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It's Party Time in Las Vegas!

Updated on June 17, 2016

New York New York - Las Vegas Boulevard Sign

New York New York with the Las Vegas Boulevard sign
New York New York with the Las Vegas Boulevard sign | Source

Glamour & Party Time In Las Vegas

Need to make plans for a special get away? How 'bout a little party time In Las Vegas? Technically, visiting Vegas does not require an itinerary. Just get here and the city will help you decide what to do. Plans are changed quickly here in this wonderful city. Just bring a cool outfit for the nightlife and you are all set.

Bling, Heels,and Limos are part of our Neon Culture. The resort corridor of the Las Vegas Strip is fun to see and glamour is part of the sizzle here along with the summer temperatures with our weather in Las Vegas.

I am a Vegas local and have been for many years. I still love to tour the Strip at night! The lights and the displays you see and the people you observe are a great way to pass an exciting evening!

As a chauffeur in Las Vegas, I can tell you this city is wild and it is so much fun! There are days when I shed my suit, don my dancing shoes & little black dress and go enjoy my city.

Do you love to dance? Go to it! I love it and dancing is great fun, excellent exercise, and it's part of what Vegas is famous for. Nightclubs in Las Vegas are brimming over with party animals on a nightly basis. The best party of the year is on New Year's Eve and I have selected a few images from my adventures this year to share with you here. Dressing up fancy and touring the City of Las Vegas in a limousine can be a wonderful way to put adventure on your calendar!

There are many things here that are thrilling outside the gaming and clubbing. Consider this a local's tour of Las Vegas.

Let's start with a few wardrobe pieces then we can go play!

First - Let's Dress The Part

Las Vegas is known for its pretty ladies. The first thing we need to do girls, is find a great dress, then we can go out touring!

Sexy Little Black Dress In Las Vegas - Image: M Burgess
Sexy Little Black Dress In Las Vegas - Image: M Burgess

Sexy Dresses

In Las Vegas

Selecting that perfect little sexy black dress for the club or touring the nightlife in Las Vegas is a lot of fun! But, it can be intimidating! You want to show off your style and be sexy! Just turn on the charm and have a good time. That's what we do here.

You want a dress that shows off your legs and figure but doesn't put too much out there. I can't tell you how many times I see women that are dressed like hookers or strippers here. Some of them shouldn't dress like that but that's part of the fun! This city is a great spot location for people watching...

A great dress designs that will complement your body style and show off your sexy. The Empire waist is one of my favorite styles. It is designed so the skirt section is sewn just below the bodice. It is a great look for hiding a little bit of belly and it accentuates and flatters a figure for a lady with a smaller bust line. (Not bad for an old Vegas *Broad*)

The Little Black Dress - A Simple Fashion Statement

bebe Diagonal Multi Texture Dress
bebe Diagonal Multi Texture Dress

Similar to the dress in the image above, these simple lines are all you need for a sexy little black dress statement! A little black dress is a wardrobe staple. It can be conservative or flashy and always well presented by the gal that wears it! These dresses are ones I personally think would be really cute for a night out on the town here in Vegas!


Your Sexy High Heels

Should Be Comfortable Shoes!

If you plan on wearing a pair of those sexy stiletto high heel shoes make sure they are comfortable enough to walk, dance, and wear for at least 6 hours! I see gals here all the time carrying their shoes because they chose a really uncomfortable design. They are tripping the Strip barefoot.

Walking around barefoot is not a great idea because it's:

A) Tacky


B) Not very sanitary.

You never know what you will be stepping in. A wrong step on a piece of glass, sharp stone, or a bottle cap can ruin your night!

Don't risk it!

Having the right pair of high-heeled pumps or sexy high-heeled sandals can make all the difference in your comfort. In the event, your lovely shoes are maybe a little uncomfortable tuck a pair of Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats into your handbag so you can finish out your partying in simple style!

Sleek and Sizzling Stiletto High Heels - Pumps & Sandals

Sleek and Sizzling high heels are one of the fun things about dressing up in Vegas. A gal in the right set can be as hot as the desert temperatures here in Las Vegas. Get the right pair to match your dress and your attitude! I love the stiletto heels on a pair of pumps or a strappy sandal. When I go out to a club or for dinner on the town you betcha I am wearing a great pair of heels!

These are the best way to show off a great pair of legs and capture that truly sexy girl attitude!

