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Roman Empire Quiz 5

Updated on December 1, 2014

Quiz - Roman Empire Quiz 5

Something dragged me to Rome in 1979 when I deserted my business for 4 weeks and headed off with 2 of my children, Andrew and Karen, to visit a country that had fascinated me for decades. My interest in Italy began first with the language and then with a couple of boy friends who introduced me to their culture. There was something about it that brought out a longing in me to know more and to visit the places of history. It ended up being more than I bargained for,

Nothing would have prepared me more than that trip for the events that would happen a few years later when the Spirit led me to research the origins of language and religion and the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church. While in Rome we visited the Vatican, took in the atmosphere and the details of its history, and we saw the dead popes and icons that are worshipped. We went below and saw the sarcophagus of the recently dead Pope John XXIII and the short term pope John Paul I. It was truly an eye opener.

But what the Spirit showed me later would bring so much back with clear enough detail that it stands out today as fresh as it did then. This lens and quiz is about one part of that journey, namely Constantine and his creation of a religion.

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Swiss Guards
Swiss Guards

The Vatican

It is huge and hard to miss as it sits right in the middle of Rome. The square in front of it comprises several hectares and the crowds are enormous, day in day out, as they pour into what is probably the most famous building in the world.

We stood for some time taking in the enormity of the place and then realising how far we had to walk just to get to the entrance pushed us on our way. The first thing we noticed was the guards who stood in line inside the columns. They were clad in antique style uniforms that I later learned are what Swiss guards wear.

We arrived at the main door and went through a sight inspection to make sure we were suitably dressed. This happens a lot in Italy and France, as we found out later. The crowd behind were anxious to get in and started pushing as we passed the guards and entered. Wow, its big, bigger, biggest, than anything I had ever seen.

To look up involves almost lying horizontally on the ground to see to the top of the dome. It actually has a hole in it at the top, which surprised me. My neck got a cramp from the effort so I looked lower to take in the breath taking picture of an incredible space. Taking pictures was almost impossible as, although the place seemed well lit, the light just was not there, even with a flash. It just seemed to disappear in the vastness of it.

Around the space were a number of alcoves with seats where priests were conducting masses. The altars they served at were actually tombs of past popes. Every seat was taken. Where there were no people at some we were able to gaze closely at the remains and take in what a 500 or so year old mummy looks like. The nails were longer, the faces gaunt, the hair barely visible but they were dressed in fine bishop's robes, similar to what the pope wears today. They made us shudder with the idolatry that was ever present here.


This video contains scenes you were not meant to see. But they are there as a testimony to the origin of the Catholic religion and, therefore, of all Christianity. It demonstrates that what the religions frown on now they once embraced,

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Pieta, from Wikipedia
Pieta, from Wikipedia

It was a stunning revelation

From my earliest childhood the Catholic religion was part of my schooling. But there was something there which terrified me and sent me packing on my very first day, It took me years before I felt comfortable enough to actually make friends and start enjoying some of my school days.

There was a dead feeling inside me whenever I approached the statues that were everywhere around classrooms, in hall ways, at the entrance and all over the convent. It was years later when the Spirit led me to unravel the origin of religions and language that it made sense. The dead feeling comes from the lifeless images themselves as they are only cement imitation of humans. Nothing about them is real and, in fact, I learned that most bear the faces of friends of the artists or of dead people who were picked up from the riverbanks in major cities.

Michelangelo is noted for having purchased corpses as models for his works and that one was used for the image of Christ with his so-called mother after his crucifixion. These images are worshipped as gods, prayed to, decorated with flowers and people genuflect when in their presence. As a spiritual person this is so against the Spirit that its presence could not be felt when around them. Thus, the dead feeling from the Spirit that came over me.

The Church encourages worship of them by stating that it is the idea behind the images that one worships. But how can that be when God is one and there is no one else and these images supposedly represent people and divinities that have never existed or who are dead.

It was only after leaving the school and the religion behind that the Spirit within began to come back and I came alive again. Slowly over the years it taught me much about Constantine's religion which is more concerned with the outward appearance than the inner knowledge of the real God. In order to feel the Spirit one must have no form of idolatry or manmade worship.

