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Pembroke Pines 33029 - Parks, Recreation and Sports Areas in Southern Florida

Updated on October 8, 2014

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Southern Florida Parks & Recreation Areas

Welcome to Pembroke Pines 33029.

Pembroke Pines 33029, Florida, is home to people from all walks of life, ethnicity, age, and lifestyle. It is located smack dab in between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, is close to major highways, and has every convenience known to man in the immediate vicinity. It's a wonderful place to visit and an even better place to live.

Read on to discover more about Pembroke Pines 33029, in Florida.

How To Contact Me Regarding Pembroke Pines 33029

You may contact me regarding this Pembroke Pines 33029 lens via the Guestbook section at the bottom of this site or email me at When emailing, please place the words "Pembroke Pines 33029" in the subject line as I do not open email from addresses I don't recognize.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Parks
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Parks

Rose Price Park in Western Pembroke Pines

FL 33029

One local park with lots and lots of amenities for the whole family is Rose Price Park on the Western side of Pembroke Pines. It's located at 901 NW 208th Avenue with a phone # of 954-437-1140.

Some of the amenities available are a HUGE swimming pool, tennis courts, lots of playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, baseball diamond, playing fields, riding and walking paths, fitness trails, picnic grounds, and gathering places for small to large groups of people. They even offer a hall rental for those with party plans.

The scenery is gorgeous and it is well maintained. If you are in the area, it's a very nice place to bring the kids and have fun.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Public Parks
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Public Parks

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Parks and Recreation Areas

Public Park Facilities in Pembroke Pines

Here is the link for Pembroke Pines Public Parks and recreation facilities. You will have to sign in to access the link, but it has a comprehensive list of all the public parks and facilities available to residents and guests alike in the Pembroke Pines 33029 area..

For a locator map of Pembroke Pines 33029 facilities, go to this link

Residents of Pembroke Pines Florida take the time to enjoy the local parks that can be found throughout the county. They are all well kept, spacious, and full of diverse activities to enjoy. Please, if you are visiting Pembroke Pines, take the time to visit a few of our local parks and recreation areas.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Eagles
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Eagles

Pembroke Pines 33029 Proud Residents - Mated American Bald Eagles

While there isn't a park (yet?) for this, I figured one very popular recreation is bird watching. And you can't get any more exciting than watching a nesting pair of eagles!

Three years ago, Pembroke Pines made the national news because a pair of eagles, yes, bald headed eagles, had built a nest on the far west side of the town, visible from the road! The "experts" couldn't explain why the nesting pair had decided to pick Southern Florida as their home, but they have come back three years in a row!

They are back again, and, since their nest is only 1 mile from MY home, we check on them often. It's rare to sight both of them at the same time, but we have been able to see them both at the same time a few times. They truly are majestic birds and we think it is just awesome that they are residents of Pembroke Pines Florida 33029.

Isn't he just gorgeous!

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Tower Shops Car Show
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Tower Shops Car Show

Car Show Every Friday Night at the Tower Shops - Pembroke Pines 33029

If you like cars, and lots of them, you may be interested in knowing that there is a car show every Friday evening in the parking lot of the Tower Shops each week. They are located at the corner of 84 and University Drive, Pembroke Pines 33029. While I can't find a site regarding the car show itself, the DJ that plays there each week does have a website. Here is that link

Wear comfortable shoes as there are so many cars there, you won't want to miss seeing any of them just because of sore feet.

If you brought your dog on vacation with you, please make arrangements to leave Fido in a safe place. Pets are not allowed among the classic cars showing.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Everglades
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Everglades

Sawgrass Recreation Park in Pembroke Pines 33029

You Have To Visit the Sawgrass Recreation Park if You Are In the Area!

The Sawgrass Recreation Park is a must see if you visit Pembroke Pines 33029. It is the heart of what Southern Florida means to many people, the Everglades and it's natural habitat.

An Everglades air boat ride is a must for the kids. There are private and group tours and even a red-eye tour to see the wildlife at nighttime. There are reptile exhibit areas and fishing and camping facilities are also available.

Check out the Sawgrass Recreation Park while you visit Pembroke Pines 33029. You'll be glad you did.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Farmers Market
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Farmers Market

The Sunrise Swap Shop is Right Next To Pembroke Pines

The Sunrise Swap Shop is a huge draw when it comes to our tourists!

It covers acres and consists of a Farmer's Market section, classic 14 screen drive in movie theater, kiddie attractions, food concessions, and an interesting car showroom. There are vendors, vendors, vendors!

Great deals can be easily found on shoes, bags, shirts, leathers, perfumes, and much more.

If YOU are in the Pembroke Pines 33029 area, you'll want to check out the Swap Shop on Sunrise.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - C B Smith Park Batting Cages
Pembroke Pines 33029 - C B Smith Park Batting Cages

C. B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines 33029

FL 33029 - Large Recreational Park

C. B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, Florida, is a large 299 acre park with diverse recreation facilities.

There is a beautiful water park located inside of C. B. Smith Park, a multitude of picnic shelters, well kept camping grounds, golf grounds and facilities, and some of the best tennis courts in Pembroke Pines FL 33029.

C. B. Smith Park offers boat rentals at reasonable rates, bicycle rentals to enjoy the tranquil bicycle trails available there, and even have golf and batting cages. It truly does offer many recreational activities for the whole family.

If you are looking to have a fun event with your family and friends, need a meeting place for a fun work function, or just a place to have a great time with a local club, check out C. B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines 33029

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Air Boat Rides
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Air Boat Rides

Everglades Holiday Park in Pembroke Pines 33029

Airboat Rides, Tours, Alligators, and More

Everglades Holiday park is another awesome public park in Pembroke Pines 33029 that you may want to take the time to visit.

There are air boat tours that go out every 20 minutes with native Everglade tour guides that know where to go for YOU to view alligators in their natural habitat. And not only alligators, but all of the diverse wildlife that call the Everglades their home.

Check out the alligator show after the air boat ride, visit the concession stands, and make sure you order the photo of your party in front of the air boat before the tour.

Pembroke Pines 33029 - Tennis Courts
Pembroke Pines 33029 - Tennis Courts

Pembroke Pines 33029 Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts in Pembroke Pines and Local Area

Here is the link I found for our Pembroke Pines 33029 and local area tennis courts.

The weather is so good down here in Southern Florida that tennis courts can be utilized on an only daily basis. They are kept in great shape and most are available to the general public.

If YOU have a favorite tennis court in the area, please share with us which one and why . . .

Thank you for visiting Pembroke Pines 33029.

I hope you enjoyed your stay here and plan on coming back in the future. This site, and the other local sites featured, will be getting updated on a regular basis to keep everyone up to date on changes and new places that can be seen when you happen to be in Pembroke Pines 33029.

Come back soon!


Thank You For Visiting Pembroke Pines 33029

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    • profile image

      Jesusine 6 years ago

      For anyone living or visiting this area, YES, the bald eagles that make Pembroke Pines their home are absolutely awe inspiring! I, also, live close to their nesting area and try to stop in every so often to see if I can sight these awesome birds.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Holiday Park, that is where I fish from... the profile pic is the floating pier there. . .lots of airboat tours, and great numbers of Large mouth Bass to fish. . . come and enjoy. . .

    • profile image

      Jeffersway 6 years ago

      What a great idea! Kind of like "one stop shopping" for those looking in your area. I like this! Hmmmm, makes me think.