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Quiz: New York Facts and Trivia

Updated on September 23, 2014
Empire State Building
Empire State Building | Source

How Much do YOU Know about New York?

Here is your chance to test your knowledge of New York facts and take a fun quiz or two about New York City.

New York is one of the world's most celebrated cities. It is the location of countless movies and has inspired many songs. In fact, New York is so famous that many outsiders think it is the capital of the United States.

Other modern cities may now have the "tallest", "largest", "quickest" this or that, but nowhere has captured the world's imagination quite like New York and it remains a symbol of America to the rest of the world.

Read on to learn more New York facts and trivia.

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New York: Facts and Figures


Timeline: Key Dates in New York History

1524 -- Giovanni da Verrazano sails into New York harbor

1626 -- Peter Minuit buys Manhattan from Native Americans

1720 -- The first shipyard is opened

1785 -- New York is made the capital of the United States

1807 -- The first steamboat sails the Hudson River

1853 -- The first World's Fair takes place with New York as host city

1879 -- The construction Saint Patrick's Cathedral is completed

1883 -- The construction of Brooklyn Bridge is completed

1904 -- The New York subway begins operation

1905 -- Staten Island Ferry makes its first crossing

1913 -- The construction of the Woolworth Building is completed, making it the world's tallest building

1931 -- The Empire State Building becomes the world's tallest building

1946 -- New York becomes home of the UN Headquarters

1973 -- The construction of the World Trade Center is completed

2001 -- The World Trade Center is destroyed in a terrorist attack

2005 -- Largest UN World Summit in history is held in New York


New York Trivia

8 -- Length of the Statue of Liberty's index finger in feet

60 -- Price in guilders paid to Native Americans for Manhattan (a little over $1000 in today's money -- source Wikipedia)

150 -- Length of Broadway in miles

301 -- Size of New York City in square miles

722 -- Miles of subway track in New York City

7000+ -- Pipes in the organ of Saint Patrick's Cathedral

1.2 million -- Cubic yards excavated when building World Trade Center

New York's Tallest and Longest - The Skyscrapers and Bridges of New York City


How Tall is it?

285 ft -- Height of Flatiron Building

792 ft -- Height of Woolworth Building

1,250 ft -- Height of Empire State Building

1,368 ft -- Height of former World Trade Center, North Tower

1,776 ft -- Planned height for 1 World Trade Center

3,579 ft -- Length of Brooklyn Bridge

4,260 ft -- Length of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

More Songs About New York

How Many Could You Hum?

42nd Street -- Al Dubin & Harry Warren

Give My Regards to Broadway -- George M. Cohan

Take Me Back to Manhattan -- Cole Porter

Lullaby of Broadway -- Al Dubin & Harry Warren

59th Street Bridge Song -- Paul Simon

New York State of Mind -- Billy Joel

Englishman in New York -- Sting

Discover New York - The Big Apple in Words and Images

This collection of photographs draws from the photo library of the New York Times to present a portrait of a city. The selection covers 100 years in New York's history.

© 2011 Indigo Janson

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    anonymous 2 years ago

    I did pretty good and I do love New York! Excellent quiz!

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    Artguy115 3 years ago

    Great quiz! I travel to NYC often with students and this will be great to share with them.

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    Scindhia 3 years ago from Chennai

    Interesting facts about the big apple!

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    Fun quiz. I love New York.

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    Joebeducci 3 years ago

    Never been to New York, so it was really hard actually! Greets, Joebeducci

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