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Things to do in Salt Lake City

Updated on July 20, 2015

Here is a list of things that you can do in Salt Lake City

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Family History Library

Farmington Lagoon

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Red Butte Garden

Clark Planetarium

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Tracy Aviary

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Utah's Hogle Zoo is a Utah treasure.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a Utah treasure. Located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon Since 1931, the Zoo is one of the top visited attractions in the state of Utah and the number one paid tourist attraction in Salt Lake City. Spread out over 42 acres, its natural hillside terrain and meandering tree-covered pathways enhance the visitor experience as you discover the wonders of the natural world.


Lions’ Hill features heated concrete, cool grottos, and atop the hill, perfect rock perches mighty enough for the king of beasts – two males, two females. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring guests nose-to-nose with the piercing golden eyes of these magnificent predators with the Wasatch Mountains serving as a picturesque backdrop. The lion demonstration area is presented by the Les Schwab Tire Centers.


Rolling grasslands, dotted with trees allow the giraffe, nyala, zebra, ostrich and guinea fowl to mix and mingle – much like they would in the wild. The pointed, thatched roof of Twiga Terrace, is the primary landmark of African Savana. The circular construction of Twiga Terrace (Twiga is Swahili for ‘giraffe’) boasts 50-foot diameter with a handrail height of 42 inches – ideal for getting eye-to-eye with one of nature’s most unique mammals, the 18 ft. tall giraffe. Twiga Terrace offers impressive open-air views of the Grasslands and Lions’ Hill and is located in the heart of African Savanna – the perfect vantage point for observing the rhythm of life!


The chuga-chuga-choo-choo of the Zoo’s famous Zoofari Express will echo through the Savanna as our brand new C.P. Huntington replica revs up. Parents will sit comfortably with their children in the wider, deeper train cars and enjoy a longer train ride wrapping between the grasslands and Lions’ Hill.

There is so much to do in UTAH - What to See & Do at the Zoo

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time visiting, Utah’s Hogle Zoo always has something new to offer! They are always creating new programs and exhibits, and new arrivals keep them on their toes. A day at the Zoo has something for everyone.

Up-close Animal Encounters will give visitors one-of-a-kind animal experiences where participants will have the opportunity to interact with and feed some of their most popular animals.

You should check out the daily events calendar to see the many unique activities they offer. The zoo hosts a wide variety of Zoo Classes to help you learn about the wild World.

Utah's Hogle Zoo - Papa and Shaela visit Hogle Zoo in Utah

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Tracy Aviary

This is a short history of Tracy Aviary

In 2005, Tracy Aviary initiated a massive renovation effort that will completely transform its physical landscape and exhibits. This unprecedented transformation is guided by a master plan that directs future exhibits to represent different bird habitats found north and south along the Western Hemispheric Flyway the migratory route used by bird species that frequent the Great Salt Lake and other Utah landscapes.

Renovation projects to have been completed as by Summer 2013 include:

Destination Argentina (2005) includes a flamingo pond featuring a flock of our pink friends along with other bird, such as white-faced whistling ducks and Chileon wigeons The exhibit also includes a black-necked swan pond, plus an intimate walk-through aviary with more than twenty birds, including monk parakeets, saffron finches, guira cuckoo, red-headed cardinals, elegant-crested tinamous, and southern lapwing.

Renovation of the historic Chase Mill (2006), Utah’s oldest standing industrial building, offers unmatched character and a perfect place for bird-day parties and summer camps. Other uses include indoor bird programs, weddings or anniversary parties.

New Exhibits for both Bald and Golden Eagles (2007), each with a water feature and landscape plants common to typical habitats. The bald eagle habitat replicates a higher elevation forest while the golden eagle habitat represents the open desert.

Renovated Sandhill Crane Exhibit (2008), with the addition of a pond and wetland plant species as well as many grasses typically found in Utah meadows.

