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Potential Problems With Moving In The Winter

Updated on October 13, 2015

Don't underestimate the power of mother-nature if you are moving in the winter!

Moving is always a difficult job in the first place. Not only do you have to go through the trouble of picking out a new home, but also then you have to pack your belongings and change your address. If you have children then you have to select a new school for them to attend. Plus you depending on your situation, you may even have to find a job. Moving in the winter can only complicate an already difficult job even further. This lens is to help anyone out there who is planning to move during the winter months. Follow these tips to help ensure your safety and the safe transport of your belongings during your move.

Moving On Icy Roads in The Winter
Moving On Icy Roads in The Winter

Winter Moving On Icy Roads

Moving in the winter can be disasterous if there are snow or ice covered roads. Be careful!

For example let's say that you want to make a move on a particular winter day. However you happen to be unlucky enough to pick a moving day that has severe weather. If the road is full of snow, ice, or sleet this can really disrupt your moving plans. Even if you are able to get the moving truck onto the road someone else could lose control of their vehicle and hit the moving truck. Not only can that ruin you moving day but also your personal belongings can get damaged in the event of a car accident.

Moving Through The Mountains With Icy Roads

If you are driving a moving truck (or a super-stuffed vehicle) then stopping time on icy roads will increase significantly. If you are traveling through the mountains, it can be extremely unsafe if the roads are slick and your truck is full. Most mountain passes have "runaway" truck stops periodically, so if for some reason your breaks start to fail, don't hesitate to use one!

Drive Slow And Watch Out For Ice Patches!

Beware of "black ice" or "invisible" ice on the roads, especially over bridges where its easier for ice to form. If you are moving during snowy or icy conditions, you should drive significantly slower than normal traffic and stay in the right lane with your hazard lights flashing. It is much better to drive slow and make it to your destination later than desired and safe then to press your luck in severe weather situations.

Be sure to watch for warning signs and prepare accordingly for your winter move!

Winter Moving Problems
Winter Moving Problems

Other Winter Factors To Consider When Moving

Remember that cold temperatures makes everything more brittle!

It isn't only just a car accident or icy roads that you have to worry about during a winter move. The cold in the winter can make your personal items brittle and make them more prone to damage. Even the vibration from the road can add enough stress to certain more fragile items that can cause them to break if they are not packed up correctly. It is not fun to make a move only to unpack your valuables and find that they are broken, scratched, dinged, or damaged. In order to prevent these problems, it is best to hire professional movers before moving cross-country in the winter.

You can get up to 6 FREE quotes from licensed, professional moving companies that can service your move here:

Professional Movers Can Move You In The Winter With No Worries
Professional Movers Can Move You In The Winter With No Worries

Hire A Moving Company To Do All the Hard Work!

Let the professionals take the risks of moving during the winter months while you enjoy some hot chocolate!

If you moving out of state, then there are many highly professional moving companies that you can hire to do all the hard labor and driving for you. This can really come in handy in the wintertime because they are experienced truck drivers who are used to driving in adverse weather conditions. Icy roads are nothing to take lightly if you are inexperienced with driving on them, especially with a fully loaded moving truck.

Of course nothing is perfect and if you want to avoid moving problems then it is best to develop backup plans in case the moving truck can't make it on time. You never know what can happen on the road between your old residence and your new ones. Though it may be more expensive overall than moving yourself, you can purchase moving insurance to guarantee your possessions against any potential losses or accidents if you choose to hire a professional moving company.

Compare free quotes from top rated cross country movers to find the cheapest deals available for your moving date.

Winter Moving Resources - Helpful links and resources for moving in the winter.

Browse these great moving guides, articles, posts, and websites for more helpful information about moving in the winter months. Learn the best times to move, how to pack, plan, prepare, and organize your upcoming move.

Tire Chains For Moving In The Snow & Ice - These may be useful to you if you are moving in the winter!

Various tire chains for moving in snowy and icy conditions. Choose the chains that matches your vehicle type.

Safety Is The Key - Good luck and happy winter moving!

Winter Moving Tips (Video) - Great tips for moving in the winter by a Boston moving company.

Here are some basic tips from a professional moving company in Boston for dealing with winter conditions. Pay attention to this because these guys know what they are talking about!

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