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Polar Bear Tours

Updated on October 20, 2009

Polar bears are magnificent creature's

Polar bears are magnificent creature's. It's hard to comprehend that they are a potentially endangered animal. It really is unfair to the world if we lose these fellows forever. Polar Bears survival depends on the sea ice for hunting, breeding and sometimes to den. The main threat to Polar Bears is climate change, did you know the summer ice loss in the Artic now is about the size Washington, Alaska and Texas combined. That sure puts it into perspective when you think of it on those terms.

The Polar Bears have no boundaries when it comes to traveling, they will go from Russia to Alaska, to Canada, to Greenland and even as far to Norway. It is estimated that only 20,000 - 25,000 Polar Bears are still alive with the higher percentage living in Canada and population dropped 22% since the 1980's.

Polar Bears are highly intelligent creatures, in fact while being researched in captivity they have been seen to break open blocks of ice to extract a embedded fish. Perhaps this is why they have lived for over 200,000 years and is also on the top of the food chain.

Experience It,...Polar Bear Tours

If you really wanna experience the Polar Bears in a up-close, personal way, pack your bags and head off towards Churchill Manitoba in Canada. During the months of October and November, Hudson Bay begins to freeze and this area is overrun with the Polar Bears as they begin to migrate. As the snow starts falling it leaves a beautiful blanket of white snow for picture perfect photo's and video to forever capture the breath taking moment of being in the presence of these magnificent animals in the wild.

Tundra Buggy and More,...

Wow, take a look at that tundra buggy,..Now that's my kind of ride. If you like camping, you'll be sure to love a camping trip in this monster shuttle. Miles and mile's away from what we call home, we step into another realm, most never get to step in. Churchill, Canada is considered the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Can you imagine, just being up close to these big beautiful creature's, Sometimes just a arm length away. Since they are moderately a slow paced creature, keeping up with these fellows is quite easy,.. often getting to observe family units for days in a row. When you plan your trip you can get around via Helicopter and/or Tundra Buggies. There is many lodges in the area to chose from, however remember, these lodge's are simple, warm with a feeling of home to them. An Added bonus is that Churchill has the most accessible spot for a encounter of beluga whales, caribou, bird life and more. In the summer you can take a jet boat to, Seal River Estuary. You may even want to throw in an added activity such as visiting the historic stone Prince of Wales Fort that was built in the 1700's, or see where they keep the polar bears who get into trouble, at the Polar Bear Jail !!! They are also popular for their dog sled tours, Kayaking and snorkeling. For anyone who wants to live an Eskimo life there is a place for you too, a build your own igloo that you can sleep in overnight.

Editor's Note:

Allthough these creatures are snuggly looking, especially the babies,..It is unwise to tuck one away in your suitcase to bring home for a pet. I know, I know, I wanted one too !!!


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    • Animal World profile image

      Animal World 8 years ago

      Lady E - If you get the chance to see the Polar Bears make sure you share the pics and experience,..thanks for droppin in.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Lovely Hub. After I've swam with Dolphins, visiting Polar Bears are next on my Agenda. Cute pics - I think they are harmless. :)

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      Another great hub Animal World you have found a good interesting niche here. Keep going.

    • jdaviswrites profile image

      Jeff Davis 8 years ago from California

      same here...

    • Animal World profile image

      Animal World 8 years ago

      jdaviswrites - From what I've been reading in some of the reviews, people often stated that the Polar Bears seems more intrested in them than the other way around. Anyways, I only hope my Grandkid's will get a chance to them for theirselve's.

    • jdaviswrites profile image

      Jeff Davis 8 years ago from California

      nice hub. there really is a fine line between wanting to protect these animals, and unknowingly hurting them. Jumping in one of these tundra buggies and plowing through their natural habitat might be something to think about..maybe. but again, nice hub.