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North Carolina Restaurants - The Piedmont Triad

Updated on June 6, 2014

Trying New Restaurants Is A Hobby Of Mine!

Planning on traveling to NC or already a resident of NC? Either way, most everyone visits at least one restaurant on a weekly basis. Ever since I got my first job and could start paying for my own meals, I wanted to branch out and try out new places I had never tried before. This meant skipping on the "chain restaurants" and visiting restaurants that were local. Sure, chain restaurants are good, but you can pretty much "get that everywhere you go." Trying out local restaurants was like a game to me! I enjoy being able to try out a variety of foods and comparing them to other local restaurants. And if I have a good time and experience? Guess what, I'll go back! From watching the local news, to browsing, word of mouth from friends/relatives, etc. these are the ways I am able to find out what restaurants are located around me that I didn't know were there before! I will continue to update this squidoo whenever I find a new restaurant I love and want to share!


Winston-Salem: Favorite Restaurants

Home is where the heart is....

1) Meridian Restaurant -

At this moment I have only been three times so far, and each time has been an EXCELLENT experience! The wait staff, the quality/choice of food, the atmosphere, everything is wonderful! They have great choices of wine and the menu changes so its not the same thing everytime. First time I visited the Meridian, the menu had pheasant and it was the best pheasant I've eaten before (though it was my first time too lol). The second time I got the "Duck 5 ways." As usual the quality was delicious! I highly recommend this restaurant! Its a great place to take your date or for a special occasion.

2) Riverbirch Lodge -

The outside of the restaurant reminds of me of a cozy yet pretty lodge up in the mountains. The interior of it as well. Everytime I visit, the food is wonderful! Especially the sweet tea. I usually go through at least 4 glasses. Most of the time I get the Robinhood Chicken Wrap because it is addicting and I can't stop ordering it! I really do try to change it up but I end up getting that most of the time. However, I have branched out to try other items on the menu and have been impressed by them all. I am not the only one who likes the RH Chicken wrap; it is considered a "favorite" on the menu. Wanna try a Bison or Elk burger? They have that to! Outside seating is available as well as a sit down bar inside. This restaurant is located off Robinhood Road in Winston salem and is located infront of TJMAXX (OMG I LOVE TJMAXX!!!). Once you eat, you can get some shopping in! I do at least lol

3) Village Tavern -

Can't visit Winston Salem, without visiting Village Tavern at least once. The inside of it, reminds you of a cozy lodge as well. With a large fireplace inside that divides the room up into two spaces. I recommend making reservations on because this place can get busy, especially around 12pm on weekdays and evenings on weekends. It is quite the popular place among locals. The menu has a variety of items to choose from. My guilty pleasure are the quesadillas on the appetizer menu. Usually get it as a meal. They are wonderful! If you are a sweet tea drinker like me, your first glass may be great but the rest of'em will be probably be watered down. The dinner rolls are best when they are fresh out of the oven, otherwise they can be a bit on the hard side (not always though!). Outdoor seating is available and there is also a bar to sit at too. Casual dress is fine.

4) Bleu Restaurant & Bar -

Looking for restaurant with a tasty lunch, dinner, or brunch menu? Then check out Bleu! When I go it is usually for lunch. I love to get the two bleu! You have several options but I like getting the half bleu club and half caesar salad. Omg I LOVE their caesar salad. The caesar dressing is made fresh, this has been confirmed to me! The staff are friendly and are attentive to your table. Most of the time their sweet tea is really good too. Another favorite of mine are the buffalo chicken wraps. Yum yum yummmy! When I go to bleu for dinner, I usually get the filet! And when i'm feeling up for it I might have it come oscar style (its a little extra). Overall, wonderful food and great atmosphere! Cheers!

5) Krispy Kreme Doughnuts -

Hey it may be a 'chain' but its HOME to Winston Salem. This is where the first one originated from. This place is a MUST TRY if you have yet to ever have a KK Doughnut. When the Hot & Now sign is on, you better believe people will be in their parking lot! That is the best time to go! Hot fresh glazed doughnuts! I better stop talking about this or I might end up there! Not very waist friendly lol but hey its fun to indulge every once in a while!

