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Remembering eHow Dolly

Updated on August 17, 2014

eHow Dolly's Grand Adventure

We still remember the day eHow Dolly arrived on our doorstep. She traveled by "limousine," and had most recently been in Western Michigan. But we were only one stop on a year long tour that took her across mountains, prairies, deserts, and even twice across an ocean.

Who is this eHow Dolly and what was the fuss all about? Read on to find out and then test your Dolly knowledge with a quiz, if you like.

All photos by bossypants. Please do not use without permission.

If You Knew Dolly Like I Knew Dolly

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So, Who is this eHow Dolly?

And Why is eHow Dolly on Squidoo?

eHow Dolly was created by Squidoo lensmaster veryirie for an article she was writing on another site. (Just a shot in the dark, but I'll bet you can figure out which one.) Photos of Dolly began finding their way into that site's forums, to the delight of some of the other writers. The photos were all g-rated, but she looked like a frisky girl, swinging from palm trees and posing with empty bottles of artisan wine. Several of us begged to meet Dolly in person. Who could resist that face?

Once it was decided Dolly should visit her fans across the country, Squidoo lensmaster SPhilbrick (Shirley) began looking for a place where Dolly's hosts could post pictures and accounts of their time with Dolly. Squidoo turned out to be the perfect place!

In fact, that's how I ended up joining Squidoo: with the intention that Dolly would be my first lens. That I didn't write any lenses for almost a year and a half and that Dolly's lens is my eleventh is a story for another time.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly's Grand Adventure

A Big Journey for a Little Girl!

Shirley volunteered as Dolly's travel agent and organized her itinerary, arranging reservations with Dolly's many fans across the country. She created a lens (click here) for us to refer to.

There were a few ground rules. Dolly was to travel via the United States Post Office's Priority Mail to enable location tracking and hopefully keep her from getting lost. Hosts were to keep her no longer than a few days. Hosts should include a post card of their home state and a small token for the next host when sending Dolly on her way. And of course, every one was to play nice, keep Dolly safe, and show her a good time!

eHow dolly c. bossypants
eHow dolly c. bossypants

A Greater Purpose

Not Just a Pleasure Trip

eHow Dolly's Grand Adventure was about more than a cross country vacation. Dolly was a goodwill ambassador whose travels raised money for charity.

Two charities were selected to benefit: Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and the Mark Sandman Music Project. Squidoo lensmaster dlcass (Diane) established an Aloha Dolly Zazzle store and created a calendar, the profits of which were divided between the charities.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Aloha, Dolly!

The Adventure Begins

On a Friday the 13th, in November of 2009, Dolly left her paradise home in Hawaii to travel to the opposite end of the United States, Maine, to meet Shirley. Fortunately, Shirley's a massage therapist, so Dolly got the full spa treatment on her arrival.

Shirley also noticed Dolly's wardrobe lacked certain necessities. She stitched up some lingerie for Dolly, in the form of square undies to fit Dolly's square bottom. This was to be only the first of several couture garments Dolly received on her trip. By the time she got to our place, she owned an evening gown, a corset, and several t-shirts, among other things.

Dolly's US Tour - Part One

Before she arrived in South Central Wisconsin, Dolly traveled along the Eastern Seaboard, through the South and up into the Great Lakes. Click on the links in the list below to read about Dolly's adventures and see the writers she visited.

  1. Dolly visits Maine and SPhilbrick
  2. Dolly visits Upstate New York and dlcass
  3. Dolly visits Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and PrettyEvil
  4. Dolly stays in Pennsylvania and visits Shari L.
  5. Dolly visits New Jersey and ReuseItAll
  6. Dolly visits the Jersey Shore and survivoryea
  7. Dolly visits Maryland and TomCom
  8. Dolly visits DC and David Sarokin
  9. Dolly visits Virginia and WriterGig
  10. Dolly visits North Carolina and Suzyhomeeconomy
  11. Dolly visits AJTyne
  12. Dolly visits Florida and Writenow
  13. Dolly visits Central Florida and vallain
  14. Dolly visits Alabama and Addie Protivnak, boatst
  15. Dolly visits Kentucky and Frischy
  16. Dolly visits Michigan and Showpup
  17. Dolly visits Western Michigan and jseven

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Here's Dolly!

