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San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park - San Diego, California

Updated on January 26, 2011

The San Diego Wild Animal Park

The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park is located in San Diego, California. With over 2 million people visiting the zoo annually, it has become one of San Diego's largest attractions. Here are my personal photos from my trip to The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, along with information about the zoo's tours and attractions, guest services, shops and dining, ticket prices, shows, and more.

Guest Services

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park Guest Services

Picnic Area (See Photo)

Located north of the Park Entry Plaza

Elevator System

Provides easy access to attractions at lower elevations


5 ATM locations

Self-Service Tickets

Self-service ticket kiosks are located at the park entrance and in the Administration Building

Re-Entry To Park

Hand stamp for same-day return available at the park exit


Stroller, wheelchair and motorized wheelchairs are available for rent on a firsy come, first serve basis


Recycling bins are located near most food stand and throughout the park grounds.


Large and small lockers are vailable for rent on a firsy come, first serve basis

Park Rangers

First aid, public transportation information, and lost and found are located in the Administration Building


Memberships are available at Guest Relations

Tour Booking

Reserve a special tour at the Safari Booking Station in the Entry Plaza Building

The View From One Of The Decks

The View From One Of The Decks
The View From One Of The Decks

Have you ever been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park?

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Purchase a Safari Pack for only $18.95 - Includes trail mix, water, sunblock and daypack

Purchase a Safari Pack for only $18.95 - Includes trail mix, water, sunblock and daypack
Purchase a Safari Pack for only $18.95 - Includes trail mix, water, sunblock and daypack


Animal Encounters

Up-close visits with animals and their trainers

Have You "Herd"? With Robert The Zebra

Talk with an interactive digital zebra

Cheetah TalesFrequent Flyers (See Photo)

Free-flight bird show

African Music Station / Storytelling

Music and storytelling

Animal Safari Misadventure

Animal antics in Africa

African Acrobats Of Tanzania



A drumming group

Some Of The Beautiful Scenery At The Zoo

Some Of The Beautiful Scenery At The Zoo
Some Of The Beautiful Scenery At The Zoo

Tours and Attractions

Elephant Rush

Watch the elephant herd enjoy morning treats.

Customs Agent Greeter

Young adventurers can pick up their zoo "passport:

African Chief Greeter

Meet Chief Kahle at the Gorilla Statue

African Meeting Place

Interactive Ndebele art

Journey Into Africa

A tram tour ride that takes you into the wilds of Africa to observe animals in expansive, naturalistic enclosures (Ticket required)

Balloon Safari (See Photo) (Ticket Required)

Soar high above the animals and exhibits in a multi-passenger helium balloon (subject to flying conditions)

Zoowerks The Ride

An exciting 4-D simulator ride (Ticket required)

Lorikeet Landing

Nectar-feeding experience

Petting Kraal

Get up close and pet the animals

Discovery Station

A playful, interactive learning space

Jameson Research Island

Interactive water play for kids

Samburu Jungle Gym

Safari-themed play area for kids

Lorikeet Landing

Feed the lorikeets by hand


Soar like a bird on this zipline adventure (Ticket required)

Hidden Jungle

Greenhouse exhibit of neotropical birds and tropical plants.

Heart of Africa

Exotic African plants and animals, floating footbridges, and panoramic overlooks

Condor Ridge

Featuring the California condor, North American wildlife, and special gardens

Lion Camp

See African lions up close

Discovery Station

An interactive learning space for kids and families

Savanna Safari

Two 50-minute tours to choose from: Africa or Asia (Ticket required)

Rolling Safari

A unique tour that takes you off the beaten path on an off-road Segway X2 (Ticket required)

Balloon Safari

Fly high above the animals and exhibits in a multi-passenger helium balloon! $20 per ticket.

My Hand Compared to a Gorilla's Hand

My Hand Compared to a Gorilla's Hand
My Hand Compared to a Gorilla's Hand

The Gorillas

The Gorillas
The Gorillas
In the Kingdom of Gorillas: The Quest to Save Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas
In the Kingdom of Gorillas: The Quest to Save Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas

Here is the long-awaited update to the fate of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, as written by the married couple who joined Dian Fossey at her Karisoke research facility in the late 1970s. Although Fossey's is the more familiar name owing to her groundbreaking contact with the gorilla and subsequent grief over their deaths because of poaching, Weber and Vedder have ultimately accomplished far more to insure their survival. Unlike Fossey, they believe that the key to saving the gorilla is to create an ecotourism program that will benefit the Rwandan people. Much of the book is a detailed account of both field research and the political challenges of establishing the Mountain Gorilla Project, but the final chapters are devoted to a chilling portrait of mass genocide in the early 1990s.


You Can Visit The Animals During Feeding Time

Morning Feedings:



Afternoon Feedings:



Ground Hornbills

*Each feeding interaction last about 15 minutes.

Up-close with the Lions

Up-close with the Lions
Up-close with the Lions



Camp At The Zoo

Roar and Snore

Camp amidst the sounds of roaring lions and trumpeting elephants. Programs are available for guest of all ages. Reservations are required. Call 1-619-718-3000 for the camping event schedule and applicable restrictions.

Don't Want To Walk? Take A 2 Hour Segway Tour

Don't Want To Walk? Take A 2 Hour Segway Tour
Don't Want To Walk? Take A 2 Hour Segway Tour

A New Zoo Adventure

One of the new adventures at the Zoo is the Flighline (Zipline). You can soar like a bird from a ridgetop along a cable over the animals and exhibits. Speeds up to 40 miles per hour over 2/3 of a mile. Includes gear, an orientation, and a practice run.