Kennecott Wetland Immersion Experience (2009) replaced the antiquated flight cage that dated back to the days when the zoo was located on the Tracy Aviary site. Visitors are now enticed to walk on a boardwalk through this exhibit and get nose to beak with birds commonly found in Utah. Birds in this exhibit include white-faced ibis, black-crowned night heron, American avocet, black-necked stilt, long-billed curlew, American coot, and more.

Amazon Adventure (2009), filled with sun conures, is an exhibit providing a unique opportunity to get up close and actually feed the birds. Operating year round, our website provides information about cost and feeding times.

Seriema Exhibit (2010), added to the Destination Argentina exhibit, converted an under-utilized meadow into an opportunity to show-off one of Argentina’s most unusual looking birds.

Southern Ground Hornbill Exhibit (2010) was built to house our collection of one of our most charismatic bird species. The exhibit includes furniture timbers and boulders that the birds love to investigate, and because it’s netted the birds are now able to fly from perch to perch.

South American Pavilion (2010) a renovation that produced a stunning building and the first indoor exhibits where visitors can see birds in a comfortable indoor setting. Seven aviaries feature a wide collection of tropical birds.

Owl Forest (2011) transforms an under-utilized space into a real forest with more than 100 trees. Featured will be numerous owl species ranging from the very small to the very large, and from those commonly seen in Utah-if you know where to look-to the rarely seen in Utah-even if you do know where to look.

Rare Bird Exhibit (2012) featuring the always-playful keas to the magnificent reeve’s pheasant, this exhibit features 12 species from throughout the world that are rare and endangered.

Daily Events at Tracy Aviary

These are examples of the Daily Events:

Sense-ational Stream Exploration

Wonderful Wetlands Tour


Meet the Macaws

Get Close with our Bird Show Stars!

Walk with Andy

Indoor Bird Encounters

Amazon Adventures

Pelican Encounters

Keeper Talk

There is no end to the eye-opening and educational experiences you, your family, your friends or your group can have at Tracy Aviary. They are open every day of the year, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, and they sell admission tickets until 4:30 pm every day.

In addition to all the great stuff they offer every day at Tracy Aviary, don’t forget to check out their events page for extra fun!

Harry M Smith with his Grand-daughter (Shaela) at the Tracy Aviary - Pictures taken at Tracy Aviary

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Shaela at the Tracy Aviary
Shaela at the Tracy Aviary
Shaela at the Tracy Aviary

Stampin Up Convention in Salt Lake City

Stampin' Up!'s Convention is Open to Guests!

Where can you experience good times with stamping friends and also get creative new ideas for stamping and scrapbooking projects? At Stampin' Up!'s annual convention!

If you've ever thought about becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator or wondered what kind of training Stampin' Up! Provides to help demonstrators make their businesses so fun, you won't want to miss this first-ever opportunity to attend Stampin' Up!'s annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Each year, Stampin' Up! Demonstrators from across the US and Canada gather for education, celebration, and motivation. This year, in honor of Stampin' Up!'s twentieth anniversary, guests are invited to join us as we reminisce about the past, celebrate the present, and dream about the future.

Convention is an opportunity to learn the latest stamping techniques, be one of the first to see the new catalog and get your own copy, and spend time with thousands of energetic demonstrators swapping stamped cards and sharing ideas. You'll also get to attend business classes and new-product demonstrations, participate in Make & Takes, and enjoy time with the best stampers in the world!

When you register, you can also sign up to take a tour of Stampin' Up!'s Riverton campus where you'll see our Legacy Room, which showcases a brief history of Stampin' Up! And beautiful home décor displays. You'll also get to see how orders are processed in the Distribution Center, and walk through other areas of our building.

Convention will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 17 through July 19, 2014. To attend our upcoming convention and experience what demonstrators are talking about, and to hear first hand about convention, contact your demonstrator today.