6) Pancho Villa's Mexican & Seafood Restaurant

Love Mexican food? Then you need to try this place out! I visit this restaurant maybe once a week (no joke!). Their food is consistent and great tasting! Have yet to have a bad food experience yet. The wait staff are friendly and for the most part pays attention to your table to provide you with great service and more refills! Outdoor seating is available as well as a bar to sit at. The outdoor seating is not very large. This restaurant is located off the corner of Bethesda Road and Stratford Road.

7) Cities Bar & Grill -

Need a variety of food to choose from? Go here! Probably one of the restaurants I have visited the most. Not going to lie! My favorite place to sit is in the room with the projector showing different cities of the united states. Below the slideshow is a small waterfountain. The ceiling is painted black with small little lights to represent as stars. When I can, i like to request sitting down there just because its relaxing. Everything I have had at Cties has been delightful. Again, I tend to order the quesadillas here (off appetizer menu b/c they are great!) but all the other things I have gotten here have been great! Its a family favorite!

8) Salem Tavern in Old Salem

Want to stepback in time and visit historical places? Salem Tavern is located in the heart of Old Salem. The ladies at the tavern are dressed up in their 1700's attire as they serve you. Its a great local place to visit. One of my favorites on the menu is the roast beef and mashed potatoes! Bad news for the sweet tea lovers, no sweet tea here but don't let that shy you away. It is a great place to get lunch or dinner then afterwards take a stroll around the streets of Old Salem. Old Salem offers carriage rides as well! There is a lot of shade towards the sidewalks if you don't want to walk out in the sun! Be sure to visit the bakery and buy some sugar bread! YUM!


Kernersville: Favorite Restaurants

Up and Coming Town of the Triad

1) Outwest Steakhouse -

I Love Outwest! I have probably been there numerous times, I have lost count! 100 times better then any "chain" steakhouse out there! Their bread is good, their tea is good, their STEAKS ARE WONDERFUL! If you go to Outwest and look at the parking, it makes you say "What Bad Economy?" It is always busy! Weekdays and weekends! This is truely a wonderful and local place to check out while in the K-vegas (what we call Kernersville) area. I always order a salad with a filet mignon on it and have not been disappointed yet. Just thinking about it makes me wanna go lol. Love their tea to! They have a room in the back in case you decide to have an event such as a birthday or other celebration.

2) J.Peppers -

As of right now, J. Peppers is the new place to go in Kvegas. So far so good because I keep going back! First time I went, I ordered the purple mashed potatoes with my entree. Needless to say they were dry and since then have not seen them on the menu. Guess others thought the same! Other then that, everything that I have had has been great! Expect busy crowds on the weekends. If you love wine, they have half price wine nights on Wednesdays. Give the Fried Green Tomato sandwich a try! I usually get it without pimento cheese but substitute goat cheese (...yes its local!) for it.

3) Amalfi's -

In Kernersville and want Italian? Give this place a try! Love getting pizza here! The pizza's are can be big so plan to share with another person or get a to go box. The chicken parmesan, manicotti, spaghetti, calzone, etc. have all been great!

4) Doss' Old Fashion Ice Cream

If you are in the area and are wanting a hotdog, a milkshake or just some good ole' ice cream then stop by here! They are CASH only so no credit/debit cards allowed! This place is small yet popular with locals! Be sure to check it out!

5) Cookout -

California has their In-&-Out burgers, Texas has their What-A-Burgers.....we have our Cookout Burgers! Yes this is a chain restaurant but only located in NC, SC, only a few places in VA and TN. If you are not from these areas, cookout is popular for their yummy milkshakes as well as their burgers! Try it out for yourself!


Greensboro: Favorite Restaurants

Also Known as The Gate City

1) Green Valley Grill at the O'Henry Hotel -

Can't order anything bad! At least I haven't yet! I have yet to go for dinner but if it is just as good as their lunch and brunch then you WON"T be disappointed. They strive on good quality food and great service! After all it is at the O'Henry Hotel. One of Greensboro's nicest hotels! My favorite thing to get is the Schnitzel but it is only on the menu during certain seasons. Sometimes I find myself looking up at the ceiling trying to guess the name of the countries that correspond with the flags they have hanging up. Its a great conversation piece to see who can guess the most correct! LoL Silly sounding I know but its something to do while waiting for your food.

