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Places To Go During Summer

Updated on June 22, 2013

What Are Some Great Places To Go During Summer

When it's summer time, there is a lot to celebrate. The sun shines brightly, and snow is long past us. Summer is one of the best seasons to have fun and go to different places because there are no restrictions. No schools, less work hours, and more benefits occur during the summer. Some places do bad in the cold, but during the summer time, they are thriving with productivity and popularity. I love visiting new places every summer, and each place has a special place in my heart.

The Beach

There is nothing like a big beach during the summer. The beach provides an experience that you can only feel during the summer, the cool sand moving through your toes. When I go to the beach, I get into the water to collect sea shells and rocks. One time while I was looking for rocks (not your typical rock that you find in your backyard) and sea shells, I found a big rock that weighed over 4 pounds! My brother and I play catch on the beach as well, and I dive into the sand. My face smashes into the sand, but I am in my element, fun at the beach.


Bermuda is a great place to go to during the summer. The locals there are very nice, and there are many places to go to in Bermuda. Bermuda, the 22 mile island contains the Crystal Caves, an Aquarium, and more! However, the beaches in Bermuda steal the show. We went to Elbow Beach, and we loved the vast space and the cool, clear water. There are different things that we learn about different cultures as well. For example, every roof of every house and building is made up of corral. With a population of over 65,000 loving, caring citizens of Bermuda, you are sure to have a great time at the island.


California is a great place to visit during the summer. California features some great places to visit such as the famous Lego Land which kids and parents are bound to love. Imagine an entire place that was only made out of Legos. If you're a baseball fan, then there are three teams in California. These teams are the San Francisco Giants and Billy Bean's Oakland Athletics, and both of the stadiums are close to each other which makes traveling convenient. The other team is the Los Angeles Angels, but they are far from the other two stadiums. The sidewalks in California can prove to be a good workout because they have a unique slope to them as if they were 45 degrees. There are many places to see in California for everyone with an interest.

Mini Golf Course

One thing that you must do in the summer is play a game of mini golf with some friends. You can take score with a pencil and score card and start playing your game of mini golf. With 18 holes, everyone has a chance to win, and in nice weather, playing mini golf can be one of the greatest pleasures that summer has to offer. I love playing mini golf in the summer, and my family always keeps score so that we all can look back at our wonderful memories.

What Do You Do During The Summer?

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