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Must-go's in Perth, Australia!

Updated on April 14, 2016

Go to Perth, Australia!

Do you have passion for traveling? Have you ever been to Australia before? If you want to travel to an exotic city with amazing landscape and scenery, try traveling to Perth in Australia! In this article, I would like to talk about some cool places to go in Perth as a traveler! Below are some must-go's in Perth:
1. Perth CBD ("Central Business District" aka downtown)- Catch free buses in the CBD to tour around!
2. Fremantle- A fancy city which is 30 minutes by train (1 way).
3. Rottnest Island- Go there by ferry and hop on a bus or a bike...or walk to explore around the island!
4. King's Park- To see the whole view of Perth.
5. The Pinnacles- A must go! It is an attraction north of Perth city, with different shaped rocks that are very large, good for photo-taking!
6. Leederville/Northbridge- Two nice places for delicious food!
7. If you want to travel south, go to Armadale or even Albany (even more down south).
8. As you travel north to the Pinnacles, stop by Yanchep National Park to see wild Aussie animals (They are not very used to seeing humans), Lancelin Dunes for sandboarding (The sand dunes are higher than the ones in Port Stephens in New South Wales state! Don't forget to put wax on your board to slide faster!)
9. If you have time to travel even further north, go to Jurien Bay for skydiving, stop by Geraldton (A town), or even all the way to Exmouth for snorkeling and scuba-diving (There is a YHA there. YHA is a famous backpackers hostel in Australia!).
10. For flights, seems like getting plane tickets through Tigerair is even cheaper than the airline Jetstar, which is already very cheap.
11. For accommodation, you can definitely choose YHA, which is always clean and nice. But for the lowest cost and best location (Right in the CBD), I stayed at Globe Backpackers...check it out!
Hope these information helped! Have fun and keep traveling, everyone!

This is Perth!

Famous attraction in Perth!
Famous attraction in Perth! | Source
Me going up a sand dune :)
Me going up a sand dune :) | Source

Perth in Australia

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Perth WA, Australia
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Perth is in Western Australia (WA state)!

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