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Mykonos Hotels and Paradise Beach Clubbing

Updated on September 10, 2014



What an island that is! No matter how many articles may be written about this outstanding Cycladic island, still wonât be enough to fully describe its distinctive cultural character. This is definitely one of your top choices in the world when looking for the ultimate summer destination, especially if you are a party-animal kind of tourist. Voted for many years among the top summer clubbing destinations, the island is well organized considering the tourist services.

Mykonos hotels offer a wide variety of accommodation alternatives depending on the budget, the needs and the idiosyncrasy of the visitor. So, if you are looking for your perfect Mykonos accommodation match in order to be situated close to a beautiful beach, but at the same time close to the âheartâ of the islandâs nightlife and party events, then Paradise View Hotel is the perfect place to stay.

Check in to Paradise View Hotel while on the island

Paradise View Hotel, Mykonos with 25 stylishly decorated rooms
Paradise View Hotel, Mykonos with 25 stylishly decorated rooms

Paradise View Hotel is a friendly 25-room hotel situated just a mere 600 meters away from one of Mykonos best known beaches, Paradise beach. All 25 rooms are decorated according to Cycladic standards and their balconies or verandas offer a great place to chill out and enjoy some great sea and landscape views.

Friendly atmosphere, strategic position and comparatively great bargain rates are only few of the factors that make Paradise View Hotel a great place to stay. Therefore check in, make yourself feel like at home and organize your island excursions according to your expectations.

Paradise Beach is the most cosmopolitan day spot of the island

Paradise Beach, Mykonos. The party never stops
Paradise Beach, Mykonos. The party never stops

As mentioned above, Paradise View Hotel is just a mere 600 meters away from one of the best clubbing-party orientated beaches not only on the island, but in Europe, too.

Day and night, Mykonos offers generously great and wild party moments. During the high season, that is end of June until mid of August, clubbing lovers ‘flood’ the island from all parts of the world. The last couple of decades there is a huge increase in tourist arrivals and Mykonos hotels thrive in numbers and capacity to fulfill an ever growing number of visitors. Mykonos accommodation network is considered top quality and close to the hotel and studio complexes there is a great boom in development of new tourist shops, restaurants, beach bars, fashion spots that give to the place a distinctive cosmopolitan ‘air’.

If someone would try to describe Paradise beach in few words that would be ‘golden sand beach with crystal clear azure waters, fully organized, where the most gifted barmen and bar women in the world try their best to create endless refreshing cocktails in order to satisfy thousands of club lovers who party hard non stop!’ If you are looking for the perfect spot to meet famous people of the jet set, whether them be football, fashion, entertainment, movie stars, then certainly Paradise beach is the place to be.

Beautiful women dance to the vibes of uplifting hits on top of bars and crazy parties take place almost everyday, such as foam, bikini, fashion parties. The quality of the entertainment is characterized as top quality and, therefore, it is no surprise that the island is considered to be a great pole of attraction.

Paradise Club in Mykonos - the Ultimate summer clubbing destination

Paradise Club Mykonos
Paradise Club Mykonos

Paradise Club is, by far, the largest nightclub on the island and one of the largest in the world that builds up its reputation for more than a decade now. If you are a fan of dance, electronic and house music then Paradise Club is the place to be, since every summer it presents great gigs with some of the most famous djs in the world, such as Avicii, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez, David Guetta, etc. It is situated just 3 kilometers away from Mykonos center and is being connected with frequent bus routes.

Having the privilege of being the sole club on the beach, it transforms into the ideal place for thousands of clubbers every summer who are longing for uniquely high sound levels and a beautiful amphitheatrical view of the surrounding landscapes. With three stages, VIP area, spacious lighted swimming pool, and a large dj deck, Paradise Club is definitely the ultimate summer clubbing place. And for those who manage to stay till the closing time (sunrise) they continue partying on the beach and the various Paradise beach bars.

Looking for a Great Summer Clubbing Experience ? - Choose Mykonos!

Paradise Beach, Mykonos. Clubbing till the sunrise
Paradise Beach, Mykonos. Clubbing till the sunrise

Concluding, when thinking of wild summer clubbing, the island of Mykonos is considered to be the ultimate destination that is characterized by an ever growing number of people as a clubbing haven; better than Ibiza in many occasions.

Mykonos hotels offer to thousands of visitors every summer, a great variety of alternatives. This makes the Mykonos accommodation network one of the best in the Mediterranean. When deciding to chose Mykonos for your summer holidays, you are strongly advised to check in to Paradise View Hotel that is situated at one of the most privileged parts of the island; Paradise Beach. Of course, when visiting the island, partying at least once at the Paradise Club is definitely the clubbing experience of a lifetime!

Only Ibiza in Spain can probably challenge the amazing clubbing experience of Mykonos, but most of clubbers visiting the latter admit that there is nothing better than Mykonos-style partying! It is up to you to find it out yourselves!

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