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Osaka World Trade Center Cosmo Tower

Updated on July 20, 2015
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This author is a former I.T. graduate turned vagabond who travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Japan for many years.

The highest observatory in Osaka

In the Osaka Bay area stands the highest observatory in the Kansai region, the World Trade Center Cosmo Tower. It is 256 meters high and has 55 floors, and has a tourist observatory with the best views of Osaka city and the bay area. At 55 stories tall, it’s the highest tower in Western Japan.

Cosmo Tower Osaka Japan
Cosmo Tower Osaka Japan | Source

I don’t usually pay for views, as I like to seek out free breath taking views on mountaintops and in office buildings in Japan. Even though this building has an amazing free view from the restaurant toilet on the 48th floor, I still thought it was worth getting the full 360-degree view from the top. Here’s a picture of my treasured ticket from 2007. It’s looking a little worse for wear, as it was lost in my Laptop bag for years.

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My Cosmo Tower Ticket My Cosmo Tower Ticket
My Cosmo Tower Ticket
My Cosmo Tower Ticket | Source
My Cosmo Tower Ticket
My Cosmo Tower Ticket | Source

Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building

This building is also called the Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building. Mind your eardrums as you soar to the top in just 80 seconds. A glass windowed elevator takes you to the 52nd floor. Then take the long escalator up to the 55th floor, where the tower is located. The views are breath taking, and on a clear day you can see planes take off at Kansai Airport to the south. The famous Akashi Bridge can also be seen to the west and Rokko Mountain to the north. Cosmo Tower is also open until 10pm at night, so you can watch the sun set and take amazing pictures of the city lights.

There are romantic seats for two that have a dividing wall, so there is a bit of privacy to get intimate you’re your partner. It’s also a comfortable spot to sit down, relax and take in the views for as long as you like. Weekdays are best as it’s not very busy. Sunday nights are also a good time to go there without being bothered by too many people. Sometimes there is free live jazz music playing in the observatory. There is also a café incase you need a snack. For these reasons I think it is the best view in Japan to see while on holiday. By the way, don’t forget to grab a tour guide at the counter on the ground floor. It will help you identify locations around the city of Osaka that are visible from the tower.

The Osaka World Trade Center Cosmo Tower
The Osaka World Trade Center Cosmo Tower | Source
Urban View Sakishima
Urban View Sakishima | Source

Cosmo Tower Observatory Opening Hours

Opening hours are from 11am to 10pm on weekends, and 1pm to 10pm on weekdays. The tower is also open on the 1st of January every year for viewing the first sunrise of the New Year. However bookings are required. This day offers photographers a great opportunity to take world-class photos, as the skies are often clear in January. Furthermore the building is open every day of the year.

View from the 55th floor of the Cosmo Tower Observatory

Looking back to Umeda from the Cosmo Tower Observatory
Looking back to Umeda from the Cosmo Tower Observatory | Source
Looking south towards the Kansai Airport from the Cosmo Tower Observatory
Looking south towards the Kansai Airport from the Cosmo Tower Observatory | Source

Admission Price to WCT Observatory

The Admission price has gone up by 10 yen recently. The Observation Deck Price is as follows, Adults: 510 yen, Children: 210 yen, and Seniors: 410 yen. Entry is free if you have the “Osaka amazing pass”. The pass costs 2,300 yen for a one day, or 3,000 yen for a two-day pass. This pass gives you entry to 28 famous Osaka tourist attractions. If you even use it about four times you get your moneys worth. I am planning an amazing pass race to see how many tourist attractions can be visited in one day. Get in touch with me if you would like to participate. Here is the official website with more information:

How to get to The World Trade Center Osaka

The World Trade Center is located on an artificial island in the bay area, in the west of Osaka. To get here from Umeda Osaka, take the Chuo Line train from Nishi Umeda station to Trade Center-Mae station. It will cost you 280 yen. When you arrive at Trade Center-Mae station go to exit number 1. Walk down the street in a southeast direction for about three minutes. You will see the towering Cosmo tower when you exit the station. You can’t miss it.

For cheap skates looking to save money, you can save 100 yen by walking from Umeda station to OsakaKo Station. It will take 1 hour and 51 minutes. Then take a train to Trade Center-Mae station for 180 yen. It is possible to walk the entire route, but it will take 3 hours and 38 minutes from Umeda station, as the only pedestrian bridge to access the island is on the far southern entrance. If you want to get there for free, use Google maps to guide you.

Another great option when in Osaka is to buy a bike and ride everywhere to save money. Folding bikes are good because they are allowed on trains. Using the train with a bike really enables you to cover great distances cheaply. Here’s a great folding bike on Amazon. Just buy it before you leave and have it delivered to your hotel.

A markercosmo tower -
Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building, 1 Chome-14-16 Nankōkita, Suminoe-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsa
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Nearby attractions

Other nearby attractions are, the maritime museum, the ATC outlet (Asia-Pacific Trade Center), Tempozan Ferris wheel, Suntory museum and Imax theatre, Osaka aquarium, Osaka Takoyaki museum. Osaka Underwater museum and Universal Studios Japan.

Asia Pacific Trade Center Outlet
Asia Pacific Trade Center Outlet | Source
The Tempozan Ferris wheel and Osaka aquarium, Osaka
The Tempozan Ferris wheel and Osaka aquarium, Osaka | Source
The Underwater Museum Osaka
The Underwater Museum Osaka | Source
Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan | Source

Great travel guide for Osaka

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