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Ottawa: Capital of Canada

Updated on November 24, 2009

Class, who can tell me about Ottawa, the capital of Canada?

They have that hockey team, right? The Senators?

Oh, you mean the city. No, I don’t know too much about Ottawa. What’s the big deal?

No, I didn’t know they were the capital city of Canada. Why is it the capital of Canada?

You mean to tell me that on December 31, 1857, Queen Victoria was asked to choose a common capital for the Province of Canada and chose Ottawa? In addition, it is the fourth largest city in the country? Very Interesting.

Where is Ottawa located? I’m not sure…

Oh, Ontario.

You want me to find it on the map?

Uh, Ottawa is in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario…Actually, On the southern bank of the “Great River”, The Ottawa River. You know, by looking at the map, I see the river pretty much divides the province of Ontario and Quebec.

I bet it costs allot of money to visit there since it is the capital and all!

It’s one of the most affordable for visitors? That’s great. And, the average family income is the highest of Canada's largest cities and the quality of life ranked among the top 20 in the world? Jeez, I had no idea.

You know, according to this travel brochure, Ottawa has outstanding national museums, a pleasant riverside setting and superb cultural facilities like the National Arts Centre, plus acres of parks and gardens and miles of bicycle and jogging paths. It sounds like it’s a great place to take your family. It says that the Rideau Canal is one of Ottawa's oldest landmarks and during the winter, is transformed into the "World's Longest Skating Rink.” That sounds neat.

You know, I’m going to look into finding out more about Ottawa. My wife was already on the internet and said she’d like to go in May when they have The Canadian Tulip Festival. She says that it’s supposed to be the world's largest tulip festival and even though tulips can be found in the city, that the most extensive tulip beds are to found in Commissioners Park along the Rideau Canal with 300,000 tulips planted there alone.

Ottawa sounds like a great city. I’m glad you asked me about it. It just goes to show it pays to broaden your interests. I’m going to go on the internet and check out some links to Ottawa. Talk to you later!


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    • profile image

      rubel khan 6 years ago

      ilove canada one day i want go to canada

    • profile image

      Roch 7 years ago

      Created a Squidoo page for Vanier in Ottawa perhaps this could be useful to some readers.