Dolly Arrives in South Central Wisconsin

After 6 months visiting 17 writers in 12 states, Dolly arrived on our doorstep. We had been waiting with much anticipation and were delighted to welcome her into our home.

Dolly's creator, veryire, was my first online writing buddy so I considered it a special honor to be able to spend time with Dolly. Dolly arrived with a lot stuff!! In a later module, I'll show you a picture we took of Dolly with all the souvenirs that traveled with her.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Take Dolly to Work Day

Dolly came with me to work one day. I spend a lot of time in the training room, so she amused herself with the whiteboard while we were there.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly, (meet) Madison (Wisconsin, that is)

The view from the office doesn't look like much in this picture. But, in the winter (when the trees are bare), if you lean way over, you can just see the Capitol Dome in downtown Madison.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly in the Dells

On the weekend, we took Dolly to Wisconsin Dells, one of Wisconsin's best known tourist spots. The Dells area bills itself as the Waterpark Capital of the World. Personally, I think of it as the world's fiberglass capital, with its many waterslides and enormous sculptures and characters.

Pirate's Cove wasn't open for business when we were there, but Dolly spent some time with the official greeter. (And, yes, he is made of fiberglass.) Arrrrrgh!

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

The Dells Tour

We felt the waterparks would pale in comparison to Dolly's ocean beaches at home. We did take a driving tour along some of the Dells' most intriguing boulevards.

Bet you didn't know the Roman Coliseum was in Wisconsin Dells, did you?

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly Does Culver's

What would a trip to Wisconsin be with out a visit to Culver's, home of the Butter Burger? No, the burgers aren't made of butter (but good guess, since we're here in America's Dairyland). Wisconsin-based Culver's is famous for their frozen custard and attentive customer service.

Dolly is a natural model, isn't she? I think Culver's should hire her as official spokesdoll.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly at Circus World Museum

Circus World is an outdoor museum on the grounds of the historical winter home of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Fans of the film "Water for Elephants" might be interested to know Circus World loaned the film's producers several vintage circus wagons. After the wagons were returned, Circus World's owners decided to leave them painted as they were for the film. But all that happened after Dolly was here!

Dolly was curious to see what these flat kids were so interested in, through Circus World's fence.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

New Shoes!

While in the Dells, we'd hoped to get Dolly some authentic Minnetonka moccasins, but they didn't have her size. Her foot size seems to be somewhere between "souvenir key chain" and "newborn." Instead, Dolly picked out some pink hightops with plenty of bling.

We'd chosen a welcome gift for Dolly before her arrival, and she seemed to like her very own dolly. When we posted pictures of Dolly and her doll on eHow's forum, a long discussion ensued over what Dolly's doll should be named. In the end, a name was chosen that honored one of the charities Dolly's trip supported and the doll was named Parton. This inspired much humor over the phrase, "Dolly and her dolly, Parton."

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

The Haul

Souvenirs of Dolly's Travels

As I mentioned earlier, Dolly arrived with a lot of stuff! Here's a list of all the mementos Dolly had collected by the time she left our house:

