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well .... Venice is the most romantic city in the world.

Updated on April 14, 2016

well .... Venice is the most romantic city in the world.

A few years ago was supposed to go with a group trip Italy. As is customary, a few days before the trip, i called for passengers to give them information and answer questions. With passengers were also Ann , she was traveling with elderly grandmother, Sandra
"I'm so glad you called," she said to me "We signed up for this trip to fulfill a dream of my grandmother." Apparently, in the early fifties of the last century, grandmother immigrated to Israel, a ship that sailed from Venice. The grandmother who was 18, came to Venice from Hungary and since then she went to Italy. "My grandmother 86 years old today", continued Ann, all these years has not return to Italy. Her dream is to be in Italy to reach Venice, ride a gondola and "close the circle", "she said. She added that the family bought a trip to Grandma for her birthday - 86 .
i had some concern that older traveler..., but Ann calmed me down and told "my grandmother is healthy", keeping fit, including young head. Day trip arrived, the passengers arrived at the Airport and i first met Ann and Sandra. well Sandra turned out exactly as described Ann , fit, cheerful, with a sense of humor and anticipation for the entire trip.
Sandra asked me when they are supposed to go in Venice. i answered in thelast day of the trip. "I most look forward to it," Sandra said, "It will be a happy day in my life, all the years I waited for an opportunity to be back in Venice and now this happens." It turns out that three years ago her husband died, the grandfather of Ann, and over the years he did not want to go in Italy. "He always said," Ann said with a smile, "he does not suffer the Italians and that he did not want to go here."
Northern Italy trip was wonderful and very prominent granddaughter's special relationship with Grandma. Sandra enjoyed all the sites, but you could feel her excitement increasing as the day approached trip to Venice. In the evening, before the day was designed to Venice, went Sandra and said to me " i have a request", if possible, check to see if we can sail in a gondola number 3. So, when I was young i sail in gondola in Venice ... and it's my dream to sail it again." i promised to check.
There were hundreds of years ago in Venice around - 10000 Gondolas, only 420 remain today. Gondola 3 means it is the third in the history of Venice has obtained a license. i inquired and it turned out that the company to which that gondola belongs we should come anyway, and he made sure the gondola will be available following his team members. When he told it to Sandra in the morning of the trip, what excitement !!!!
All members of the group who knew the dream come true of Sandra, photographed incessantly calling it cheers. Gondolier grandmother held out his hand and helped her into the boat. She held his hand and shaking legs took her place. Gondolier who felt that something he ask if everything was okay with her ?. i told him about the dream come true of Sandra. "Tell her," said the gondolier my name is Giannini and im the son of David that was gondolier in the fifties ." i translated them and grandmother almost fainted. She remembered the gondolier was an Italian high light hair. Giannini confirmed that this was what his father died twenty years ago. i and Ann admire the amazing memory of the happy grandmother.
. At the end of the cruise are separated hugs and kisses Sandra assured Giannini that her ninetieth birthday, she will celebrate his gondola again.
At the end of the day at the hotel in the last night in Italy. After dinner, i saw Sandra sitting alone in the hotel lobby, looking through the cell phone. i waved to her and she invited me to sit beside her. After settling, Sandra showed me the pictures taken bin the gondola. She kissed the me and thanked me again that i fulfilled her dream.
i looked at the pictures and Sandra with a smile,and i said "Did you notice that Ann bit like Giannini, also is high and clear." The grandmother turned pale and held her hand nervously that. i did not understand what happened. "You mean this seriously?" Grandmother stammered, "Yes," i said "see for yourself" trying to calm her.
The grandmother grabbed me in my face "You're the only one in world that noticed it but me. So, 65 years ago in Venice, I spent the night with David, father of Giannini and nobody knows my daughter, the mother of Ann , is his daughter and Giannini gondolier is the uncle of Ann. even David did not know that since that night I have not been in contact with him. "
It turned out that her husband of Sandra died, knew about it, he kept a secret so he did not want to go in Italy. i was shocked in place.


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