Cecile M Smith 623-444-8910

Stampin' Up!'s annual convention! - Where you can spend time with friends

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Shauna, Jan, Harry, Ceci and Shaela
Shauna, Jan, Harry, Ceci and Shaela
Shauna, Jan, Harry, Ceci and Shaela

Crafting is a great way to develop a hobby, and to make new friends. - The Convention in Salt Lake City is an opportunity to learn the latest crafting technique

Here are some great ideas for Stamping and Crafting

Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City

The Clark Planetarium is home to the Hansen Dome and the IMAX Theater.

The Museum and Exhibit hall has a Foucault pendulum, a rotating relief globe, a large lunar hemisphere, a sphere movie screen and photographic transparencies.

The Planetarium also features hands-on exhibits and laser concerts.

The IMAX Theater offers various 3-D science and nature films.

The film we viewed was "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D"

The Hansen Dome contains high-resolution projectors that take visitors on a simulated trip through the universe.

The movie we saw was "The Perfect Little Planet"

Shaela and I visited the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City - We watched a science film called "The Perfect Little Planet"

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Foucault pendulum - The Clark Planetarium has a Foucault pendulum, a rotating relief globe, a large lunar hemisphere, a sphere movie screen and photographic tra

The Foucault pendulum, or Foucault's pendulum, named after the French physicist Foucault, is a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the earths rotation. While it had long been known that the Earth rotates, the introduction of the Foucault pendulum in 1851 was the first simple proof of the rotation in an easy-to-see experiment. Today, Foucault pendulums are popular displays in science museums and universities.

The Leonardo Exhibit in Salt Lake City

Body Worlds Animal Inside Out

Explore the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of the world’s most spectacular creatures, large and small in this fascinating new exhibition by BODY WORLDS creator, anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT takes you on an anatomical safari of more than 100 specimens. Each animal is painstakingly preserved by the remarkable process of Plastination, invented by Dr.von Hagens.

Discover the form and function of animals both exotic and familiar, from goats and giraffes to octopi and ostriches. Animal biology textbooks spring to life in this unforgettable museum learning experience.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, a Body Worlds Production is made possible with cooperation from various university veterinary programs, zoos and animal groups. No animal was harmed or killed for this exhibition.

The animals in the exhibition include human specimens, originating from the Institute for Plastination's body donation program. The generosity of these individual donors has made it possible to present human specimens in this and all of the BODY WORLDS exhibitions.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Whalley, creators of ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, are honored to conserve and present these biological wonders of nature for anatomical study. They hope this exhibition will show visitors the similarities between humans and animals, leading to a greater respect and appreciation for all life.

The Leonardo Exhibit - The special exhibit for today was: Animals Inside Out

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Visit SALT LAKE Connect PASS

13 Attractions ONE PASS

The Connect Pass

The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass is an all-in-one ticket that allows you to be your own personal tour guide of everything Salt Lake has to offer — just take your pass and go to 13 of Salt Lake City's best Attractions:

1. Clark Planetarium

2. Discovery Gateway

3. The Leonardo at Library Square

4. The Lion House Pantry Restaurant

5. Natural history Museum of Utah

6. Red Butte Garden

7. Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort

8. Thanksgiving Point

9. This Is The Place Heritage Park

10. Tracy Aviary

11. Utah Museum of Fine Arts

12. Utah Olympic Park

13. Utah’s Hogle Zoo

The Connect Pass

• Available as a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 365-day consecutive pass

• The Connect Pass is activated the first time you use it and remains active for the number of consecutive days purchased.

• The 365-day pass remains active for an entire year. If you do not use/activate any Connect Pass within the calendar year it was purchased, it will expire.

• You may visit as many attractions as you like while the Connect Pass is active, but you are limited to only one (1) visitation at each participating attraction.

13 Attractions - One Pass

The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass is the best way to gain access to Salt Lake's most famous and fascinating attractions, all at an amazing price!

Get 45-80% off!

With the Connect Pass you'll receive tremendous savings of 45%-80% off regular admission prices. It's an easy way to save on your vacation fun. This is Just How Much You Will Save:

45%-80% off regular admission

Participating Connect Pass Attraction - The Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass is the best way to gain access to Salt Lake's most famous and fascinating attractions.

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