2) The Bistro at Adams Farm -

A great place to go for a special occasion whether its an anniversary, birthday, or a date. The atmosphere is wonderful! When I eat here, I like to get the duck! I can get steak and chicken a lot of places but not duck! I love when duck is paired with sweet potatoes, such a great combination. Give any entree a try because it is hard to choose. This place is not suitable for family with small children. This place has a bar, where a lot of locals like to sit at and socialize with their friends.

3) Pastabilities -

Definitley a local hotspot in Greensboro! My favorite part of the menu is the build your own pasta dish! The food is fresh and tastes wonderful! Wish I could eat it all in one sitting but I can't cram all that food in, don't think my body would appreciate it lol All i can say is this place is YUMMY!

4) Lucky 32's -

Lucky 32's has been around the triad for many years! Right now it has only two locations. There used to be one in Winston Salem but it shut down and I wish it would come back. However, over time they have revamped the menu, given the inside of their Greensboro restaurant a face lift and it looks great! To me the food quality has gotten better and the staff are friendly as well. Check it out whenever you are in Gboro!

5) Villa Rosa -

Love this place! One of my favorite local italian restaurants to eat at! If you get a salad, GET THE RANCH DRESSING! I repeat GET THE RANCH DRESSING! It is so good, I even dip my bread in it. The owner's wife, Rosa, is normally at the hostess stand greeting you when you come in. Fresh italian food straight from owners who are from Italy! Buon appetito!


High Point: Favorite Restaurants

The Furniture Capital..or used to be

1) Blue Water Grille -

Blue Water Grille, I love you! This is truely a GREAT and local gem in High Point. You can not see it from the road unless you know where to go. It is hidden, yet it is very busy with locals. The seafood there is spectacular! The salmon is so good, I am having a hard time trying to find the words to describe it. To put it this way, one of my favorite salmon dishes was in Paris, France....Blue Water Grille's salmon met it's match! This place is great for special occasions and not suitable for families with small children. The people who are considered "old money" of High Point love to dine here. This is a fine dining place if you haven't guessed that already :-) Must check out this place!

2) Steak Street -

Want to eat at a steak house with a New Orleans feel to it? Then try Steak Street! The interior is pretty neat inside with its indoor fountain, iron railings leading up to the second story floor, and New orlean Mardi Gras accessories located in various areas. I have loved every steak I have tried there! The mashed potatoes are wonderful as well. I have yet to try anything else besides their steaks. I try to eat what they are known for!

3) Claddagh -

Love Irish food? The owner and his wife are both from Ireland. After reading about it in a coupon book I had, my husband and I went and tried it. It is a great place to go for lunch, dinner or brunch on sundays. I love getting the chicken blarney! Do not be alarmed if you go in there and tables seem empty. Some nights they are packed and other nights are light. Everything is still going strong though! The staff is very friendly! However, on holidays like St. Patrick's day...expect delays in service and food. Though it is a wonderful restaurant, its never good to go on St. Patrick's day because service will be slooooooow. Too many people so many orders! Enjoy a taste of Ireland! Stop by and try it out! A great local spot!

4) Hampton's Restaurant at the J.H. Adams Inn -

In High Point and looking for fine dining? Try Hamptons! I have always had a great experience everytime I have eaten here. The food is wonderful! It is hard to pick a favorite! The menu is full of great entree selections for dinner and lunch! The parking lot is located behind the inn. If you blink twice you might miss it! In order to get to the restaurant's hostess stand, you will need to enter the inn.

Visiting North Carolina


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    • ahlaj77 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Jennifer Einstein: I do not visit Durham or Raleigh much so I do not know of any places to recommend for their yet :/ Sorry :/ This Lens is specific towards the Piedmont Triad area

    • Jennifer Einstein profile image

      Jennifer Einstein 

      5 years ago from New York City

      I have a friend moving to Durham and was looking for places to send her, but I will keep looking...

    • ahlaj77 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Tobint44 LM: I think I have passed that place several times but never have gone in there (I frequently travel to High Point). Thanks for letting me know :) I am always looking for new restaurants to try!

    • Tobint44 LM profile image

      Tobint44 LM 

      6 years ago

      Try Uptown Tavern it High Point, it my local hangout, but best burger in town!


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