When the Spirit led me to the Old Testament prophecies it was one of the first things pointed out to me:

I am God and besides me there is no one else. Isaiah 46:5

To change this and make their images acceptable the Catholic Church invented the New Testament, so called to make out that God is a fool who changed [his] mind and fights with the devil. It is thought of the latter that propels the religion and keeps the wind under its sails. Here in the Vatican one sees the empire that the lie has built.

Idolatry of Catholic Church

This pastor is mostly right in what he says. But the name of the Spirit is Jesus, not Jesus Christ and the New testament was written by Catholics for their religion and is not a true statement.

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The Swiss Guards

The modern day Vatican hides much of its past and its history. It is not generally known that it is an empire state over which the Pope is king and that it had to fight major wars against Italians and others to survive.

Wikipedia brings the following information to light. During the reign of Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) he formed a pact with the Swiss and constructed barracks for the Swiss guards in Via Pellegrino to recruit swiss mercenaries. This pact was renewed by his successor, Innocent VIII, (1484-1492) who used their might against the Duke of Milano. Later as the warring States, of which Italy was comprised, were hard at it during the time of the Borgias. The Swiss mercenaries then fought sometimes on the side of the French and at others on the side of the Vatican (Holy See).

"The Swiss Guard has served the popes since the sixteenth century. The Swiss Guard used to share duties at guarding the Pope along with the Palatine Guard and Noble Guard, both of which were disbanded in 1970 under Paul VI." The conditions of being a swiss guard at the Vatican include being a single male and a catholic. They must also "have a professional diploma or high school degree and must be between 19 and 30 years of age and at least 174 cm tall."

The Swiss Guards

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Vatican Power

The Meaning of the Name

It struck me that 'Vatican' is an odd name and I was curious as to its origin. So I looked for it in ancient dictionaries and on Wikipedia. In the case of the latter it states that it predates "Christianity and comes from the Latin Mons Vaticanus". 'M-on-s' actually means 'Mother's strong light' and applies, according to my research, to the sun's appearance through the stone held aloft on the top of a hill or mountain. 'Mono" means 'one' as does 'sol-o' or 'sun's circle', so there is a connection.

'Vati' appears to relate to a prophecy or sign, such as that given by a sacrificed being. 'Can' is the root of many terms but originally it was 'x-an' or 'cross of Ann'. The sun's appearance through the hole was accompanied by the right angled cross and 'an' is another name for the sun. 'T-an', also means 'cross of an'. It is the origin of 'tan' for sunburn and also to 'tan' is to preserve something and to give it eternal life.

To take that a step further 'vati-can' could, therefore, mean 'prophecy for eternal life'. It might also mean 'sacrifice for eternal life.'

The god-man's sacrifice was meant to also give eternal life to those who consumed it. Perhaps it is from this that preservation of Pope's within the Vatican came about. Mummifying is a form of tanning. This is an idea from Egypt and the mummified corpses of pharaohs.

'Vatican' appears, therefore, to come from the 'hill of the sun god' whose cross appeared and pointed the way for men to rise into the heavens, thus achieving eternal life as a sun or 'son'. From my research into symbols and language 'v-a-t-i' means 'living power through the cross in the eye'.

If these things are correct the 'Vatican' was a name used for the site prior to the building being erected there. This often happens when such names are attached to buildings.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very well done quizzes. Definitely learned a lot. Once again, many thanks for the points!

    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 

      5 years ago

      This was a great lens. Thank you. There was a lot that I learned.

    • maryLuu profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You have to have a strong teaching gift for all the study you do, thank you for an educational break on a subject I knew little of...time to get back to work!

    • MillBucks profile image


      6 years ago

      I love taking these Roman quizzes because I am learning so much from them!

    • Kara Hara profile image

      Kara Hara 

      6 years ago

      Great and informative quizzes. Thanks

    • profile image

      Deadicated LM 

      6 years ago

      Great Quizzie Lens, thanks for the points and knowledge.

    • CHalloran LM profile image

      CHalloran LM 

      7 years ago

      it was a very fun quiz! thanks for posting it!

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      7 years ago

      Informative as always


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