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Places to Visit in Italy

Updated on November 16, 2014

2013 summer holiday in North Italy

And what a treat it is! If you want to visit a truly great place why not spend a great holiday in the Italian Riviera. More specifically I would like to concentrate on the East coast of Liguria, where you have fabulous seaside, stunning countryside and you are only twenty minutes away from Tuscany. There's something to do for everyone: swimming, windsurfing, walking, history, art, shopping and the list goes on. I've spent holidays there and go back any time I can...

The photo is of Portovenere, one of my top places in the area!

East Liguria on the map

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calice al cornoviglio (sp)
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varese ligure
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Seaside, fine dining and walking in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre are 5 small villages on the coast of the Ligurian sea. They are 5 little gems that you must visit if on holiday in this lovely part of the world. They are easy accessed by train and if you like a bit of walking (with stunning views) you can walk from one village to the next. They all have great restaurants and of course fantastic sea! You can also visit them by catching the ferry from the main town, La Spezia!

La via dell'amore

...means love lane.....

This is a breathtaking path that runs from Riomaggiore ( the first of Cinque Terre) and Manarola (the second one). You can see the path running on top of the rocks from the center of the picture to the left. This is an amazing walk! Highly recommended!

Great local wine

As well as tourism, the economy of Cinque Terre is boosted by the production of great local wine!

between Lerici and Portovenere....

....lays La Spezia.......

La Spezia lays on the "Golfo dei poeti" which means "poet's gulf". It's not by chance that this part of Italy was called such a romantic name. Many famous poets stopped by the gulf and wrote poetry which will always be remembered by people all over the world for centuries on end.....among the many: David Herbert Lawrence, George Sand, Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Calice al Cornoviglio - worth a visit

A bit off the tourist track and amazing place to be. The castle is in pristine conditions....amazing really......

Great places to visit, not by the sea but full of history....

I've taken the picture myself in Aug. 2011....

Love the place!!!!

Varese Ligure - a nice medieval place.....

,,,this is a lovely place to visit.....just learn how to ask where the river is and not only you will get the great experience of a medieval village but also will be able to sunbathe and swim in the local river (VARA). I've got to admit, when I went it wasn't full, in fact the area was in a drought state, but still enjoyed the river...loved it in fact, was very different from anything I'd known til then.....GREAT

From Varese Ligure

all the way up..... Zeri

,,,winter sport place but I love it in summer as well......great restaurant up there and fantastic place to take pictures. My kids loved it....The view is so stunning, nothing bits that!!!!!!


Just an hour or so by motorway (following LIVORNO) you can visit the city of Pisa, it's historical buildings and of course the leaning tower!!!!!!

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