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Baby Road Trips Are Not All Screaming

Updated on December 21, 2010

Planning for a Roadtrip With a Baby

Short or long, a baby road trip can be a great way to have a low cost, fun adventure. There are some great benefits to traveling with a baby by car. You can stop when you need to, which makes baby care items easy to get when you run out, you have the space to bring what you need, and your baby isn't exposed to a lot of new (possibly sick) people in tight quarters. However, there are definately some precautions and plans you should make before you set off with your baby for a great adventure.

Make Sure Can't-Live-Without Items Get Packed

Your baby probably has favorite toys, preferred foods, and a diaper brand that works best. If you anticipate any trouble getting these items on the road when you need them, be sure to pack extra. Your car has more room for extras than just about any other form of transportation you may choose, so take advantage of that space to bring your baby's favorite books, blankets, toys, and snacks. You never know what the selection will be in towns you pass on your journey, so plan ahead and stock up to keep your baby happy.

Expect Frequent Stops When Traveling By Car With An Infant

If your baby is nursing, you will need to stop every time they want to eat. Even with a bottle, your baby will need to stop for frequent cuddles, stretches, scenery breaks, diaper changes, and fresh air. If you are accustomed to traveling long distances in a single day, lower your expectations and be flexible with stopping times and locations to get the most out of your trip. Your baby won't understand waiting for when it's convenient for you, so it's up to you to stop your car for your baby during a baby road trip.

Your baby can ejoy a roadtrip with you.

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Let Your Baby Have Some Fun

Whether you are just barely starting your trip, arriving at your destination, or going home remember to provide your baby with interesting and fun diversions. New tastes, textures, scenery, and experiences are some of the things that make a baby on vacation thrive. Don't deny your baby these experiences by keeping them cooped up in the car all day because pulling your baby out of the carseat is difficult. Take the time to let your baby explore new areas with all their senses when you stop, even in places that may seem boring for you. You can get a great deal more out of a trip by trying to think about what your baby would find interesting and why, and then sharing it with them.

Keep The Routine In the Car

When you are taking a road trip with your infant, it can be easy to let the baby be lulled into sleeping through the day because of the moving vehicle. Make sure you keep your baby on as normal a schedule as possible to help them feel safe and secure on your trip. Wake your baby up when it isn't nap time, and feed your baby on the same schedule you have at home. Encourage quiet time and sleep if you are driving past your baby's bedtime, and try to help your baby transition peacefully from car sleep to sleeping where you stop. Keeping your baby's routine steady on a trip will help them make the adjustment from home to trip and back again without extra stress.

Allow Your Baby Time to Rest After Car Time

If you take two or three days getting to your destination in the car, give your baby a break before you start running out and enjoying your vacation. Your baby's routine and expectations change during the trip, as they get used to spending a day going in and out of the car. A quiet day of getting used to where you're staying, how you're eating and sleeping, and peaceful play is a good way to help your baby enjoy the vacation without sensory overload.

Similarly, when you get home with your baby after a long trip don't jump immediately back into your old routine. Give your baby a day of quiet and low expectation food, sleep, and play before you do things like leave them with a sitter. Your baby will need time and understanding to deal with all the routine changes you just put them through, no matter how fun the trip was.

A Baby Road Trip Can Be Fun

With the right expectations and a little bit of planning, taking a roadtrip with a baby can be a fun and enriching experience for you and your child. Your baby will probably have a great time experiencing all the new and exciting things you can expose them to on the road, leading to a fulfilling and exciting vacation adventure for both of you. Remember to enjoy new experiences at your baby's pace to get the most out of your roadtrip with your baby.


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    • Bworky profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from California

      How exciting! I hope your family has a great time. :)

    • Mama Sez profile image

      Mama Sez 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Two weeks from now, we'll be on a 5-day road trip with our toddler and our baby. Thanks for this useful hub :)


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