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Possibly record-breaking! About the Guinness-book of records and the E-Bike-summer in Neuhausen

Updated on August 18, 2013

Seven stories - Part five - about me »old house« and my world-famous neighborhood

This »old house« will tell you cutting-edge stories about the most beautiful spot within the Ore Mountains (Germany). Learn more about the worldâs largest nutcracker in Neuhausen and about me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«!

I have famous neighbors - and giant too! In the nutcracker museum Neuhausen, one Guinness-book record is hunting the next. Also an E-bike-summer is under my wings landscape and cultural a really experience-superlative. Moreover, I have plenty experience with human desires. For this reason I know sundry comforts with which you as my guests will feel right at home.

© Nutcracker museum Neuhausen (worldâs largest music box)
© Nutcracker museum Neuhausen (worldâs largest music box)

My homeland Neuhausen (Ore Mountains) and the Guinness-book of records

My Ore Mountains-people always understood how to make a virtue of necessity.

For this purpose they used the most available things there: wood and authority. From wood originated the nutcracker, first clothed like the regional miner. Smart wood carver decorated the nutcracker's body with uniforms of the feared authority. It began as earning a living and playful social criticism and became an international triumphal procession - the first superlative of the nutcracker.

The second superlative is standing close to me, in the first nutcracker museum of Europe in Neuhausen (Ore Mountains, Germany). The world's largest nutcracker has a length of ten meters and ten centimeters and is eternalized in the Guinness-book of records since 2010.

As »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« I love fame - also that of my neighbors. That's why I invite you to learn about a third superlative. The Christmas fairy tale »The Nutcracker and the Mouse King« in the ballet performance »The Nutcracker« you can experience live in front of the museum.

The world's largest music box is opening its door every full hour. Then, E.T.A. Hoffmann's young Clare is dancing to the sounds of Tchaikovsky with the nutcracker against the intrigues of the mouse king.

Not yet enough possibly record-breaking? Around five thousand nutcrackers from small to giant inhabit Neuhausen. Also this is to find in the Guinness-book of records, year 2008, with then 4.334 exemplars as »world's largest nutcracker collection«.

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - one of my exclusive theme rooms, the nutcracker suite
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - one of my exclusive theme rooms, the nutcracker suite

Vacation in the »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« (that is me, your »old house«) and E-Bike-tips for the Ore Mountai

From my previous confabulations you know already the health resort Neuhausen and my development from early private property to serving- and sales spot and right up to a local amusement center.

Today I shine in new splendor thanks to loving operators. As »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« I recommend you our environment for an active vacation. For your overnight I am a modern hostel with artful interiors. Here you can choose theme arrangements and favorite rooms in Ore Mountains-tradition. But that is an own story, my dear readers. Learn more about the next time.

Because I am an active »old house«, I suggest you a scouting expedition in my environment. Our summer in the Ore Mountains (Germany) and many walking routes are perfect for trips with the E-Bike! Along comfortable bike ways you come for example on Saxon site to Seiffen or achieve Bohemian tourist attractions. A day trip with a lot of nature leads you through the Ore Mountains and, if you like it, to many sights along the way.

Vacation in my nutcracker-suite

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - my rose dream suite, perfectly suitable for romantic vacation and wedding
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - my rose dream suite, perfectly suitable for romantic vacation and wedding

My tipps as »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« for sights in the environment of Neuhausen

Let me talk a little bit longer about E-Bikes and the day trip.

Since six generations - what is as long as my last two lives - manufacture the Füchtners in their Füchtners shop floor Seiffen by woodturning handmade nutcrackers, »Raachermannl« (wooden smokers), angel-miner pairs, miniature scenes in wood and various wooden toys. You reach the shop floor quickly with the E-Bike. If you instead desire more »heavenly impressions« for you day trip, you can meet in Grünhainichen real (but harmless) »backstreet abortionists«. The show-shop floor with flower children and little angels is attracting every year curious spectators from far and near. Also without visiting sights, you can wander or cycle in our »Silver Ore Mountains« literally from one experience to the next - to lodges and castles, to belvederes and open air theatres, to public exhibitions and bathing fun - depending on your desire for your vacation experiences in the E-Bike-summer.

If you are looking for nature and history, I recommend you the paths and landscapes of my young years, for example the »Sklárská stezka« (glass maker path), which once connected the street in Neuhausen with Bohemia. Pass old mills, refuges, or visit one of the numerous, well preserved Saxon or Bohemian churches. You will see: Such an E-Bike- day from your starting point »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« flies away in a jiffy and exciting!

My delicious cuisine »Valse des fleurs« - enjoyment for all senses - Please hear and see and dream with the young Clare - and let also smile all your senses!

Tired you are? Then come to rest in me! SERVICE I am writing in capitals - For this attitude, I was always known and disputed:

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Tired? Are welcome to be pampered in my rooms!
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Tired? Are welcome to be pampered in my rooms!

In my rooms - already to inn times - was good to celebrate and to rest. In my modern face, my operators thought of something special: Each of my rooms is equipped in fairy-tale themes and in the Ore Mountains-tradition. Your restful sleep, your Ore Mountains morning and your vacation arrangements are accompanied by a lot of hostel service.

Of course, all by themes! Especially for the return from your estival E-Bike-tour I do not promise you too much: I am also pampering! Massages with herb stamps and flavors, cosmetic treatments or hot-stone-massages by Far Eastern pattern and much more will stimulate all your tired senses. One you can believe me »old house«: The pampering programs in my rooms will conjure a satisfied smile in your face.

Up to now I kept silent about the Ore Mountains winter. This season is something special in the Ore Mountains, in Neuhausen and especially in my rooms of the »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«. You know what? Let us simply meet again, and I will tell you more about your magic winter vacation in the Ore Mountains and my fairy-tale encounters in the time of the lights.

Let us welcome one another to our next confabulation with warming thoughts! - Your »old house« (Landhotel Grünes Gericht)

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