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Safety Tips for Travellers in Philadelphia

Updated on April 1, 2011


When planning a trip, there are many things to consider. Is the trip to be purely for pleasure? Is it a combination of work and play? Perhaps it's a trip combining education and entertainment. Yes, there are many reasons why one might travel, and many places you might go, but regardless of the location, it is always wise to be prepared and to take the steps necessary to see that one is safe.

One city that allows its guests to easily pursue all the above parameters is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. History buffs will enjoy visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other places of historic renown; entertainment and education can be found at the Philadelphia Zoo, the Please Touch Museum or the Franklin Institute; and for simple pleasures time spent at the World Café Live, The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts or the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

In preparation for a visit to Philadelphia, it is wise to be sure knows what areas of the city are best avoided. After all, no city is perfect-even the City of Brotherly Love! Consequently, it is recommended that residents have home security systems in Philadelphia. However, guests do not have this luxury. Rather, it is necessary that those who visit do their part to ensure personal safety.

Common Sense Safety Tips for Travellers

There are many things to keep in mind when travelling-especially if it is one’s first visit to a particular city. Of course, like in any city, just being aware of the area and what is going on is vital. If a scenario feels wrong, avoid it. Trusting one’s “sixth sense” can be the difference between being a victim or not. Other precautions that should be followed are:

· Only carry the amount of cash needed for the day. Keep it in a money belt worn under one’s clothing, in a zippered inside coat pocket or in a wallet with a large rubber band around it. Be sure to carry the wallet in a front pocket, as it is easier for it to be removed by pickpockets if it is in the back pocket.

· Leave any valuables in the hotel safe.

· Pay attention in elevators-especially, if it is crowded as this is a prime location for a pickpocket to strike.

· Don’t have that “one extra drink”. Numerous studies show that drinking impairs one’s reaction time and dulls the senses.

· Have a charged cell phone on one’s person at all times or have change for a phone call.

· Be sure family back home knows how to get in touch. Make it point to let people know what is on the itinerary.

Philadelphia Specific Safety Tips

Visiting Philadelphia, for many, is among the top places to visit. After all, what’s not to love about a city where there is history, culture and a reputation for great eateries? However, when visiting Philadelphia there are some specific concerns to keep in mind.

· Don’t walk the streets after dark-especially alone! In the event that it is necessary, be careful and alert.

· Areas such as the northern side of the city and areas such as Market East are not safe and avoided by the locals-as much as possible.

· Pay attention when using the subway—be sure to stand on the upper platform as it is safer.

· When riding in horse-drawn buggies, keep valuables, money etc. out of site. Muggers have been known to stop the buggies and threaten harm unless given money.

A visit to Philadelphia is truly one worth taking. However, it is still a city. And, like every city it has its share of crime. Paying attention when on the streets, elevators, and other areas one may visit is a simple way to ensure that the trip is everything desired. Yes, it may take a few extra moments but staying safe is worth it.


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