things are for!