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Phoenix, Arizona

Updated on March 8, 2015

Phoenix Rising

After shaking off the pleasant cold from the great Grand Canyon, we continued the remainder of our journey passing along the Colorado Plateau and distant crevasses leading to Phoenix, Arizona. Now given a little history, in early 1400's, the Hohokam people created the first major urban civilization in the Salt River Valley and developed a canal system that's still in use today. In 1865, the U.S. government established Fort McDowell here, and settlers such as Jack Swilling began farming the land.The city of Phoenix was established in 1868. Since then, the city was named after him and recycled a few times until another farmer, Darrel Duppa who had a taste for greek mythology and adored the 'Phoenix Bird and what it symbolized' placed his premonition with that metaphor naming it the city Phoenix so that it would flourish from it's ancient settlers and cultivation into prosperity. Today, Phoenix is the capital of the State of Arizona and the 5th largest city in America with a population of more than 4.37 million.

Colorado Plateau - Apres Grand Canyon

Photo by Kimberley Vico
Photo by Kimberley Vico



Phoenix rising Cacti!              'By the time I get to Phoenix...'
Phoenix rising Cacti! 'By the time I get to Phoenix...'
Photo by Kimberley Vico
Photo by Kimberley Vico

Fulfilled by Phoenix

We were eager to meet a whopping 18 degrees celsius/64 degrees fahrenheit in early January and relax into this stunning urban metropolis. Having consumed most of our day sight seeing from one destination and traveling to another, we settled into The Legacy Golf Resort, a beautiful hotel/timeshare oasis and it's renowned golf course conveniently located 10 minutes from the Phoenix Airport.

Just in time for dinner, we ventured to the dazzling and highly unique Rustler's Rooste. Termed as 'Beef & Brew with a View' is so one-of-a-kind to enjoy! It is Arizona's legendary cowboy steakhouse with a live Ox to greet at the front entrance and a live band performing every night and well prepared for any occasion. A little sawdust flooring for ambience and it's western interior beholds a great steak and rattlesnake experience. All entrees are served with your choice of salad served at the table along with any extras from fried beans, corn-on-the-cob, seasonal side dish and indian fry bread a/k/a bannock. The menu offers great variety of appetizers, entrees and lip smacking desserts. If you're like us who came in rather hungry, you'll soon find yourself to be pretty *suffoncified*. With or without dessert you can indulge in a big cone of pink candy floss secured into a large tomato tin can to top up your dining experience. Yum! Shared very little with my handkerchiefed chums.

After checking out our facility, we embarked on the Desert Botanical Gardens. Since hours are from 8 am - 8 pm we could take our time browsing over all the incredible cacti, succulents and art forms including Four Seasons Exhibit by Philip Haas. There is much offered at the Gardens among Membership, Events, Education and Programs. A definite must see! And while you are in the area, don't forget to get in early to see all that you can for exotic animals at the Phoenix Zoo. Daily activities and attractions like setting on the Safari Train or Pedal Boating await you, to name a few. You definitely have the option to check out the Zoolights laser show nightly during off season months from November - January. Spend the day here...there is something in it for everyone!

Cotton Candy Bandits WANTED

Cotton   Candy  Bandits   WANTED
Cotton Candy Bandits WANTED

Mine...All Mine!

Mine...All Mine!
Mine...All Mine!
Photo by Kimberley Vico
Photo by Kimberley Vico

Apache Junction

Making a relaxing time of our adventure the following day, we sought out Apache Junction. Apache Junction is approximately 40 minutes from Phoenix central. This city got it's name for the junction of the Apache Trail and U.S. Highway 60. It is made of Maricopa but mostly Pinal counties with a population of over 35,840 located near Superstitious Mountain. Goldfield Ghost Town was the hot trek of the day. The tour of the Mystery Shack of Gold Mining back in late 1800's along with a ride on the narrow Gauge Train without missing at High Noon Gunfight is something you have to experience. While there are Jeep Tours and Horseback Adventures you can even attend Sunday Services at the Church in Goldfield Town. A fun attraction and most historical to visit! We ventured well in the sunshine sipping back our old fashioned root beer and ice-cream.

When in Phoenix, don't forget to capture as much as time will allow. You have places like the Pueblo Grand Museum and Archaeological Park as well as the Heard Museum to consider. More of the theater culture is occupied in the Herberger Theater Center, Arizona Broadway Theater, Arizona Opera and Ballet Arizona venues. Centrally located and otherwise found in the downtown area where you can further enjoy your range of entertainment along with lots of dining and a traipse to your favorite shops.

To sum up the duration of our stay, we continued to take in the sunshine and lounge by the poolside! We had a tremendous stay at The Legacy and enjoyed the City of Phoenix, bar none. It was a great journey with good times had by all - until we meet again!

Photo by Kimberley Vico
Photo by Kimberley Vico

Gun Fight At High Noon

It's an ambush between them and the Sheriff. The Ladies of the Night out did them all with their special girl powers and took the loot!

Superstitious Mountain

Photo by Kimberley Vico
Photo by Kimberley Vico

A gorgeous view and one worth exploring!

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