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PEARSON AIRPORT: Express Parking & Hotels near Toronto Airport

Updated on July 28, 2014
An aerial view of Toronto Pearson Airport
An aerial view of Toronto Pearson Airport | Source

Toronto Pearson Airport

Located about 22 kilometres from down-town Toronto, the Toronto Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport hub in Canada. The airport is a well-run and organized with one of the best services in the world according to a recent survey.

In fact, the Toronto Pearson Airport Parking has a reputation for fast, professional and reliable services that are amongst the best in the world. This article looks at the parking options as well the top hotels near Pearson Airport, Toronto.

Pearson Airport Parking Services

The Toronto Pearson airport offers a wide range of parking services that are customized for all your short-term or long-term needs. The Pearson Airport parking services come in five configurations to fit any situation you may be in. These parking services are:

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An airport parking lot
An airport parking lot | Source

Valet Care

The valet care parking service is a premium service that is conveniently located just outside the departure hall. You just drop off your vehicle and hand over the keys to the professional staff who will take care of the rest.

This service is ideal for the busy business executive who has little time to look for parking within the airport. Charges are a flat $25 per stay in addition to the daily charges which are applicable depending on the service you choose.

Express Parking

The express parking service is ideal for short airport stays (up to three hours) and is located just a stone’s throw away from Pearson Airport Terminal One. Whether you are picking up or dropping off passengers, the express parking at Pearson Airport is the most appropriate type of parking due to its convenient location near terminal one.

The parking is located on the left of the departure level as you head to terminal one. It only takes you three minutes to reach terminal one from the express parking which makes it the most convenient parking at the airport. You will need to remember that there are height restrictions for vehicles going to the terminals.

For terminal one, the height restriction is 2.9 meters while for terminal three the restriction is 2 meters. This is important to note because you will not want your trip inconvenienced because of using the wrong vehicle. The rates at this parking are $5 for every 30 minutes with a daily maximum fee of $90.

Pearson Airport Terminal Link Train Station
Pearson Airport Terminal Link Train Station

Daily Parking

The daily parking garage is located opposite both terminal one and terminal three and is suited for travellers who are staying away for a day or more. This short distance from the two terminals makes the daily parking option convenient for travellers as it only takes three minutes walking.

Valet care for this option is available on all days of the week. The rate is $3 for every thirty minutes, with a daily maximum of $28 while the weekly maximum is $150. Access to the daily parking from both terminals is from the departure level on the left side.

Value Parking at Pearson Airport

This is the covered parking garage for those who will be staying for longer than a week and do not want their cars to be ravaged by the vagaries of weather. The value parking garage is accessible from Viscount Road on the east and west as you approach the airport.

Though a little further from the terminal than the other parking options, it is only four minutes from the terminals through the use of the terminal link train. Present charges are $3 for every 20 minutes or $12 per week with a weekly maximum of $90 which only includes the first eight days.

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Value Parking Lot

For travellers who will be away for long periods of time, the value parking lot at Pearson Airport is the best solution because of its affordability and convenience. This parking option has a large capacity for holding thousands of vehicles at a time and is well organized for ease of locating your vehicle.

The parking lot is accessible from both the east and west sides using the Airport Road. The terminal link train will get you to both terminals under ten minutes depending on whether it is the off-peak or peak period. Charges are $3 per 20 minutes and a weekly maximum of $70 per week for the first seven days only.

Facts about Toronto Pearson Airport

  • Built in 1938
  • Named after Canada’s 14th Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson
  • Handles over 35 million passengers and over 300,000 flights per year
  • Over 100,000 people are directly employed by the airport

Other parking services at Pearson Airport

In addition to these, Toronto Pearson Airport offers corporate rates and solutions that are customised to save costs while offering security and reliability to corporate clients. These solutions are available on enquiry and the airport is ready to negotiate with corporates on the best rates to suit their individual circumstances.

The airport will from time to time give special offers and travellers are advised to check on the current offers before deciding on their parking plans.

Other services offered include:

  • Cell phone lot is a temporary parking where you can stay for up to 45 minutes as you wait for your passenger to arrive. The short term parking lot can hold up to forty five vehicles and all major credit cards are accepted here. According to airport regulations, you must never leave the vehicle unattended at any one time.
  • Car care services such as cleaning and detailing is offered by highly professional service providers. All you have to do is inform the valet services of the preferred service and they will make sure your car is well taken care of. Charges range from $30 for a basic exterior cleaning of a regular size vehicle to $400 for high end services on SUVs.

There are excellent ground transport services such as taxis, limos and buses that will get you to your next destination be it the parking lot or hotels near Pearson Airport. Car rentals are also conveniently located inside the airport at very reasonable prices and all the major car rental agencies are in operation here.

The terminal link train will cater for your transportation needs within the airport as it is a reliable and free service that is operational all through the day. In fact, the maximum waiting time that you will expect for the terminal link train is about 4 to 6 minutes.

Car Care Service at Pearson Airport

Normal Car Size
SUV or Van Size
Exterior hand washing
Exterior hand wash + Interior
Full interior washing
Ext H/W, Int +Shampoo+Wax
Ext. H/w, Int.,Polish, Wax

Hotels near Pearson Airport, Toronto

There are many hotels near Pearson Airport which provide the convenience of ease of access to the main terminal. This is especially useful as the drive to the airport can sometimes be choked with traffic which will eat into your time given that you have to be at the airport hours before departure.

The following are some of the best hotel accommodation that you can find in Toronto that is near the main airport:

Four Points by Toronto Airport
Four Points by Toronto Airport | Source

Sheraton Gateway Toronto is located just under 2 kilometre from Terminal 3 of Pearson Airport and there is direct access from within the hotel. You can check and print boarding passes from the comfort of the hotel lobby as you enjoy the excellent services on offer. The terminal link train gives you direct access to Terminal 1 from the hotel. Other amenities within the hotel include free Wi-Fi, health spa and gym facilities. The hotel has a highly rated international cuisine to satisfy the discerning palate.

Toronto Airport Four Points is also a stone’s throw away from the airport and has a wide array of services on offer including the famous DeMaple Restaurant for your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. The hotel offers free transfers to the airport which is only 1.3 kilometres away.

Comfort Inn Toronto Airport is just 1.4 kilometres from the airport and provides the most convenient access to down-town Toronto. The hotel offers free transport to the airport 24 hours a day which, combined with the nearby public transport systems, makes it one of the most strategically placed hotels in Toronto.

Alt Hotel Toronto Airport

Located just 1.5 Kilometres from the airport, this hotel is a green-themed place to relax after your long trip. The large and well-appointed rooms with cable TV, pool table and a small lobby bar provide the best comfort at affordable rates.

Strategically located a short drive from Woodbine Racetrack and the Toronto Convention Centre, the hotel is surely the best place to stay in Toronto. In addition to this, you can catch a game of golf at the Royal Woodbine Golf Club which is barely 4 kilometres away.

For those with a busy schedule, the grab and go breakfast is a convenient way to start your day. Check in is anytime from 15:00 hours while check-out continues up until 12:00 hours. For pet lovers, the hotel allows pets but you will have to inform them before hand and there may be some charges.


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