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Discover the North of Spain - Reinosa

Updated on September 21, 2010

Where is Reinosa?

Reinosa is a village situated in the South of Cantabria, in the North of Spain.

It is 70 km from Santander, which is the capital of Cantabria.

Why am I writing a lens about Reinosa? Well.. because I was brought up in Reinosa and I have many fond memories linked to this lovely village. Luckily for me, my parents and close family still live in Reinosa so I have the opportunity of visiting it several times a year and of seeing it develop and getting even more beautiful and welcoming if possible.

I hope you will enjoy this lens. :-)

Reinosa - Spain

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What to visit in Reinosa?

San Sebastian's church - Iglesia de San Sebastian

One of the most important buildings in Reinosa is San Sebastian's church, which is situated in the town centre of Reinosa. It is a beautiful church built in the 16th century. I was brought up in a Catholic family so as a child, every Sunday at 11 o'clock I would go to the children's mass on this church. I still remember Father's Artemio and how good he was at keeping us kids entertained during this sacrament.

On Saturdays and Sundays, many couples get married in this church as it is one of the most beautiful ones of the area. Both my sister and one of my best friends married in this church some years ago. Maybe one day it will be me, who knows? (Though actually, I have another favourite cathedral where I would like to say my "Si, quiero", but I will tell you more about this another day)


Other historical buildings

In the Town Hall, you will be able to see some of the oldest buildings in Reinosa and many houses from the 16th century.

Not far away from it, you will find St. Francisco's convent, which is the oldest building in Reinosa. It was built in 1518 and was restored at the end of the 16th century. Nowadays, St. Francisco's convent is part of a home for the elderly where my lovely grandmum lives. You can appreciate the beauty of this building in the photo and... yes, we do get snow in Spain!!



If you are interested in history, you would probably enjoy travelling to Argüeso.

Argüeso is only 6 miles away from Reinosa and the landscape is really amazing: green and peaceful mountains

Once in Argüeso you will be amazed by one of the very few castles we have in Cantabria, "el castillo de Argüeso". It was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and was home to the Marqués of Santillana's mum.



Fontibre is a very small town, situated 2 miles away from Reinosa and not far away from Alto Campoo's ski resort. Fontibre is a place which gets visits from many tourists interested in seeing the start of the Ebro river

The majority of the photos you will see of Fontibre are of the Virgin of Pilar's monument which is the main icon of Fontibre and is placed where the river starts.

The Ebro starts in the middle of a wood so if the weather is nice and you like walking you will probably enjoy this area.

Alto Campoo's Ski resort


St Matthew's celebration and Campoo's Day

If you can visit Reinosa on the last Sunday of September you should. This day Reinosa celebrates Campoo's Day, which is the last day of a long period of celebrations which begin on September 21st, which is St. Matthew's Day.

On Campoo's Day the locals wear traditional clothes from the area and they parade from Cupido's park to Aurora's fountain. It is a very busy day, full of colour and traditional music. Young people from nearby towns visit Reinosa on this day as many enter a competition for the best "carreta", typical carriages pulled by bulls or cows which depict a chosen aspect of rural life in the different villages.

St Matthew's Day

Check a video of some of the events that are taking place in Reinosa in September 21st to celebrate St Matthew's Day.

Campoo's Day - Reinosa

Learn more about Reinosa

I am sorry all books are in Spanish. Maybe we need to start some lens to teach you Spanish :-)

La Fuga

La Fuga is a group of four musicians from Reinosa. They are not very well known internationally yet, but very popular in Spain

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