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Heritage Tours Queenstown

Updated on November 11, 2012

We bring you closer to Queenstown's Roots

Queenstown Heritage Tours - the local sightseeing and wine tour operator in Queenstown, New Zealand that connects you the origins of the town worth a Queen.

Now that's a very complicated sentence, don't you think? Ok: in plain english: we offer tour to the goldmining area around Queenstown. It was the gold miners who brought live to this region in the first place. We take you into Skippers Canyon where the gold rush took place and introduce you to this recent history.

Where it all began Skippers Canyon

Gold was first found here - first in this region, I mean. It was actually by chance, but as soon as it was public, that real fortunes can be found in this dirt near Queenstown, thousands of people flocked into this region and tried their luck.

The gold miners left us remains, for example we still can explore their huts, gold mining machinery and can see river diversions. All can still be observed while travelling through Skippers Canyon.

4WD Minibus but in Comfort

Just because it's a mountain road doesn't mean your journey has to be bumpy

We pride ourselves to offer a very comfortable ride into Skippers Canyon. Our 4WD minibuses offer spacious seats, big viewing windows and a little on-board fridge that keeps our refreshments cools and free of dust.

In Summer, when it is really hot in the canyon, our customers enjoy the air-conditioning. And our loud-speaker system makes sure that even the passengers sitting in the last row can hear our commentary loud and clear.

We care about our Environment

and offset our Carbon Footprint on a Yearly Basis.

Now this fact might not really be so important to all visitor, but it is to us. We like to be part of conserving this beautiful area - Skippers Canyon - that we call our working place. We do this so that many more visitors can come and enjoy this natural beauty.

We know that our contribution to conserving this area is only a small token, but many small things can make a difference and that's why we committed ourselves to do something.

Our latest Add-On to Skippers Tours

a tour into the region where the 'new' gold is made.

Did you know... that a French gold miner tried his luck with finding the precious metal but was extremely unsuccessful? But since he had a very good look at the soil and being French... he decided to plant some vines. And voila: the new era of 'gold rush' was born.

The Queenstown region is famous for its red wines - the Pinot Noir.

Since my company offers heritage tours, I am of the opinion that a combination of Skippers Canyon and wine tasting is the ultimate full-day tour for all non-thrill seekers.


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