The stiletto heels are my favorite high heel style. When trying out your dancing shoes, walk and wiggle around in them a bit. Make sure you aren't slipping around or limited in movement in any way. You don't want any restrictions when you are trying to strut your stuff on the dance floor!

Las Vegas Treasures - Glittering Jewels And Bling - Image: M Burgess
Las Vegas Treasures - Glittering Jewels And Bling - Image: M Burgess

Sexy Costume Jewelry

Bling Is Super Hot!

There is a trend in sexy costume jewelry I really like. This super hot bling and decorations are popping up on everything. I even saw a lady biker with a helmet decorated with these beautiful gems. The best ones are the Swarovski Crystals but there are other that are just wonderful. They are adorning purses, clothing, and shoes even fingernails! My nail tech started adding them to my manicures.

This super sexy costume jewelry is perfect for sauntering around The Strip. That sparkly bling will make your outfit super hot. The lights glittering off your outfit will dazzle any dance floor!

Sparkly Treasures In Vegas - Bling is always in!

With a classic selection your sparkling treasures can make you the belle of the ball. Add the finishing touches to your Las Vegas Clubbing outfit with glittery stones adorning your earrings, wrists, and neck area.

You WILL look fabulous in the dazzling neon lights of Vegas!

Fancy trinkets don't have to be expensive. Make sure they have some movement and sparkle to accent your best dance moves. A dangling set of earrings, a statement ring, a bracelet or two with rhinestone accents, and a great necklace are excellet higlights for that fabulous dress you are wearing.

You can be some of the glittery treasure in Las Vegas, too!

Let's Take A Tour Of The Strip

Now, that you have a great outfit it is time to take a tour of the Las Vegas Strip! Let's start at the south end tonite!

Ready For A Limo Ride? - Limousine Time In Las Vegas

Limousine Time In Las Vegas Image: M Burgess
Limousine Time In Las Vegas Image: M Burgess

Limos are a fun time and a big part of the scenery on the Las Vegas Strip. A limousine can be a party palace or a private place for a business meeting. We transport many a wedding party and large groups back and forth in these wonderful cars. A smooth ride and a great experience is what awaits you in the back of a limo!

In this city you will find the standard limousines like the ones I drive. You will also find some outrageous designs. Vegas has a few trucks and suv's stretched out to limo length. We also have some armored trucks decked out limo style!

Ok, hop in. Let's take a quick tour of the Strip!

Look at those sexy mammas!

The Las Vegas Welcome Sign - Image: M Burgess
The Las Vegas Welcome Sign - Image: M Burgess

The Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Welcome To Las Vegas!

The official start of the Las Vegas Strip Resort Corridor Tour is our Las Vegas Welcome Sign.

In place on the strip since 1959 this is the original sign. Development turned the area it sits on into a city park and historical city marker in 2010.

The sign has been given a special spot all it's own for visitors from around the country and the world to pose under it's unique image and snap their pictures.

I have taken hundreds of pictures here as a chauffeur and it is always part of the tour I offer my guests when they charter a tour of the strip.

I recommend looking for Mark Winer when you are at the sign. He is a brilliant photographer and the poses he comes up with are fun and great memories in the making. He usually is at the sign Thursday through Sunday from 7 pm to around 11. Take time to introduce yourself to this photo genius! The photos he captures are sent to your email directly as soon as the set is completed. He works for tips so be generous. You will appreciate his fine work. The following images are his work, used with his permission, of course!

Welcome, Bachelor Party!

Welcome, Bachelor Party!
Welcome, Bachelor Party!
Mandalay Bay - The Foundation Room - Image: M Burgess
Mandalay Bay - The Foundation Room - Image: M Burgess

Mandalay Bay

The Foundation Room

The first hotel we will come to after the Las Vegas Welcome Sign is Mandalay Bay. The hotel interior is marble and has an oasis feel to it. Entering Mandalay Bay makes it hard to believe you are in a desert with all of the plant life on this property!

This hotel holds the spot where the Hacienda used to be.

Mandalay Bay has a pool that is award winning and the property is home to many events and concerts at the Mandalay Bay Event Center and House Of Blues. The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is a zoo and aquarium that is a great stop for kids of all ages. Mandalay Bay's Convention Center hosts conventions of endless trades, car show, and celebrity events.

Mandalay Bay hosts hosts one of the very best views of the strip from its lounge, The Foundation Room. This cozy lounge is open until 10:30 pm as a lounge. After that you may have a table and VIP bottle service -- at a premium price. This lounge is a great way to take some awesome photos of the Las Vegas Strip like the one you will see below...

