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Northeast Ohio and Western Pa restaurant reviews

Updated on November 21, 2014

Restaurant Reviews by Diana

Hey Northeast Ohio & Western Pa, I am on the lookout for great places to eat and will give honest reviews of what I find.

So, if you are looking for delicious food that is priced right too - stay tuned because helping you find that is my aim !

Webb's Homemade Ice Cream

Webb's Homemade Ice Cream in Hubbard, Ohio

The absolute BEST ice cream ever !

My two favorites are the Chocolate Pecan and the Butter Pecan - yummy !

The Globe Restaurant in Truck World

Love the appetizers !

And, the Friday fish fry in the Spring is awesome.

The best waitress there is Amanda - so nice and she knows her stuff !

Asian House for Chinese food

Hubbard has a brand new Chinese Restaurant called China House downtown at 27 North Main Street, near the Chamber of Commerce.

I have had their wonton soup and chicken & broccoli over pork fried rice several times.

I have also had their Kung Pao Chicken a few times.

I have eaten one of their egg rolls and tried a bite of a other dishes too.

The wonton soup is wonderful and has seems to have homemade wontons.

The egg roll was very good and the same as I have had from other places.

The Kung Pao chicken was good with the perfect amount of heat and flavor, but I like it better at another place as it was not crispy here..

The Chicken & Broccoli is good, but seems to have too much MSG or other similar thing in it. Sometimes It leaves a slight aftertaste because of it. If it were not for that, this would be a perfect dish.

The price is right too !

Long John Silvers Restaurant #3103 in Hermitage, PA

July 20th, 2010

We stopped for lunch today at 11:12 am and hubby, my youngest and I all had the #11 sampler combo with the lemon iceflow drink.

What a tasty lunch !

The food was great and we all LOVED the IceFlow !

It was a perfect blend of lemon, ice and it was only mildly sweet which was ideal.

The best part of the visit was Shannon, the Manager - she was friendly while she spoke in a clear and pleasant voice.

She patiently waited while we spent a few minutes at the drive-thru trying to decide what we wanted - only to decide that we would rather come in and order :)

Once we went in, she greeted us with a smile and a nice "Hello" too.

If anyone at upper management reads this, pay attention to this lady.

I have left places before because of rudeness or impatience... from staff, but no matter what we did, how many questions we asked, or how long we took to decide, Shannon was awesome.

She knew her stuff as well and could explain anything on the menu. She was quick and efficient too while still being pleasant at making sure our order (and those of the other customers) came out quickly.

Since you cannot clone her, give her a raise and have her train your other employees because if they were all like her you would have to expand your dining rooms to accommodate the influx of customers.

AFTER we were about done, then I told her that I write reviews and that I would write one about her - she was so surprised and turned a little pink in the cheeks I think, but she deserves it.

I might not be able to make sure that she gets a raise, but I did make sure she knew how much we appreciated her wonderful service and that she made Long John Silvers look REALLY good today.


Hubbard, Ohio has two - one on West Liberty Street in a little plaza and one on North Main Street in the Love's Truck Stop plaza.

I get either the Subway Club with wheat bread/lettuce/onions/cucumbers/olive oil/oregano/black pepper/tomato/provolone cheese or the meatball sub on herb bread with extra sauce/provolone cheese/grated cheese.

The subs are great at both and at good prices too, but I usually get nicer service at the downtown Hubbard Subway on Liberty Street.

Pizza Works

All of their food is good, but my absolute favorite thing from Pizza Works is their white garden pizza - SO yummy !

Next time you want to try to get your kids or hubby to eat some vegetables, take them to Pizza Works and order the white garden pizza - I think they'll agree that it is something tasty.

Downtown Coffee Cafe

I have been in here several times, usually when they had a guitar player or other entertainment.

Great coffee, Good food, Wonderful atmosphere !

BUT, not the friendliest place - I don't know how some of the folks behind the counter can see to pour coffee as their noses are up so high in the air.

Webb's Homemade Ice Cream in Hubbard, Ohio - The absolute BEST ice cream ever !

Webb's Homemade Ice Cream in Hubbard, Ohio

The absolute BEST ice cream ever !

My two favorites are the Chocolate Pecan and the Butter Pecan - yummy !

Stevenson Inn Restaurant in Masury Ohio
Stevenson Inn Restaurant in Masury Ohio

Stevenson's Inn and Restaurant in Masury Ohio

My reviews for the food and the service...

November 2009:

Northeast Ohio has a new restaurant that is located on Broadway Avenue in Masury, Ohio (just over the Pennsylvania border - off of Route 62) called Stevenson's Inn and Restaurant

My family and I had lunch there.

To see what we had and what my favorite dish was - see here

July, 2010:

Since then, I have stopped twice for the Stevenson Inn & Restaurant's all-you-can-eat fish fry on Friday nights - AWESOME dinner and a family can afford to enjoy this feast !

The tartar sauce seemed to be homemade and was delish !

My youngest loves the sweet/buttery bread rolls and I really enjoyed the broccoli side dish which was cooked perfectly to retain its dark green color, most of its vitamins and flavor too.

What's YOUR favorite place to eat ? - Why ?

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    • GiftsByDiana profile image

      Diana Burrell-Shipton 7 years ago from Hubbard, Ohio, USA

      @anonymous: Thanks for stopping by Jerry !

      If I'm ever in Wadsworth, I'll check it out :)

      Have a good day !

      Organically Yours,


    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth. Great prices, Awesome food, and Excellent Service. You will not find any better. You should definitely try it. Choose the dining room. It is quiet and comfortable.