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Pack your bag the stress-free way

Updated on February 10, 2013

When organising your next holiday - are you Mr/Mrs last minute or Mr/Mrs plan ahead? I always happen to turn into the former unfortunately. In these situations, I have found that grabbing a pen and paper really helps! Here I will explain how to pack your suitcase the stress-free way:

First of all make a list and note down essentials that you might need to purchase before you go (like a power-adapter if travelling abroad). In order to save space you should pack small items into larger ones (a charger or a hairbrush will fit inside a shoe). Try to avoid packing too much as you might need to bring more items on your way back. A good way to cut down on what you bring is to pack items that are interchangeable e.g. a black cardigan that you can use together with many outfits.

Pack in stages

I would recommend that you pack in stages to avoid forgetting anything; first split your packing into essentials such as toiletries, jewellery, electrical equipment (camera, chargers, hairdryer) and paperwork (travel insurance, passport). Then divide your clothes in a similar way; underwear, nightwear, party clothes, jeans, skirts, tops, warm jumpers etc.

If you travel regularly it would be good to have some of these mentioned items pre-sorted to save time. Perhaps you have an extra wash bag lying around that could be used for travel sized toiletries.

How to pack your suitcase

It is an art to be able to pack in the correct way (trust me, I still can’t!). Accessibility is a key consideration when organising your packing. You do not want to be looking for your house keys at the bottom of the bag when you arrive if you desperately need the toilet! Try to place any items like these in easy-to-reach compartments. If your bag has a few inside pockets then place collections of items in there such as jewellery or electricals instead of having these loose in your bag.

When packing your clothes, fold them inwards like when you purchase them in a store, this will reduce wrinkling and save space. If you are including any evening dresses or suits, pack these on hangers because you never know if there will be any at the place you are going.

If you are packing anything fragile, I would wrap the item in a wolly jumper to add padding against any rough baggage handling along your journey.

Make your mark

Adorn the outside of your case with a bow or in such a way that you can easily recognise it on the conveyor belt at arrivals.

Enjoy your trip!


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