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Red Suitcase On Wheels

Updated on April 4, 2014

I like to travel light when I go to different cities. I don't like to take very many things with me. It is often a hassle to worry about where to store things. I like to go backpacking via bus to lots of different cities here in Canada and the North East region of the United States. This suitcase enables me to travel extremely light. Usually this will be all I need to bring with me other than a purse. This suitcase is very convenient because it has wheels on the bottom. It also stands out with it's bright red color. This proves very useful when waiting to get my luggage. Most people purchase black suitcases. It is much easier to see when the bus conductor is handing out mine when it is a bright red suitcase. There have only been a couple of occasions where someone else has a similar looking suitcase. Usually it will be a different shade of red.

The extendable handle makes this suitcase a breeze to travel with. I frequently will want to save money. I don't like to use the subway very much when I travel to certain cities. I often travel on a shoestring budget. This suitcase means that I can walk further then I would if I had to lug a heavy suitcase which doesn't have wheels. I have used mine to travel to various locations across the region. I have used it in the cold winter weather in Quebec. It is still practical to use in a snowy climate. I have lugged it through the snow where it became a bit salt stained, but still very useful.

Here are some alternatives to red.


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