Apparel and bling: yellow square butt panties; silver lame' evening gown; black "leather" corset (and pattern to make more); "Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Bayou La Batre, AL" t-shirt; "Kentucky: Where Horses Fly" t-shirt; "20th Annual Labor Day Tournament Moorestown 2009" patch; dried lei; Cape May surfboard necklace; "groovy chick" bracelet; pink hi-top sneakers; pirate ship temporary tattoo. Personal effects: Toothbrush, Dolly's dolly. Collectible tacks: flag (sorry - don't know location); Kentucky Derby Festival 2010 Spring Fever Believer; Baltimore Maryland: U.S. Constitution; and "A" Gator. Ephemera: bookmarks from Ocracoke Lighthouse, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, Florida, and of Walter Anderson Art in Ocean Springs, MS; Michigan Lodging and Tourism directory; Grand Haven, MI, Musical Fountain Brochure; postcards from Maine, Rochester - NY, Cape May - NJ, Shenandoah River - VA, NC, FL, Bellingrath Garden and Home (2) - AL, Dauphin Island - AL, The Estuarium at Dauphin Island - AL, Bayou La Batre - AL, Churchill Downs - KY, WI, and Wisconsin Dells - WI; "A Note from Virginia;" Dolly stickers; Wisconsin Budweiser coaster. Lottery: eHow Dolly Sweepstakes lottery ticket. Key chains: eHow Dolly and "Washington D.C. United States of America." Luggage Tag: Providence Hospital Foundation's Festival of Flowers. Magnets: Winston Salem and Kentucky. Collectibles: Smashed penny form Baltimore, Maryland; seashell; "Love" plaque; St. Patrick's Day Irish Flag; collector's spoon from Virginia; Wisconsin beer bottle cap.

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Dolly's Limo

You've figured out, by now that Dolly's limo is the box she travels in, right? I'm sure she'd been through several "models" by the time she got to us, and the most recent one was looking pretty worn. So, we got a new "limo" to slip over the current box and decided to decorate the retired one. We printed out the profile pictures of her hosts and wrapped the limo in their portraits. A limo scrapbook!

eHow Dolly c. bossypants
eHow Dolly c. bossypants

Packing Up

All too soon, it was time to bid Dolly farewell. We carefully packed her belongings, imagining the surprise and delight of future hosts as they greeted Dolly. The next leg of Dolly's journey would be by automobile. We'd arranged to meet Sharon Meier halfway and drop Dolly off in person.

It was fun to meet a fellow eHower in the flesh! Sharon was sweet enough to bring a big bunch of daisies from her garden (and a copy of her eHow article on how to grow them). We must've been thinking alike because I brought her the product of my very first eHow article: a jar of cranberry pear sauce (with article). So nice to see Sharon, so sad to say good bye to Dolly.

Dolly's Adventures Continue

After she left our place, Dolly went on to visit 6 more writers in four more states, before culminating her tour at eHow headquarters in California. From there, it was back across the ocean to her home state of Hawaii.

  1. Dolly visits Sharon Meier in Southeastern Wisconsin
  2. Dolly visits kittycooks in Minnesota
  3. Dolly visits ChrissLJ in Missouri
  4. Dolly visits rickmac and Specs in Texas
  5. Dolly visits Alina Bradford and stays another few days in Texas
  6. Dolly visits nancycarol in Nevada
  7. Dolly visits the eHow staff in California

Nattie c. bossypants
Nattie c. bossypants

Life After Dolly

Our house is a little emptier and a little quieter without our Dolly. But, we've lots of nice memories to fill our dreams!

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    • Frischy profile image

      Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Oh, I miss Dolly! Maybe soon her sister, Squidoo Polly, should make tour.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      It seems like eDolly is living the life we would all like to have, traveling around and experiencing great people and with lots of fun....I love the Nattie smile when opening the box full of Dolly....and that no longer smiling picture speaks a thousand!

    • profile image

      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Nice lens, great job! Squidlike

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I miss reading about eHow Dolly so this was a real treat. You all showed her such a good time. Love the photo of Dolly and Natty.

    • Diane Cass profile image

      Diane Cass 5 years ago from New York

      I miss Dolly and all of the fun and community feeling she engendered. That was a great year for all of us.

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 5 years ago from Land of Aloha

      Uh Oh! I missed 2 of the questions.......What a bad mommy! This GoodWill Tour of Dolly's and getting to know all you fine people was truly a wonderful experience.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Thanks for linking to my Dolly page. It has been lonesome since Dolly finished her travels.

    • Frischy profile image

      Frischy 5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Great lens! We had a wonderful visit with Dolly & miss her very much. Actually Dolly did mount a horse during her trip. I have the photo to prove it! Tee hee. Will make my own Dolly lens this weekend. :-)