View From The Foundation Room At Mandalay Bay

View From The Foundation Room At Mandalay Bay
View From The Foundation Room At Mandalay Bay
The Luxor - Image: M Burgess
The Luxor - Image: M Burgess

The Luxor

Egyptian Themed Hotel

The Luxor is one of my favorite buildings in the city. With the shape of its structure and the Sphinx out front, it is a majestic tribute to those ancient ruins in Egypt. The light has reportedly been seen from space.

The Egyptian style of this hotel is what brings most of our visitors to its doorstep. The Sphinx out front and the pyramid contour of the building makes this property truly one of our city's most unique destinations.

The interior of this Egyptian themed hotel is decorated with fabulous hieroglyphics and statues. It would take a couple of hours just to look at all the finery inside this resort.

The entertainment housed in this hotel is eclectic to say the least. Their nightclub is LAX. This resort is home to Chris Angel, Menopause, and Carrot Top. Recently the dance troop JABBAWOCKEEZ made Luxor its new home. The exhibits Bodies and the ill-fated Titanic relics are among the most bizarre features of our city.

Plan a full day if you are going to visit!

Touring The Las Vegas Strip

Friday night will take you 2 to 4 hours to see most of the free attractions on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The majority of the time will be spent sitting in traffic as the Strip is gridlocked most of the time and crawls slowly from end to end.

Let's jump to one of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas...

The Stratosphere Tower!!

The Stratosphere In Las Vegas - Thrill Rides And Attractions

The Stratosphere is a must see destination for thrill seekers from around the world. Jump from the 107 story tower or ride Insanity. This is NOT the place to wear your little black, sexy dress ladies, but It would be a fun place to take that crazy leap of faith with your crew!

The Sky Jump is a controlled drop from the side of the Stratosphere Tower. If you can handle the heights and the G-Force, check out the Big Shot on the top of the tower. Teeter off the side of the tower on the Sky X-Scream! I don't know if it is insanity or guts that have people riding these rides but they do and frequently!

The Stratosphere Tower - The Attraction

Although the Tower at the Strat is the highest structure in the city of Las Vegas, it is not the tallest hotel. An article recently in City Life quotes it is considered an attraction, not a hotel, so the distinction of being the tallest hotel belongs to the Palazzo.

Stratosphere Tower Rides Poll - When You Visit Las Vegas...

There are all sorts of attractions and experiences in Las Vegas to enjoy. In the dividing line between the south end of the strip and the downtown area you will find the Stratosphere Tower.

The Stratosphere Tower's Thrilling Rides is a central attraction for thrill seekers.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Which Ride Would You Go On At The Stratosphere?

See results

When And Where Is The Biggest Party In Vegas? - It's New Year's Eve On The Las Vegas Strip!

The biggest party of the year is thrown on New Year's Eve here in Las Vegas. In the videos presented below you will see some of the excitement that lends to the festivities on the Las Vegas Strip. Understand when you visit on New Year's, the Strip will be closed off. It is barricaded in for foot traffic, and it is one large sea of bodies! People celebrating and enjoying the excitement of waiting for the fireworks to erupt from the top of the hotels in the Resort Corridor. The anticipation builds as we get closer to midnight and it is so much fun to walk the Strip and wish everyone a Happy New Year as you pass through the crowds.

The first two videos are my first experimental video documentaries about Vegas so they are a little silly. I stood at the front of Encore and filmed most of the fireworks from the display at Treasure Island. The third video is a really great quality capture of the fireworks on New Year's 2013.

All of the fireworks were the same display so whether you watched one display or all of them they were truly dazzling!

Enjoy the fireworks!

If you ever visit Vegas you know what to wear to bring out the Vegas *Broad* in your shy little self! Sauntering through the Clubs dressed to the Nines is going to make your visit rocking!

We will continue the Strip Tour sometime in the near future! So, check back soon! Thanks for visiting - Party Time In Las Vegas!

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    • MBurgess profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Burgess 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      @anonymous: Thanks for the comment and Visit! Vegas IS a lot of fun! =)

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      6 years ago

      Fun article to read and see all your suggestions.

      I really like your limo pic.

    • MBurgess profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Burgess 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      @anonymous: Thanks for the visit and blessing, Tipi! Your visit and comment AND blessing are highly appreciated! Have a wonderful day!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a fun lens, and I love that you used your own photos. :)


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