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Rainy Season in Tropical Areas

Updated on December 10, 2014

Tropical Climate During Rain

Climate Guide For Travelers: Rainy season in Certain Tropical Areas

I live in North Celebes where it’s part of the Indonesian country and near the Philippines. Since early December 2010 most tropical regions have started frequently hit by rain. Tropical regions are only have two seasons which are the dry season that are usually started from April to September and the rainy season where it usually happens from October to March. But, it could be indeterminate. Sometimes the rainy season could come to a couple a month sooner or later; it can be prolonged even more than 4 months and also for the dry season in the otherwise. Even sometimes when the dry season, rain can occur several times in certain areas. The prolonged dry season in tropical areas usually causes a lot of losses. Of course, the dry season will be detrimental to traditional farmers, because most of the tropical areas are regions of the developing countries. Sometimes agricultural and plantation crops damaged because of dry land, the river that used to flow the water for rice fields are also dry. Rain is very important for plants. That's because rain contains many nutrients that need for plants.

Furthermore, if the prolonged rainy season arrives and then in certain areas of lowlands from floods usually occur. Even, in the capital city of Jakarta floods had struck several times during the prolonged rainy season. Besides floods, rainy season can cause many diseases. If when the dry season disease that arise are usually caused by mosquitoes such as dengue and swamp fever, in the rainy season people who have weak immune will be easily attacked by diseases such as flu, respiratory infection, fever, diarrhea, and much more.

If you live other than in the tropics regions and want to travel to the tropics regions, make sure that you have an acknowledgement of the tropical season and the impact for the ongoing month in which you want to travel to certain tropical areas. That way you can at least prepare to deal with tropical weather.


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