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Riding My Motorcycle Across America

Updated on September 4, 2012

Motorcycle Rides we'd like to take some day.

I'll be listing places we decide to add to our ride experience here. Not only do we want to get to Nova Scotia but we also want to put the bikes on a train, travel up the West Coast and go through Canada, trains and bikes!!!

In addition I'll begin documenting where we've been. We enjoy our annual excursions, which includes the Sturgis Black Hills Rally every August. We set up a canopy outside our camper, get up early every morning and make coffee for riders who are tent camping in the campground. We have chairs set up for relaxation and materials we hand out to anyone interested. This is about a 21 day event for us as the rally is 10 days and with travel and our annual church services enroute.

We travel with Run For The Wall 2012 will be our 10th year. This is about a 5 week event for us with travel and the annual church services that are wrapped around the event. Evansville Good Shepherd and Princeton Oasis in Indiana both have volunteers who come to our stops in Indiana to provide snacks and refreshments while the pack is fueling. Usually this is about 350 riders.

When we aren't packing the big trailer for a large event we're packing the bikes for shorter trips. This fall we are on the East Coast for several church services and we have an HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry Reunion we'll be attending in Virginia. We've been invited to return to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest, so that is in the works.

The photp shows my bike on the left and my husband's bike on the right at the front of the pack in Frankfort, KY, during Run For The Wall 2009, he was the Route Coordinator which meant he lead the pack of 350-400 bikes to Washington, D.C. Going through Indiana and Kentucky I was at his side!!

Ride Motorcycles "Bucket List" - I've been in most states in the USA, ridden in Mexico and Canada.

It's easier to list the states where I haven't ridden.

Returned to Phoenix from Venice Beach California last weekend, completed 1100 miles on that trip.

As far as riding my bike, I'd love to put it on a train, ride the train into Canada and ride back.

We love riding and camping, but not if we have to be up early and on to the next destination.

  • Costa Rica
  • Europe
  • Nova Scotia
  • Washington (State)
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island and New Jersey

Ride Gear for Motorcycles - motorcycle related items

Yamaha items, etc. Ride safe!

Giving away "cross pennies" at Venice Beach
Giving away "cross pennies" at Venice Beach

Venice Beach Last Spring

We stayed in a youth hostel.

We walked the streets of Venice Beach, watched the sunset next to the skateboard park on the beach. The ride was horribly hot going through the desert. We stopped often to hydrate.

At the Hostel we were at least 40 years older than everyone staying there, but we had an incredible experience meeting the staff and the guests. At one point we were called upon by the staff to counsel one of the guests who had taken a substance and was in confusion. We got him connected with friends, got his Mom on the phone and he ended up needing medical help. It's ministry even when we aren't looking for the opportunities, that's what we call divine appointments.

See my articles called Biker Ministry:

About our National ministry

In the photo above my husband is giving inquirers "cross pennies."

This gentleman had a necklace made after receiving one of the cross-pennies.

We had an accident in the Washington D.C. area several years ago. We were both on the same bike, and ended up in the area for a long time. A local church Pastor and his Associate adopted us, and cared for us the whole time. Sounds like a full topic by itself.

Right Click "open a new tab" to read about our accident

Train Layout so fun!
Train Layout so fun!

Well I love motorcycling and I love trains.

Check out this photo.

This is from our train layout - the leaning lady gives it away. Even the trucks and vegetable stand look pretty real. Built a smaller scale layout at the top of the mountain for better "perspective."

Another view of the Train Layout - The trees and buildings, the roads, and the motorcycles and all the riders, every piece placed on purpose.

Bikers riding by in the layout.
Bikers riding by in the layout.

We enjoyed putting together this "O" scale train layout in our spare bedroom. It is an incredible joy to watch our grandkids eyes light up when they watch the trains.

When we aren't on the bikes - we are in our awesome truck. - We are Chaplains to Bikers USA

We pull a trailer using our donated truck. This is a vid of our "thank you" card to the youth of America who raised the funds to buy it.

A brief list of where we've been on motorcycles.


Washington D.C.

New England




West Virginia

North and South Carolina






TEXAS (large, large state)

New Mexico


CALIFORNIA (another large state)





South Dakota







The miniatures, our scale is 1:48 allow you to recreate locations and favorite spots we've traveled. What other hobbies go along with traveling, riding?

Motorcycles and Accidents - Let me know your experiences traveling. Have you ever wrecked?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hey, I own the Digby Backpackers Inn in Digby, Nova Scotia. We have our own motorcycle meet every labour day for five days. It is called the "Wharf Rat Rally". You are most welcome to drop by during the rally or anytime you are heading to Nova Scotia. There are great rides to be had here. I also own a motorcycle and love to travel on it.

    • profile image

      Didge 5 years ago

      :)P Terrific lens and a good addition to Squidoo! Thanks for sharing!

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 5 years ago

      @TolovajWordsmith: Ride safe!! Thanks for stopping by.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      No, I have not but know couple of people who had. Some had enough and stop their bikes for good. Some are still enjoying their rides, but became much more cautious. Riding a motorcycle is always a dangerous...