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Out and About: Bomas of Kenya

Updated on July 11, 2010

Located 10km (about 6.2miles) from the Nairobi City is a kaleidoscope of Kenya’s cultural heritage. For the business traveler, in search of a quickie exploration of what Kenya is all about then Bomas of Kenya will keep your palate intrigued and yearning for more once you are done. For the adventurer seeking to discover new places to visit, then Bomas of Kenya is your go to place to help you choose just which region to explore.

Here you will find buildings erected to take you back in time to the traditions born of the different communities. From the mud huts made of a mixture of clay and cow dung to give it the cement effect common with modern day construction; to the grass thatched roofing that will keep you questioning how rain is kept at bay, may just be the incentive you need to inspire you to seek these communities in want of having the real experience.

To keep you entertained you will find the colorful demonstrations of different communities pulsating to the beats of traditional dances and decked in traditional costumes native to the different communities which are as diverse as the communities that make up the country, Kenya. From the waltz like Kikuyu traditional dance to the vigorous body gyrations akin to the western communities and the sky high jumps synonymous with the Maasai community, you can be guaranteed of a day that will keep you guessing what’s next and craving for more.

The cherry on top comes in the preparation of the sumptuous traditional meals which are just as diverse as the communities. For the palate adventurer then this is heaven’s kitchen and  trick to enjoying some of these delicacies, the “eat first ask later” policy might proves the best tactic.For the alcohol lovers then you haven't been drunk if you have never sampled the traditional brews that are just as diverse as the communities though caution is to be employed for first timers since a mug of the brew is just as intoxicating.

Hopefully this inspires you the business traveler, adventurer or annual vacation spot seekers to spend your upcoming vacations exploring the historian in you and if you have those tour packages ask about these places.

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Karibu Kenya!


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