$70 per person

Age Requirement:

10 years old

Weight Requirement:

75-250 pounds

Appropriate Footwear:

No sandals or flip flops allowed



Herb Garden - The Smell Was Incredible!

Herb Garden - The Smell Was Incredible!
Herb Garden - The Smell Was Incredible!

Dining Services


Thorntree Terrace

Pizza and Pasta:

Mombasa Island Cooker

Asian Rice Bowls:

Mombasa Island Cooker

Burgers, Fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Vegetarian Burgers:

Thorntree Terrace, Mombasa Island Cooker, Samburu Terrace

Gourmet Burgers:

Mombasa Island Cooker

Fish & Chips:

Thorntree Terrace

Panini Sandwiches:

Thortree Terrace, Carousel Cafe

Hot Dogs:

Congo Kitchen, Kalahari Cupboard, Safari Cones

Snacks, Beer, Wine, Spirits:

Rift Sand Bar, Raptor's Nest Cafe

Coffee Specialties, Fresh Fudge:

Greenzoo Coffee Co.

Kid's Meals:

Thorntree Terrace, Congo Kitchen, Kalahari Cupboard, Mombasa Island Cooker, Samburu Terrace, Okavango Outpost

Turkey Sandwiches:

Thorntree Terrace


Thorntree terrace, Mombasa Island cooker, Okavango Outpost

Ice Cream:

Kalahari Cupboard, Safari Cones

Water Play Station

Water Play Station
Water Play Station

The Shops


Interactive children's art and leather brush art designs

Rift Outpost:

Hats, candy, snacks, and souvenirs

Okavango Outpost:

African crafts, T-shirts, candy, snacks, hats, film, and digital products

Caricatures & Face Painting: (See Photo)

Caricatures and face painting fun


Take home a wild safari photo


Toys, souvenirs, African artifacts, jewelry, books, home decore, apparel, candy, snacks, hats

Wild toy Chest:

Stuffed animal collection, toys, hats, candy, personalized key rings

Mombasa Island Market/Greenzoo Coffee Co.:

Coffee, drinks, fudge, Candy, snacks

Plant Trader:

Plants, garden accessories, outdoor decor

Jambo Outfitters:

Hats, sundries, apparel, film, souvenirs, candy and snacks

A Family Of Ducks Making Their Way To The Pond

A Family Of Ducks Making Their Way To The Pond
A Family Of Ducks Making Their Way To The Pond

A Beautiful Macaw Bird Hanging Upside Down

A Beautiful Macaw Bird Hanging Upside Down
A Beautiful Macaw Bird Hanging Upside Down

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park Information

Web Site:


1550 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido, Ca 92027-7017

Information and Advance Reservations:



Upgrade Your Ticket

Upgrade your ticket to get 365 days of free admission!

Purchase 2 tickets plus pay an addition $49 (Adults)

Purchase 1 ticket plus pay an additional $9 (Kids)

Group Sales



Corporate Meetings


California Coastal Access Guide
California Coastal Access Guide

Product DescriptionThe California coast, from the majestic redwoods and rocky shores in the north to the palm trees and wide, sandy beaches in the south, is an area of unsurpassed beauty and diversity. This revised and expanded sixth edition of the California Coastal Access Guide is an essential handbook for both new and seasoned visitors exploring California's majestic 1,100-mile shoreline. With up-to-date maps and information, it is a valuable guide for all beachgoers--hikers, campers, swimmers, divers, wheelchair users, joggers, and boaters--detailing where to go, how to get there, and what facilities and environment to expect.The Guide contains:o information on more than 890 public access coastal areaso Clear descriptions of campgrounds, trails, recreation areas, transportation, and parkingo Addresses, phone numbers, websites, transit information, and hours of useo Information on wheelchair-accessible facilitieso Easy-to-read charts listing facilities and topographical featureso 125 updated maps providing directions and driving distanceso 15 full-color county mapso More than 300 illustrationso Also contained in this handbook is extensive information on environmental issues, updated to account for changing ecological conditions and conservation strategies. Feature articles cover a broad range of topics, including natural history, marine and coastal wildlife, environmental issues, and sports and recreation.Over thirty years ago California voters approved an initiative that led to the creation of the California Coastal Commission. Later, the California Coastal Act of 1976 established the Commission as a permanent state agency with a mission to protect, maintain, and enhance the quality of the coastal environment. One of the Commission's principal goals is to maintain public access and public recreational opportunities along the coast in a way consistent with environmental preservation. The California Coastal Access Guide, which was created with these objectives in mind, will prove indispensable to anyone with a desire to explore the magnificent diversity of California's beaches.


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    • suzyjahi profile image


      4 years ago

      Awesome will be visiting soon

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      7 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      Great information...blessed

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I may have to try that zipline next visit! Ziplining is on my bucket list.

    • joanhall profile image

      Joan Hall 

      8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Beautiful lens. Love the pictures. I was a kid the last time I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I would love to go again sometime with my kids.This lens has been blessed and will be featured on my SquidAngel At Your Service lens.

    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 

      8 years ago

      That looks like one amazing place to visit. Great presentation and love your photo's.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Your photos look great! I went to the zoo about 6 or 7 years ago.. we were going to go to the sea world this month...maybe we would go to the wild safari too :)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      8 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I love your presentation and photos. We visited in 1999 with our children but I think a lot has changed since our visit. Animal parks are always fun!

    • dandan594 lm profile image

      dandan594 lm 

      8 years ago

      A very informative and interesting lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this lens about your trip to the San Diego Zoo. That must have been fun and thrills to no end. Love the way that you present this and the photos are awesome. Lensrolling to ZazIt Zoo and Top 10 Pictures in Animals and Nature. Love it!


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